Monday, July 7, 2008


I love vintage jewelry. Not only do I think it's pretty but it makes me wonder who wore these items. Where did they go when they had them on? Were these items that they bought themselves or did someone give them as a present?

Here a few pieces I have in my collection that I thought I would share with you. These are three pretty pins that I found at flea markets. I love the sparkle of the rhinestones. I also think the Cameo is so romantic and feminine looking.
Here are a few of the vintage ear rings I have. I got these three pairs from a friend of mine. She gave them to me for helping one day.

This pretty wedding ring belonged to my favorite Aunt that passed away.

This is a ring I purchased at an antique dealer.

I thought it was very pretty.

It's just a simple gold band that has beautiful carving in it. But the thing I fell in love with is the inscription inside. It says " to A.G.E. 6-13-1897 love Mother". Only there is a little heart rather then the word love.

Can't you just picture the young girl getting this beautiful gift from her Mother on her birthday, wedding day or when she gave birth to her first child?
I also bought these from a flea market.
These belonged to my Grandmother before she died. She loved to wear little pins at Christmas time.
The last things I wanted to share with you are these two rings.

The one on the left belonged to my Grandmother. It's amethyst and tiny diamonds. She wore this ring every day. The gold band is worn down from the years and years it was on her hand.

The other ring is a pearl and tiny diamonds that belonged to my Mom before she died. She loved this ring. It was simple and just what she liked.

Hope you enjoyed looking at some of my jewelry that is filled with memories of days gone by.




Gone said...

Beautiful jewelry!! Thanks for sharing!!

Unknown said...

All of it is very pretty! I enjoyed your post. I'm not really a jewelry person, but these pieces could make me change my mind.


Hi Joanne,
What lovely pieces of jewelry you have and the memories are bittersweet:) Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the comment :) Dogs rule:)
Happy Monday. Warmly, Deb

Barb said...


What wonderful treasures and heirlooms. Whenever I see a piece of jewelry or vintage clothing, it makes me think about the person it might have belonged to.
I love the rings that belonged to Grandma and mom- very special.
Thank you for sharing them with us.


Debbie Kay said...


I love visiting your blog everyday and really enjoyed the beautiful pictures of the jewelry you hold so dear. Thanks for sharing....

Love ya,

Debbie Kay

Darlene said...

Lovely jewelry and it is so nice that you have memories from who wore the pieces. My mother has a lot of jewelry from my great-grandmother and a lot of yours reminds me of that. Beautiful!!

Flower said...

I enjoyed looking through your treasures!! It makes me want to get out my mothers things and put them somewhere so I can see them. I have a "grandma"'s full of my mom in many ways. So, it would be the perfect place!! You have inspired me!! Thanks!
Your two special rings are beautiful! I can understand anyone enjoying wearing them. I'm so glad you got to have them!
About the deer's taken lightly due to our relationship(the blogger and me). And, I do give the deer fact I have a large bowl out in the back right now. That is why I had to come up with a method that would not keep them away from the house..and after the wedding they can come chomp all they want! :) I am a total animal lover. I don't like killing anything! My husband understands me....thank goodness!!

Connie said...

I'm not a "jewelry" kinda gal, but those are beautiful, sweet chick!! Plus your photos are lovely also.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Joanne - I love your vintage jewelry! I have some, too... The rings that belonged to your Grandmother and Mother are beautiful. I have my mom's diamond and wedding band, and my grandmother's diamond. They are so special. The little ring engraved in the 1800's is precious... Don't you wonder how these ever get separated from their original owners or heirs? I would think a ring like that would just keep getting passed down, generation to generation...
And thank you so much for the heartfelt and kind comment you left on my dad's birthday post... It meant so much to both of us - thank you!...Donna

Joyce's Journey said...

Joanne - I just love this post!! I have several pieces of vintage jewelry that I have tucked away and have not looked at lately. Usually when I go to flea markets or yard sales, everything is jumbled together. You have inspired me to look a little closer. I enjoyed seeing the beautiful pieces you've shared with us today.

Also, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and your great comments and suggestions about my MIL. You had some good ideas!

Wanita said...

Your jewelry is beautiful, as is your blog. All of the photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Your precious jewelry is so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing these lovely things.

Helz said...

The Stories behind each piece makes Vintage Jewellery stand apart from the rest... lovely pieces - Thank You for sharing Joanne.

Ribbonwood Cottage said...

Hi Joanne, I wanted to contact you and congratulate you. You won my giveaway at! Yippeeee and hooray for you! Contact me and let me have your address so I can mail you some sweet goodies. Love your blog and the vintage jewelry is wonderful. Love it.
Blessings, Debbie

Kim's Treasures said...

How beautiful! Your photos are pretty! Thanks for sharing!

Have a great day!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Joanne!

I have an award for you on my blog today, brcause you are "just plain fun to read'!

Hugs, Pat

Renee said...

What beautiful jewelry!! It's nice that you have so many family heirlooms. My grandma gave me her wedding ring and I've worn it and haven't taken it off since I was 13. I want to give it to one of my boys, which one, I have no idea!!!

Teacup Mosaics said...

Hi Joanne, As always everything is beautiful, as an appreciation for all your work I have left you a little award on my blog.
Enjoy! Kelley

Joy Jones said...

Oh it's all so pretty! Thank you for sharing your jewels. I love vintage jewelry too and that's why I do what I do. I refer to myself as a Rhinestone-a-holic, because I can never get enough sparkle! ~ xoxo ~ Joy

emily said...

Your collection of jewels are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us! I have wondered the same thing about old jewelry at flea markets, etc. It's nice to imagine what their life was like.


Oh this was a sweet post with such pretty vintage jewelry to see. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pieces. The Christmas tree pins of your grandmother's are truly special!


Cottage Way of Life said...

Great pieces!! Sue collects the trees, and I always give her one to add to her collection! :)