Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I remember when I was a kid we would go up to the store and stand and stare at the candy counter trying to figure out what to buy. Of course they had penny candy back then. Heck, a penny doesn't get you anything now.

Do you remember the Necco wafers? I used to like these as a kid. I had one a long time ago as an adult and hated them.

I used to get Jujubes when I went to the movies because they would last a long time.

OK, I was a brat back then and I can remember when my mom wasn't looking my cousin and I would toss them at people. We would see the person turning around to see what hit them in the head and we would duck down in our seat and crack up. Of course we got in trouble when we got caught.

How about Pixie Sticks? I loved these. But I do remember sometimes the straw would get wet and the candy would not be able to come out so you had to tear the straw to get the rest of it.

I remember these little liquid filled wax bottles. I never really liked them but for some reason we would get them. I think it was to just chew on the wax.

We would mold little teeth out of the wax and pretend we lost a tooth.

I think Mary Jane's were before my time. I don't recall ever having these but my sister does.

Oh the Seven Up bar! I have not found anyone else that remembers these. I loved them. There were 7 different flavors in one bar. These came out before the soda 7 Up was around. Once they came into the scene they purchased the candy company and stopped selling them after a while.

The good old red hots. I think they still make these. We used to try to eat lots at a time so it would get really hot!

I was a bit older when Pop Rocks came out. They were fun but a little scary because we heard stories how your stomach could blow up if you had to many or had a coke while they were still in your stomach.

Oh how I adored Fizzies! The little candy tablet that you put in water to make a fizzy drink. Only we didn't put them in water. We would just pop them in our mouth and let them fizz away. I remember at the liquor store they always sold chocolate Ice Cubes at the counter.

My mom used to love Cup O Golds. I don't think I've ever had one.

Tiny little Chicklets were a favorite of mine. Not the big ones. Just the tiny ones.

The candy buttons were something we would have but they were never a favorite of mine. I think we would get these because you got a lot of candy for your money.

Candy or bubble gum cigarettes. Now what in the world were they thinking when they came out with these? I'm surprised they didn't have little bottles of candy beer to go with them.

Chick O Sticks were always yummy. The crunchy peanut butter inside and the toasted coconut outside was always a hit.

I preferred Life Savers to Charms. How about you?

Big Hunks were good. I did like the Look Bars better because they were the same thing only covered in chocolate.

Banana taffy was a candy I really liked but most of my friends didn't care for them.

Remember the big old jaw breakers? They could last for days and days.

Bazooka Bubble Gum was a winner. I liked the little comic wrappers. I think you could save them up for points then send away for some kind of toy. Anyone remember anything like that?

Boston Baked Beans. I never liked these. They seemed like they were stale all the time.

Oh the joys of remembering going with my dime, or when really lucky, a quarter, and coming home with a bag full of penny candy.

What kind of candy did you enjoy as a kid? What about now?



Cindy said...

Goetz Carmel Creams! And they are made/headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland right down the road from me! I almost applied for an administrative assistant job they had advertized - but figured that unlimited carmel cremas probably were not part of the compensation package. LOL. You've brought back some memories!

Janet said...


As a young teen I always loved the SnoCaps. Now they seem to just taste like dust and the Necco Wafers like chalk. My grandmother always had the Fizzies and we would drink them from the funky colored aluminum tumblers. Thinking of that conjures such an image in my mind. Thanks for the memories.

Glenda said...

With everyone of these I could remember their taste even years from them last time I ate them. You know some of the candy companies still make them. There was a show on Food Network that went to a store that still sells a lot of them.

Boy do I remember the ice cubes.

Thanks for the memories.


Michele said...

OMG Joanne...does that bring back memories!!! I love Ice Cubes..and very few stores have them. And Pixie Sticks...even my kids love them!

Thanks for doing this post and making me remember the good things!


Carla said...

