Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Thanks to Laura at I discovered a new and fun blog.

April Showers is an enjoyable place to go for some good reading. But, there is even another great reason to go there now. She is having a wonderful giveaway. A free blog banner to anyone who signs up to follow her blog. The catch is you only have until 10/30/08 to get in on this great giveaway.
She is also having another giveaway for a whole blog make over. As you all know, my blog somehow got messed up and my whole right side bar is now below all my posts. I can't seem to get it fixed.
So I'm hoping I win that. But, if you need a new blog lay out also then go ahead and sign up for that giveaway too.
I bet you want to know how to find this great blog huh? Well, here you go, just click here Be sure to tell you I sent you there OK.


Jean Tuthill said...

Hi Joanne, There is a blogger help group at If you go there you may be able to find out what has happened to your blog and possibly fix it. Good Luck, I had problems, too, and found that I had to update my blog template. Once I did that everything was OK.

Glenda said...


Your not the only one that has fallen victim. I go to my sisters blog and her sidebar does almost the same thing. She say's when she views her site it's fine, but when I view it, it's down below.

Did you try changing to a different template and then move your layout around ?

I'd almost have to look at it myself to see if something is different, you know two eyes are better than one thing.


Barbara Jean said...

Love your banner.
How do i sign up to follow?
How do I check out the blog banners?

Looking for a banner for my new selling blog.
barbara jean