Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a BIG animal lover. So when I saw that Nancy, over at My Crafty Little Page, was hosting DOG DAYS OF SUMMER I knew I was going to join in.

She has asked us to post about our dogs and cats. I thought it would be a fun way for you all to get to know more about my two boys.

This is Elton. He is my dog. But, don't tell him that! He thinks he is human.

I got Elton about 4 years ago. I was living alone at the time and decided I was going to get a dog. A big beautiful Golden Retriever. It's always been my dream to own one of those great dogs.

But, I didn't want to go to a breeder to buy one. There are way to many unwanted dogs out there for me to encourage breeding dogs just to make money. So off to the shelters I went.

While I was at the Laguna Beach Shelter, I saw this tiny little Chihuahua. She was so ugly. She had a skin condition that made her even uglier. I felt so sorry for her that I decided I was going to adopt her, I thought if I didn't then no one would. Well, as it turned out, there were many people who thought the same thing. She was the most requested dog the shelter ever had.

One day when I was going to visit her (they won't let you adopt a dog until they are healthy) I noticed this little black and brown ball of fur in the cage too. This little puppy was the most lovable little dog I've ever seen.

But the poor little puppy had a cast on his leg. I asked what happened. They think he was thrown out of a car and broke his leg. He was found roaming the streets with a broken leg. The Shelter did surgery and he was healing well. But he would not be ready for adoption for about a month.

Well that little ball of fur got along great with the little ugly dog and so I thought I would adopt both so they could have company. To make a long story short, I didn't get the ugly dog. Someone else did. But they did pick me to get the other little ball of fur puppy. I was thrilled.

I went to visit every day for a month and finally got to take the puppy home. I don't know why but, I thought the puppy was a girl. I was going to be one of those crazy people who dressed up their dog. After all, he is a long haired Chihuahua and lots of people dress up their Chihuahuas. But, I found out she was a boy. Oh well, there went that thought.

On the way home I was trying to think of a name for my new little boy. Then Elton John came on the radio. It hit me! If I named him after Elton John I could still dress him up. After all Elton John has been known for his get ups. Flashy clothes, rhinestone glass and crazy shoes. So my little boy was named Elton!

I did dress him up for a few months. They he got to big. I think it looks a little silly to see bigger dogs dressed up. Only the tiny ones look really cute. So now, he only dresses up on Halloween. I know, I'm weird!

This little cutie is Zeke. He really belongs to my sister, Patty, that I live with. But, I love him as my own. In fact, I call him MY dog. He is a rat terrier. He has to be the sweetest dog in the world.

He is so gentle. Kids adore Zeke. He lets them do anything to him. He has these great eyes that are so expressive. Sometimes when the kids are driving him nuts he gives a look that says "Help me!" Then he goes back to letting them play with him.

This is Trinity and the boys. They are all pretending to be a sleep. The three of them thought they could fool me.

This is what I see most of the time I'm on the computer. Elton loves to sit on my lap when I type. He is such a part of me that I hardly notice he is there. Until he demands my attention...which is always.

Here is Elton getting a little sun by the pool. I took him for a swim once, but he hated it.

The kids were playing with Zeke and dressing him like a doll. I think he looks like a bag lady.

Can you see the "Help me!" look in his eyes.

Elton has slept with me every day since I've brought him home. He even has his own side of the bed with a pillow. Talk about spoiled!

Zeke loves to be nosey. If anything new is brought home he has to check it out. Here he is checking out one of Trinity's Easter baskets.

The boys watching a bird!

Zeke is cold a lot. In the summer, when we have the air conditioner on he hides in back of all the pillows on my bed so he can keep warm. See his little head peeking out. Sometimes we don't even know he is back there until we call his name and he pops up.

The boys opening up one of there many presents from Santa Dog. They really do dig all the tissue paper out of the bag to get to the present. If it's a wrapped present, they will tear off the paper. Only after they are told it's ok.

OK, truth be told, Elton is a very lazy dog. This is his idea of going for a walk.

Me and my boys!

I taught Elton to "sit pretty" when he was little. Now he does it all the time. He would sit like this for hours if he thought he would get a treat.

There he goes again! Zeke doesn't understand why Elton does this all the time.

Someone must have been eating something because Elton is at it again!

And there is Zeke! The sweet little darling good boy.

Elton and Zeke don't really like each other at all. They don't really want any other dogs around. Elton wants all the attention and really is a bully.

If Zeke gets a toy or sits on my lap Elton is barking at him to stop it. Zeke just lets Elton get away with it too. It's kind of sad really.

I love my boys as if they are my children. They are spoiled, I admit it but so what!

They have more toys then any dog should have. They get their teeth cleaned at the vets. They get tons of treats. The best medical care a dog could ever need. They are allowed to go anywhere in our house. This is their home.

I never did get my Golden Retriver but I did get the love of my life. I've never once regreted it either.

You know, you never really pick out your dog. THEY pick you out.

I hope you enjoyed meeting my boys. I know they enjoyed meeting you.



Glenda said...

Hi Joanne

What sweet babies. My girls surely have different personalities. One is sturdy and sure of herself and the other is noisy and and full of life and always in to trouble. Cutie pies.


Unknown said...

Hi Joanne,

I'd love to meet you. What about Sat. at 10:00 at Debra's Cottage? If that's not OK just let me know a time.

Love your dogs!


Anonymous said...

Your little dog story just had me chuckling out loud. I loved the part of how you could name him Elton and still dress him up and the "sit pretty" poses---so adorable. Yes, I agree with you, our animals pick us when they can. Thank you for the wonderful Pet Show!

