Sunday, August 3, 2008


To me, reading all the lovely, pretty blogs out there in Blogland is sort of like watching a favorite TV show. You get to know the "stars" and you start to think of them as your friends.

Some days the post leaves us hanging, wanting more. You look forward to the next post just like you look forward to the next episode of your favorite TV show.

You start talking about Blogland like a new hit show. It drives you crazy if the person you are talking to doesn't "watch" or read what you are talking about. You want to share the info with them in hopes they too will join in the fun.

Well today, Blogland met up with my "real" life. I got to meet the "star" of one of my favorite hit shows. Oops, I mean writers of one of my favorite blogs.

That's right! I went and had lunch and shopped with Debbie Kay from My Vintage Daydreams.

We agreed to meet in old town Orange. At a resturant called PJ's Abbey.

This is a darling resturant that back in 1891 was a church.

The big stained glass window is still there.

The main entrance is where the people would enter to worship.

The have a cute place where you can eat that is outside.

Even the back of the building still looks like the church that it used to be.

The windows are so cute.

This is Debbie Kay! I have to admit, I was a bit star struck when I met her. She is so pretty should could really be in the movies. She is as nice as an angel (and I don't think it was just because we were in an old church).

She is so easy to talk to. It's like we have known each other forever. She is down to earth and loves to laugh.

She even brought me presents! This darling little cake server. She said it's because I'm the cake lady. Also this very cute little pink depression glass salt cellar. She knew I collected them. How sweet is that!

On top of it all she even bought my lunch! Thank you so much Debbie!

We were talking so much. Non stop in fact. I even forgot to take a picture of what we had for lunch. I had a yummy grilled veggie pizza and she had breakfast.

We seem to have a lot in common and the same taste in so many things.

I just can't say enough good things about her. If you ever get the chance to meet her I hope you do so as you will not regret it.

We had so much fun that we already agreed on a day we are getting together again.

I have a feeling we are going to be friends forever.

This was the inside of P.J.'s Abbey. The booths have benches that look like pews. The real pews, from when this was a church, are up at the front in the waiting area. The original pulpit now stands as the podium near the front door.

You can really see the beauty of the stained glass window as the sun shines through.

Much of the floor is original too. In fact, the surface is 8 inches higher at one end of the resturant because, when the church was built, the higher end of the floor used to be the back of the church. Being up a little bit higher allowed those seated there a better opportunity to see forward.

I really liked this little "bit of Heaven" and will surely be going back again.

After we ate, we did a little shopping. We went in one of the Antique stores. Debbie found a few things but I walked out with nothing. I know, I know! Don't faint. Sometimes I do leave stores without buying a thing.

We then went in this cute little shop (that I will not name) and I started to take a few pictures. But, I was quickly stopped by a lady there. She thought I could have a been a spy from some other store trying to copy her displays or designs. Oh please!

This was the picture I was taking as I got "questioned". You can see Debbie in the mirror laughing as I was being scolded like a child.

After I told the lady I was going to post about her shop on my blog she agreed to let me take as many pictures as I wanted. Well, just because she was rude to us, I won't be telling anyone the name of her shop. No free advertisement from me now!

The two of us quickly left after I was scolded. Of course, laughing the whole way out.

We then decided to skip the shops and head out to some thrift stores. We hit up two. Nothing caught my eye but again Debbie found some treasures to remember her day by. Oh wait! I did find a little picture of a vintage Christmas postcard in a frame. I'm still not sure I should have taken it home with me. But, it was only $1.75.

Finally, we said our good byes and drove away. I felt really happy knowing I just met a new friend... OK, truth be told, I was really happy she just didn't turn out to be some old fat pervert man who wanted to kill me. I'm sure she felt the same way. LOL

So now, I feel as if I stepped onto the back lot of a studio where reality and Blogland meets. It was a fun trip and I'm looking forward to going back again and again.



Darlene said...

Oooooo how much fun is that, meeting one of your blog friends!!! I hope that happens someday with me.....I haven't been blogging long but I sure feel like I have made a bunch of new friends and I know what you mean about waiting to see what is next on their blog. I am so glad y'all had so much fun!!!

Blogger said...

lol, I feel the same you all are STARS on my favorite SHOWS...what a great way to look at it!

It looks like you had a wonderful time, how fun!

Bella :)

Connie said...

I think that was a fantastic opportunity for you, sweets! I truly enjoyed meeting her and will look at her blog now. Thanks, sweet chick!

bj said...

How neat to meet a fellow blogger. Sounds as if you had a great time.
Yep, I learned awhile back that it is best to ask before taking lady thought I was taking pics at her craft mall in order to duplicate some of her items for sale. I always ask now!!
So glad you had such a nice time...

Debbie Kay said...

My dear sweet NEW friend Joanne:

Thank you thank you thank you precious lady for all the lovely things you said about next post is going to be very long as I have so many nice things to say about you too. I know we are going to be friends forever as you are a one in a million treasure.....

Lots of blog love to you,

Debbie Kay

Gone said...

Oh Joanne...I'm glad too, that Debbie Kay "didn't turn out to be some old fat pervert man who wanted to kill you"!!! LOL!!

I'm also glad you had such a great time!!


Eve said...

