Saturday, August 23, 2008


I read over at Diana Lyn's blog Candles from the Heart, that she didn't have enough people to play in the Pay It Forward game. So even though I've already done this once (just got my packages mailed today) I thought I would play again so this game does not end before everyone has had a chance to play.

The rules are easy. The first three people who let me know they want to play will get a small gift from me in the mail. Then in turn they list this game on their blog and the first 3 people that emails them plays and so on.

The gift is just a token, nothing big. It can be homemade, bought or found. Just a little something to say hi, I'm thinking of you and to put a smile on the persons face.

So if you want to play (yes you can play more then once) then please leave me a message and email me ( ) your address and I will put together a package of fun things to send you. You will need to post this game on your blog (no need to wait to get your package from me) and send a little gift to the first three people who tell you they want to play.

Let's keep this going girls! It's fun, it's nice and it's a great way to get to know each other better.



Sheri said...

I want to play!Sending you my email.

Esther said...

I'd like to play but I live in Australia. It'd be a bit too expensive to send packages all that way.

rachel said...

what a great idea. i tell ya, some of these blog games just keep getting better and better. (;

thank you so much for your kind comment, im so happy you enjoy viewing my blog, yours is beautiful also.

isn't georgia great!? and the food is delicious! i tried hush puppies for the first time, and they are my new favorite food! DELICIOUS!!!!
~Rachel (:

Esther said...

I got your email. Thanks, I will play. I have sent you my address. Great idea.

Diana Lyn said...

Good morning Joanne, your so sweet, doing this again, I am looking for a box to send yours, your little gift! As a matter of fact my son is a very good cook! we are so excited to see him get pinned, I will blogg about it! have a beautiful Sunday! XO Diana L.

Bridget said...

That is so sweet of you to do this a second time around. I played it too and was pretty surprised that people were not anxious to join in. I thought it was a wonderful idea. The three people that I sent to had a very difficult time finding people to play along so our little offshoot was a dismal failure I'm afraid.