Sara said...

Cute boys! You're a sweetheart for adopting a dog from a shelter, stories like these always make me smile.
That's how my cats came to live with me, because they were abondaned. One came with the house (the owners moved down south and decided they didn't want him anymore). The other one (no more than a kitten) I found meowing outside my door in the middle of winter, it was freezing. Of course I kept them both. :-)

Unknown said...

JoAnne...what a darling guy Elton is...well Zeke too! And I am an Elton John fan so I love his name!!!

Your sweet dogs sound so much like my kitties...its funny how much like humans they get, isn't it? And how demanding of our attention they are..but we love them oodles and oodles too!


Ivy Bend said...

What a couple of cuties!

Darlene said...


They are soooo cute!!! I am an absolute animal lover and just love seeing other people's animals....dogs, cats, hamsters, whatever!! Thanks for sharing your boys with us.

Anonymous said...

I think you and your boys look like a happy family. My little Murphy Brown used to sit pretty, too.

Deb said...

Hi Joanne ~ Loved meeting your boys.. They are so cute. I love dogs too. My dog is indeed a part of my family. PETS rule!

Nancy said...

Brilliant - Name him Elton John and he can still dress up in fancy clothes! These guys are adorable and don't they just have the best outlook on life? Almost every one here today has some sort of rescue pet - I love that!
I couldn't believe it when you said "sit pretty". Those are the exact words I used for my Molly! She was just like Elton always sitting pretty for a treat!
Those are some fine doggies and I'm sooo glad you shared your story for the Pet Show. Lilly and I are still laughing! Nancy

Angie said...


i had to share this post with the kids..we ohhhed and awwwed over the pics together. they really want to add a dog to our family soon. not sure how the cats are gonna react to that! we adopted them both from shelters, too. they walked right up to us and picked us out! so i know exactly what you are talking about. what a lovely post!


p.s. ohh that bag lady pic of

Michele P. said...

what a cute little story of how you got Elton! Both Elton & Zeke look like such good natured boys-even when Zeke is dressed up... I know how you feel with Elton right in your lap when you are on the computer, my cat will do the same thing, or stretch out and cover my keyboard and mouse. Thanks for the cute story of you and your boys-it brought a smile to my face to read it!

Cindy said...

Toooo Cute!!!! My little Beau sleeps in the middle of all my pillows too!

Kristi Price said...

Zeke the bag lady and Elton sitting pretty! LOL! I don't know why that cracked me up so much. ~smile~

I have one big 80 pd. brindle color hound dog named Daisy. She is my baby.

Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

Oh I love the "bag lady" picture...adorable!

Anonymous said...

your little boys look precious! We have 7 kitties and they all are our babies! Each of them is totally different than the other but that's what makes them so special! I love Elton sitting up...too cute!

Paula said...

Oh I love this post, Joanne! I especially love the picture of Elton "sitting pretty"! How hilarious!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joanne!
Oh how I love those baby dogs for your's! Elton and Zeke are just adorable! I love the photo of you and the boys, great picture, you're all smiling!! We have the same personality problems with our girls. As soon as you pay any attention to Gur or Misty the poodle then Zoe is in your face! Oh well, gotta love em!

Anonymous said...

What a cute furry family. My dogs think their human too.

Brandee :-)

Flower said...

Awe...those babies are adorable and loved!! We adopt animals that others can't keep too. Your dogs are about as cute as they come and I totally understand that they are little people.
I don't water my roses near as much normally as I am now. They still do well but we are having 90+ days they would fade faster without the extra water. Watering more than 2inches a week, in Oregon, is considered a waste. We have our own well..if that matters. :))

Anonymous said...

Joanne, that is the best and most fun story I have read about dogs. Elton and Zeke are adorable. Eston is the alpha dog and Zeke knows it. That's why he gives in to Elton. Before Babette, we had a poodle, Trippy. We found her on the highway lost and starving. She was beautiful. We were a long way from home on a trip and she had a collar with no tags. She was my baby from that day on. She often slept in the pillows on my bed. and she slept with me as well.

Isn't it a blessing to have so much love for a pet. I never thought it was possible before Trippy . When she passed at age 10 with cancer, Bill went right out and bought Babette. The rest is history.

Thank you for sharing your story about Elton and Zeke. I love your boys. Smile


Anonymous said...

Oh Joanne,

They are precious! I love your buddies and your story!

What a fun Post!


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Ahhhh..Joanne...this was so wonderful to read and see! Your Elton and your sister's pup Zeke are both the cutest dogs! They have sweet personalities!
Pets add so much to our lives don't they?
I'd be lost with out my cat Bo, as he is the best company. I adopted him too from a young gilr who couldn't keep him any more as her fiance was allergic to him.
We are so lucky to be blessed with good pets!

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

I think Elton is adorable....It's hard to imagine a spoiled dog. We have 9 miniature dachshunds and they are all alike and all so different. I can't imagine life without them.

Anonymous said...

oh these sweet cute babies are so adorable.i also have two kittens .I will also post there pictures soon.

Lolly said...

Your boys are great and sounds like you are a great mom!! I'm sorry I missed the Dog party - I would have written about my sweet Lily and Bess. Hopefully she will do it again one day!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Joanne - those are the sweetest fur babies ever!! I just loved this post and all the wonderful photos! It's so hard to believe that someone would toss any living creature from a car. Thank goodness there are so many angels (like you) to nurse them back to health and love them!! ...Donna