Did you go to the liquor store alot as a kid? LOL (ice cubes at the counter) A few of these, I've never heard of, but still remember the rest. I was never a fan of BBB either. They tasted stale to me too.
I'm old enough to remember candy cigarrettes (the gum was gross). It's funny, because around here, you can't even smoke in public. Forget giving candy cigarrettes to kids.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I loved Necco - still do - we have a suprlus store that sells them at 5 packs for 1.00 - and Cup 'o Gold - one of my favorites. I miss the 7-up bar, it was so good, loved to pick it apart and save the orange one for last. One time Don swallowed a fizzie and it got stuck in his throat - he had to drink water and the more he drank the more it fizzed until it was small enough to finish going down - silly boy. Chick 'o stick were delicious and wax bottles were icky - but we still bought them. Somewhere there is a web site that sells "old" candies. Thanks for the memories.

Erin said...

my favorites were the candy buttons! Pixie Stix were great too! Thanks for the memories Joanne!

Anonymous said...

My daughter and I own a candy store together and we carry most of these old time candies and a lot that you didn't mention. It's so fun to see people's reaction when they see these candies and they start telling me the stories of their childhood. It's always a good memory to them. Of course, I have my own. LOL


Hey Joanne,
You come up with the best posts:)
I loved the wax bottles too and the chicklets gun,the tiny ones, Mary Janes, and taffy. We would put it in the refrig and then slap in on the counter to get bite size pieces. I also like Sugar Daddies:)
I just love candy and everyone knows that Chocolate Rules. Are you having a great time??

Unknown said...

You can still buy a lot of these candies today. I actually saw candy cigarettes this summer at an ice cream shop!
We used to use Necco wafers and play "communion" with them.

Judy said...

OMG what fun. I remember all except the chocolate ice cubes. What a fun post that was. You always seem to drag old memories from the back of my old brain.

onlymehere said...

Now I'm hungry! I don't know what they were called but we used to buy red licorice with yellow filling in the middle. They were sooooooo good! Also I used to buy the big old sweethearts and suck on it through a whole movie! Loved those things.

Donna Lynn said...

Hi Joanne, Dear sister and friend!
I have been one huge lazy blogger these past weeks, I have been really bad about not checking in with you, so sorry! It has been one of those times when you feel like you just can't quite catch your breath yet, I can't seem to bear sitting at my computer when I have so much needing to be done! Josh is homeschooling now on top of it all...

I loved, loved, loved the 7 Up bars, everyone told me I was making that whole thing up about the chocolate bars, they did not believe me until I proved it to them online with pictures and discriptions! They were my all time favorite candy bar, and always will be, YUMMY YUM YUM!!
I sure wish someone would make these again don't you?

Hope all is well in your world, would love to talk and catch up. I still need to do some more posts on the wedding, Victoria's visit etc. but I sit here and just go blank and then walk away, SIGH!

Much love and hugs to you!
Donna Lynn

Meryl said...

Oh goodness--the memories! Pop rocks and candy cigarettes (which I'm sure are illegal or something now)!

Kim's Treasures said...

I got some candy at Frankenmuth...SloPokes and banana taffy suckers....I got pixie stix at Target. YUM!

Melissa Lester said...

I think I'm way too hungry to be looking at this post right now! I do remember those candy cigarettes. A friend gave my sister and me some, and my mom was so upset! I do wonder what they were thinking back then!

Melissa said...

I remember many of those!
Thanks for the memories!

Tina Schiefer said...

Wow! Seven-up bars. I'm 40 and I remember them from when we were kids. We used to buy them when we visited my great-grandma in Seaside, Oregon. It was actually stories from my mom that got us looking for them. And we were lucky enough to find them at a little neighborhood store there. I haven't seen them anywhere else though.

As a kid, my faves were the Saran wrapped CHUNKS of milk chocolate slabs from Josephs Bi-Rite Market in Bishop, CA. I've been a chocoholic ever since. And, then there were the 3-pack of Twinkies. The T.V. shows say they're the same as they were back then, but I have to disagree! I don't think they are as light and fluffy as before, and they seem much oily-er (is that even a word?) than they used to be...

Hope you're having a fun-filled cruise.


Joyce's Journey said...

Another great post Joanne! I remember many of these candies and I love when you can find a store now that has them all. What fun! You have a very creative mind! Your blog is always such fun to come to - you never know what you'll find when you stop by!!

Cindy said...

That was so great to remember all those candies! I loved candy and I still do! I remember them all except the 7-up ones!