Saturday, October 18, 2008


As you walk up to the front door you will be met with a black and white HAPPY HALLOWEEN door mat.

This will give the guest a hint of what the party inside will be like.

As you walk into the front door you will see this table decorated with the black and white theme.

Although I am going to have to change out that picture on the wall as it just takes away from the whole black and white look. I saw a black rose wreath at Michaels the other day. I think I may have to go get that.

I also may put a black cloth on the table with some tea stained cheese cloth with ripped holes. What do you think? Do you think that would be better or should I just leave it as it is. After all it's a kids party. Do they really notice the details or is it only me?

Last year I went to Target after Halloween and I got the spider web candle holders. I think these are perfect to hold the pumpkin. Oh no! A black mouse is crawling on top of the pumpkin! YIKES!

I love that clock as it has such a Haunted House feel to it. We have it up all year and the same with the little white bird. I love that bird but felt it was great for the black and white Halloween theme too. A scary bird is what it is turned into. LOL

Meet Wanda. I keep telling her she must eat more but she just won't. She is sitting on top of a white candle holder that I normally have in my office with a pretty pink candle on it. Her hat is from the 99 cent store. I made the BOO letters. I got them at Michaels and painted them black the sprinkled Martha Stewart black glitter on them. They turned out great.

The ugly skull head is from a clearance bin from last year and here is another one of the spider candle holders I got from Target. This time I have a black and white candle holder on top. I got this from Target's Halloween clearance also last year.

These are some of Wanda's beauty products. There is Rat Scat & Whisker Sauce that keeps her complexion nice and clear. Tragic Magic Worm Slime that she uses on her hair. OK, so since she doesn't have any hair I don't know if that means it doesn't work very well or if she likes that look and it works wonderful. Then there is The Heebie Jeebies that she uses for her special smell she has.

Even the kitchen oven got a little black and white pick me up.

I know, my decorations are not really SPOOKY. But then again, isn't Halloween meant to be fun. My decorations are really for Trinity and her friends. They are at the age where they like a little scary but not enough to really scare them. I think I got that going. Don't you?




Unknown said...

Hi there I saw your blog from Darlene's Days and I just wanted to say that I love your decor. The black and white is a great idea. I have a lot of fall colors so that most of my Halloween decor can transfer into thanksgiving. Take care and you have a cute blog.

Unknown said...

Sppppooooky! It looks like you are having a lot of fun decorating.

Glenda said...

Looking goooood

I think the idea you had for the hall table sounds great. Trinity will be happy I am sure.


Anonymous said...

LOVE it all, Joanne!! Okay, I think we have to get Wanda Witch and my Witchy Woman together... They look like they could have a heck of a good time together!

Love your creative use of the spider web candleholder with the white pumpkin on top... I really, really like black & white for Halloween. It would definitely go with my pale/pastel cottage colors (rather than the typical reds, oranges, and golds). The kids are going to have a blast at the party! Enjoy!...Donna

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joanne!
I don't know that head & hat really scared me!! Everything is perfect! The black cloth & cheesecloth is only if you have the time. you could just add the cheesecloth. I've seen that in decorations and it does look a bit creepy!! The party is going to be a big success for Trinity's age, even for grown-ups!! If someone comes by in costume and you don't know who it is, it just could be me or some other spooky blogger... Mwa-aaa-aaaaaa!

Darlene said...

You have the greatest Halloween decorations!! Trinity and her friends will LOVE it all!!!

Lorilee said...

It looks great. I do like the black cloth with cheese cloth idea!
Happy Halloween!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

The black and white Halloween theme looks so good in your house Joanne! I bet Trinity and her friends love Wanda and her magic potions! The tablecoth idea sound like fun too --yep, I think the kids would notice the details....and the candy they!

Hugs, Pat

SnipSnipChick said...

Joanne you are as always so very fun and creative, I am sure Trinity loves the decor!
love ya Cindy

Pearl said...

Ohhh Joanne... Every bit of it is simply PERFECT... I dislike the evil, gross, wicked junk of Halloween, and what you've done with your decor is just Terrific! And, don't just love knowing that you got such great bargains on most things?! YAY!! God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


Joyce's Journey said...

I love the black and white! It looks so nice! I'm not into orange at all so that's the worst part of Halloween, but you found a very nice alternative while keeping with the spirit!

Henry said...

I like the black and white theme of Halloween decoration!! White pumpkin and Halloween clock both are nice!!