Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I went to my friend, Sandra's, house today and helped her make invitations for her son's upcoming birthday party. The theme is Pirates.

I thought they came out really cute so I wanted to share them with you in case you would like to make them for a party you have.

Pirate theme is great for birthdays but also a fun Halloween theme too. I think I'm going to do a Pirate theme next year for Trinity's Halloween party.

First, you take a water bottle. Wash it out and let it dry. It can take several days to get all the water out so you may want to start to make your invitations early so they have plenty of time to dry out.

Take the cap off and don't forget to cut off the little plastic rim that stays on the bottle.

Get some scrap booking paper and cut it into strips. Something like the above pattern was perfect for this project.

Tape the strip of paper over the water label. You could remove the label but why bother when you can just cover it.

Get some little skull head beads. Sandra added little red rhinestones to the eyes just to give it a little some extra.

You can get these skull head beads from Oriental Trading Company. You can find them on line and they also have a catalog.

If you have children this company will be able to help you plan all your parties. They have tons of party themes and their prices are great.

Tie the beads on with some jute

Print out your invitation on paper. You can also tear it and/or burn the edges to make it look worn and old. Or easier yet, just add some brown ink to the edges to give it the same look.

Roll up the invitation and put it in your decorated bottle.

You can also add some sand, a few shells or jewels to the inside of the bottle. Then give it to your friends.

You can see in the photo this bottle still needs to dry longer. But this was just to show you what it will like finished.

It's best if you can hand deliver these. But if not, you could put them in a little box and mail them or you could even write the address on a sticky label and mail these through the mail.

If you do mail them that way be sure to keep your cap and put it on tight.

Then wait for the calls. Because, you will surely have everyone saying yes to a party that starts out with such fun as these invitations.



Darlene said...

Those turned out so CUTE!!! I LOVE them!

Tina Schiefer said...

Cute. Bottles do mail well.

Just a suggestion though, I'd blackout the address too. There are alot of creeps on the Internet.

Have been following your blog and keep you in mind while I'm treasure shopping - the whole pink office theme items.

No girls in the house except me, so it's fun to watch what you can do with a pink room.

And, the pet costumes had us rolling!


Unknown said...

I love this idea, it's very creative. I found you through Darlene's blog. I'll be checking your other stuff out. Take care

Renee said...

Cute idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - that is the cutest idea! So coincidental - check out my blog tomorrow and you'll see some pirates there! And thanks for the compliments on my vintage tablecloth!! Have a great day, matey!...Donna

Lorilee said...

That is such a great idea! We had a pirate theme for my now 13 yr olds 4th birthday! I made eye patches for the kids,hooks (with cardboard, foil and red solo cups) and bandanas. They earned each item after playing each game--Find the Ticking croc (I hid a timer--a throwback to Peter Pan), Walk the plank (Just walking a 4 X 4 we had in the yard)The hightlight was the treasure hunt. We also had tattoos to put on them upon arrival. I think I had mardi gras type necklaces and chocolate coins in the treasure chest (my older son had built a wooden chest on Cub Scouts) It was lots of fun!

Alexa said...

Joanne! You really won the contest :) I know you wanted him and in my random drawing, you were picked! It was meant to be!

Please send me your address at!

Oh, and check out the funny post on how I picked the winner :)

Joyce's Journey said...

What a great invitation! They are wonderful! You are so creative!!!