Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Have you ever heard of salt cellars before? They are used to put salt in and then each person would have their own little bowl of salt to use. These were around way before salt shakers ever were.

A friend had a collection of salt cellars and when she showed it to me, years ago, I fell in love with them. I just knew I had to find some so I too could have a collection.

These are the ones I've collected over the years.

This is a cute little amethyst colored pedestal one.

These three are all different colors but the same shape. This style is pretty common to find. However, many are reproductions. So be careful if you are looking for original ones.

This one is my all time favorite one. I love the way the salt goes in the little bird nest that is on a tree branch and the bird is next to it.

This is a little round with nobs on it. It's in pale purple color.

Now this style is very easy to find but, having it made out of Vaseline glass is what makes it more rare. If you hold a black light up to it then it glows. That's how you can tell real Vaseline glass.

This little square one is made from purple carnival glass. Can you see the rainbow of colors in it?

This one is made out of crystal and is etched on the bottom. I had to enhance the color so it would show up. So that's why it looks a bit strange.

These little clear round ones are pretty easy to find. I think most people had this type as they were not made out of anything fancy. Just clear glass. I've seen this kind at several thrift stores.

This is a little lead crystal one. It's pretty thick and heavy for it's size.

Here is a little footed, hand painted one. I won this one off of eBay.

This one is made from clear glass. What makes it a bit different is there is a holder for the little spoon to rest on.

This cobalt blue pedestal one came from my favorite aunt who passed away. I don't know where she got it. It was the only one she had.

*** Date, turns out this one isn't a salt cellar after all. It's called an eye cup. They used to use these before eye drops were invented. I did some research on the Internet and it looks like this is from the late 1800's or early 1900's. So that's kinda cool. But then again, being an eye cup is kinda creepy to me.

I guess people collect these. So if you do, let me know and I will send this to you.

Here is another little hand painted pedestal one. It's a little bigger then the rest. I think this one was from a set that would have come with smaller ones. This would be the main cellar that everyone would take their salt from and put it in their own little one.

I only have a few little spoons in my collection. Most of the salt cellars today don't come with the spoon any more. They are fairly hard to come by. You can find them in silver also.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little collection. If you have any salt cellars or even heard of them before leave me a message and tell me about it.

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Connie said...

Those are beautiful, honey. I have one and only one but it's vintage and very pretty. I just display it and don't use it. Yours are gorgeous though.

{oc cottage} said...

WOW! You have such a collection!
So pretty!!
M ^..^

Judy said...

I love your collection. I've seen them in antique shops but never bought any. I've often thought I should start a collection of them. They are so beautiful. I collect shoes, maybe someday I should do a post about my shoes. That would be fun!!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Wow! You have a lovely collection!
The pale lavender one and the little birdie are my favorites.
Too sweet.

Kimberly :)

I think the cobalt blue may be an eye cup. Google it and see if it looks similar.

Unknown said...

Those are beautiful...you have quite a collection.
I enjoyed looking at them.
Have a great day,

Erin said...

your collection is really great! I'm having a little back-yard boutique this Saturday -if you're in the neighborhood please stop by! Hugs, Erin

Unknown said...

What a fabulous collection! You should share it for Vintage Thingies Thursday. Stop by my blog for the Beach Party on Friday!

Kim's Treasures said...

What a pretty collection! Very cute too!
Have a great day!

Diana Lyn said...

Oh my word Joanne, those are darling,I want one, where in the world did you find all of those! too precious! thanks for sharing, nice job on the photos! you talanted lady you! Xo Diana Lyn

Diana Lyn said...

Oh my word Joanne, those are darling,I want one, where in the world did you find all of those! too precious! thanks for sharing, nice job on the photos! you talanted lady you! Xo Diana Lyn

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joanne!
I love salt cellars. Your's are so pretty and colorful. The one with the little bird would be my favorite too!
I've never seen any with the handpainted flowers before, how delicate. They must have been someone's little treasures.
Hugs, Sherry

MimiG said...

Great collection! I collect miniature salt/pepper shakers. Only the ones that hold about a tablespoon.
Love the one with the spoon holder - first I've seen like that.

Glenda said...

I too love salts. I would love to find silver ones with the spoons for them.

You cobalt one though is a eyewash bowl for when your eyes get dry or you have something in it. Sorry dear had to let you know.



Hi Joanne,
VERY nice and sweet collection of salts :) I also love the little spoons :) Thanks for your comments :) I have to remember not to judge in other areas of my life since I don't mind tats. Warmly, Deb

sewtakeahike said...

they are all so beautiful but especially the bright green one. fabulous collection!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

You have a beautiful collection of salts. I have collected salts for years, but only clear glass ones. I used to get them for about 25 cents...now they are about 8.00!! You sure have some beautiful ones. Hope you use them!

Pearl said...

Such an impressive collection of salt cellars! This is my first visit and your blog is lovely!! My Sister-In-Law collects cellars also... I was going to mention the cobalt "eye cup", but see that you already found out about it! My Sister collects those... and I am with you, they are kinda creepy... LOL, but she loves 'em! I'm off to read more... Come visit anytime, please!


Teacup Mosaics said...

Great collection! It is a great reminder of days gone by. Hope all is well!

Debbie Kay said...

Hi Joanne:

I love all of your salt cellars, they are so sweet just like you!!!

Debbie Kay

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Joanne! What a beautiful collection of salts you have!! So many very unusual ones. My mom collects salts...but her collection is not a unique as yours. I wish I had known you were looking for spoons...I just sold 12 sliver colored metal ones on ebay I think last week or the week before. They were very cute and didn't go for awfully high.
It also happens that my sister in law collects eye washes. She has a blue one similar to yours. It looks very cute in with your collection:)

Nerm said...

What a unique collection! Don't you just love things from relatives and dearly departed loved ones? It brings me such joy to look at an item & remember that special person. Thanks for sharing. Luv, Nerm

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Joanne, I love your salt cellar collection. I have always wanted to start a collection of them. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful collection. I love glass pieces of all kinds.The craftmanship that went into the hand blown pieces are beyond beautiful.

Kate said...

How fun!

I'm wondering if your last entry is really a salt cellar.

I have a very similar item and it has a top with Lake of the Ozarks printed on it. I bought it about 40years ago on a family vacation. it has dark pink flowers.

Just a thought :-)


Anonymous said...

The cobalt blue glass is an old eye wash cup, not a salt cellar. They are very hard to come by, especially in the cobalt blue. It looks great with your salts. Your curio turned out great. I think if you wax after painting, it could be a problem if you want to paint the piece again. Buff it with a crunched up brown paper bag. It smooths it out nicely.
XO Lilly