Monday, August 4, 2008


Cindy at Romantic homes shared with us on how to make a photo mosaic at . Thanks Cindy! I think they are so fun to make.

I went around my yard and clicked photos of only the pink flowers growing.

How could anyone look at these photos and not see the hand of God? Each pedal is so different then the other. Just like our own finger prints.

No matter how hard a person tries, they will never ever be able to grow the exact same flower twice. You can do everything the same. Water them the same, feed them the same and give them the same amount of sun light, but, they will still be different.

I love flowers. I love to stop and smell the flowers. Even the flowers I know don't have a smell still get sniffed. I don't know why.

Flowers provide me with such joy and happiness. Simple pleasures are the best pleasures!

Hope you enjoyed seeing these too.



Gone said...

Good job, Joanne...on the pictures and the Mosaic!!!

I've made a couple Mosaics(one is on my blog and the other will be on in tomorrow's post).


Joyce's Journey said...

Your flowers are soooo beautiful! I have to try that mosiac. You did a great job! I truly enjoyed seeing your beautiful flowers. Your yard must be just stunning if this is a glimpse!!

Darlene said...

GORGEOUS pink flowers!!! Your yard must be beautiful with all these lovlies in it!!!

Oh, and to answer your question, I don't think my hibiscus is a double because the tag just says hibiscus.

Blogger said...

Those are gorgeous flowers! And the mosaic is a great way to show them off, love it :)


Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Your flowers are beautiful!! You can tell they are loved:)

bj said...

ooo, all your pinks are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing them!

Judy said...

You did a really good job. Something else I need to learn!!! I love all your pink flowers.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous flowers!

Lakewood florist

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

That looks like a fun application to try Joanne. Flickr seesm to have a lot of nice things to try. I need more hours in the day! :-))

Your roses are beautiful!

Hugs, Pat

Renee said...

I love how you did the mosiac!! I going to check out that site. You are such a great photographer, those flowers just look beautiful!! Check out my blog I am doing my very first givaway. I'm so excited!!!

Kim's Treasures said...

Great job! Your photos are beautiful! I took some pictures of some flowers tonight that I will post tomorrow. While I was out there I saw some really horrible yet beautiful looking waspy/hornet things. I took a picture of those too and wondered what purpose God has for them! I know He has one but they were mighty big and scary yet beautiful looking! God is amazing with all his creations!
Have a great night!

emily said...

Great flower mosaic you made! You have beautiful flowers in your garden. I love flowers as well! I guess I have the perfect job for that! :) emily

Angie said...

hi Joanne,

I love flowers so much..but I am just not very good at growing them...i sure try, but they never look as nice as have such a green thumb! beautiful!


Renee said...

Hi Joanne, I just found this website that offers free headers for your blog. You have to check it out, you would totally love them. Thay are so YOU!!! It's:

Debbie Kay said...


Your flowers are beautiful and so are you!!!!

Love ya,

Debbie Kay

Unknown said...

Gorgeous flowers!

I will probably be taking a card-making class at Debra's cottage Sat. I'll know for sure in a day or 2. Debra's cottage is becoming my second home. ;0)

Tracy said...

Hi, Joanne! Your pink flower mosaic is is my favorite color, and pink flowes especially--so this was heavenly to see! Thanks so much for stopping by to see me yesterday--and for adding my gift giveaway to your links! Your blog is lovely, and I look forward to coming back! Happy Days :o) Oh, and such fun you were able to meet a blog friend for real just lately--I've meet two blog friends this summer for real--just the best times and solidifying even more close friendships that began via our blogs. Blogland is a beautiful place!

Janet said...

Beautiful collage Joanne! I love flowers too and few things make me happier than wandering amongst them taking in their colors, textures and scents.


Anonymous said...

Oh Amen Sister!! His hand is evident everywhere we look.


Cottage Way of Life said...

Your pink flowers are just lovely!! :)


Anne Fannie said...

Hi Joanne, what beautiful pink flowers and a beautiful mosaic at that!
Love, Ann

Diana Lyn said...

How fun, I would love to go to that Museum. Love history! I love , love the Mosaic of your flowers how beautiful! I will have to try that! People are so creative. Stop by for a visit and play my game!!!!!! hugs to you ! Diana lyn