You took some great pics. Almost felt like I was there. I lvoe the idea of turning a church into a restureant...(shades of "Alicie's REsturant") which I am sure you are too young to remember.
Those were beautiful presents. I lvoe depression glass and that little salt cellar is so pretty.

I have been in craft malls where some of them follow you around to to the point, you can't enjoy yourself. I'm not trying to steal or steal ides even,,I may buy something and go home and duplicate it agian for myself though. So sue me! LOL


Hi Joanne,
What a lovely time for you and Debbie Kay. THe church is so pretty where you had lunch and of course, shopping is always fun with a friend. :) That is "neat" that you two could meet and have some Chick Time. Thanks for visiting me. Always love hearing from you. Happy Monday. :) Warmly, Deb

And I love your photos. Saw the Canon Rebel on sale for $799.00 still saving :)

Kim's Treasures said...

Oh how exciting, meeting a fellow blogger! What a wonderful day! I hope to meet up with fellow bloggers some day! It's great to get to know so many people interested in the things we are!

Cottage Rose said...

How great is that to get to meet a blog friend. I hope to get to meet one of you too. It sure looked like you two had a great time together. The restaurant is just amazingly beautiful. And shame on the shop that scolded you. I wouldn't have mentioned their name either. Next time you go wear camouflage and she won't see you take pictures. lol:] have a great week.


Cindy said...

I sure wish I could have been there too! I still haven't met a fellow blogger! Both you and Debbie Kay are bloggers I would love to meet! That restaurant is beautiful! Ohhh and those jars are gorgeous!

suzanne said...

Hi again, thank you for stopping by my blog and all your sweet and kind comments. I am adding you to my blog, i would love to be added to yours if that is alright with you. Thanks again and please come back very soon!!!! Oh, and i am gonna make those cookies!!!! YUM!!!

Anonymous said...

How fun to meet a fellow blog sister. I have dreams of having a big blog convention...LOL.



I think you expressed the way most of us feel her in blogland. It's so exciting to read everyones new post's and I eagerly wait for responses to my own post's I can't wait to read what everyone has to say! It feels like lots of good friends out there. I would love to meet up with other bloggers although I guess you would go with a little dought about what that person will really be like! Glad that you had such a wonderful day.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

What a wonderful day. How great to meet a sister blogger in person! I'm so glad you both had such a great time.

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

I know....I feel the same way about blogland. I only hope I am in other people's thoughts as they are in mine. I must say though, I love your show-well written with some of my favorite stars. And thankfully, no real cliffhangers that I have to wait months to have resolved.
I know, too, how great it is to meet blog buddies. It is scary at first but then it is great. We learn so much about each other from the blogs that we can talk endlessly. I'm glad you had a great day.
Can't wait for the next episode....

Anonymous said...

I recently had a blog meet, it was wonderful, yours looks fab too!

Beth Ann said...

You took the words right out of my mouth! I often wish I cold meet my 'stars' of the blogs I read....what a great experience for you!
(I had to laugh when you were scolded, only because I often wonder if I will be yelled at next for blogging about my wonderful adventures!)
What a super day for you two!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joanne!
I'm so sorry I haven't been over to see you but I've been a little under the weather with some pain issues. I just stopped by to try and catch up on your posts and saw the sweet post of the gift we sent you. I'm so glad you liked it! You are so special to Wes and me and we wanted you to have a special reminder of our friendship! You are such a blessing to us!!
How exciting you got to meet Deb! And at such a great place for breakfast, how wonderful!! And all you shopping too! I really enjoyed meeting Karrie at Summer Kitchen Interiors! She's darling and her & Karla's shop is so nice! Blog friends are the greatest!!
Have a great week!
Big hugs, Sherry

Joyce's Journey said...

How special that you and Debbie Kay got to meet and at such a beautiful place!! I love your description of "blogland" and how it is similar to a favorite tv show. How true! Seems like all my fellow bloggers live in California!!! How can that be?? Now I have to read Debbie Kay's blog. She sounds like a lovely person!!! Thank you for another great post!!!

rachel said...

this is such a fun post!! it sounds like you and Debbie Kay had such a remarkable day! It was very nice to hear about it, thanks for sharing!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Oh Joanne - that was a riot!! Once we had a high school girl "shadow" us for career day - so we decided to make a mock-up design room for her living room. Well, we also ran into problems when we were taking pictures of furniture and pictures in a furniture there's a sign posted in this store that says "no video or cameras are allowed in the store"!! We're such trouble makers!!
Sound like a fun time - the old church was devine!!
Have a great week!

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

How fun Joanne!! And the resturant looks so cool!

joyh82 said...

What a neat place, sorry she scolded you..I wonder why she would care that you took pictures.
glad you got to meet blogging friends!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What fun to meet a fellow blogger friend, Joanne! She sounds like a wonderful person just as you are. The restaurant looks so pretty.

Hugs, Pat

A Lovely Thing said...

Wow, that restaurant has tremendous curb appealed doesn't it.

I usually ask before taking pictures -- especially in shops and flea markets. Don't want anyone bashing me over the head with one of their creations :)

Kristi Price said...

Looks like you girls had a great time! I love the stained glass windows in the restaurant, so pretty! Somehow, I bet the food is pretty durn good there too.