Monday, January 14, 2013


 Normally, right after Trinity's birthday party is over, I start planning on the theme for next year.  This year, she kept saying she didn't want a party.  

But, a week before her birthday she changed her mind!  She wanted to rent a cabin and bring just her closest girl friends for a weekend of fun.

There wasn't much time to plan anything but it turned out to be one of the best parties she ever had...her words, not mine.

Since we were going to be in a cabin, CAMP TRINITY seemed the perfect theme.

This was the cabin we rented.  Just seeing where we were going to staying for the weekend thrilled the girls!

As they got closer, they could see signs were hanging on the door.

Two signs were hung up.  One saying "What happens at camp, stays at camp!".  The girls loved this saying and it was said over and over again all weekend long.

The other sign said "Welcome to Camp Trinity!".  This gave them a hint as to what was inside.

As soon as they walked in the room was full of the girls excitement.  They loved what they saw.

A S'More bar was just waiting for the sky to get dark so they could go out by the camp fire and cook marshmallows to place on chocolate and mashed down with gram crackers.

There were "Camp Trinity" chocolate bars and "Camp Trinity" Peanut butter cups.  

I loved using the covers.  It brought the theme more to life.

 Rather then just having marshmallows, we had "Puffy Clouds".

Multi color marshmallows were called "Rainbow bits".

The "Grizzly Bears", better known as cinnamon bears and gummy bears,  were attacked and eaten up quickly.

We planned to have a scavenger hunt and there were "Camp Trinity" Trail Mix bags made up and bottles of water for the girls to take with them.

I wasn't sure how the trail mix would go over since there was so much other candy, chips and junk food (all not shown here) for them to snack on.  But, I was happy, they all grabbed a bag and a bottle of water to take with them and left the other junk food behind...for now.

Since we were going to have a BBQ, the table where they were going to eat, was set up outside.

 There wasn't much room on the table to do decorating so I just kept it very simple.

Since the color theme of the party was green and brown, I just got plain color plates.  I did get them in square shapes to add a bit more interest to the look.

I got some pretty napkins with a left pattern on it to bring in some of the camping theme.

Since it was outside and there was a breeze, the napkins wanted to keep flying away.  To solve that problem, I just put a cute green and white paper straw on top.  It not worked to hold the napkins down but it added another layer of texture and interest to the place settings.

The use of battery candles kept the danger of starting a fire away but still added a flicker glow to the table when it got dark outside.

Some more printable tags were added to the cups to tie in the theme from inside.

I was happy that even though the decorations were kept fairly simple, Trinity loved the theme and all the little details of her party.

You can read about the fun activities we had by clicking here.


Stephanie said...

This was SO cute! no wonder she loved it!

hhjennings said...

Do you have your graphics thsat are available for sharing or purchase? I'm doing the same thing for my 8-yo son soon and those would be such time-savers.