Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Yesterday I shared with you the decorations for Camp Trinity.  Today, I wanted to show you the fun we had over the weekend stay.
We rented a cabin at the KOA camp ground in Chula Vista CA.  It was about 2 hours from where we live.  So, of course, everyone was hungry before we got there.

We stopped to have lunch at Sam's Pizza.  The pizza was super BIG and it was one of the best pizzas I've ever had.

After lunch, we went straight to our cabin.  It was so nice!  Much better then I expected it to be.

We quickly unpacked, everyone claimed where they were going to sleep and then the girls changed to go swimming.

All of the girls are like fish and could stay in the pool all weekend.  But, there was to much fun to be had and after a few hours, it was time to get out.

While the girls were swimming, I hung out at the cabin and got the decorations up.  The girls were thrilled when they walked inside.

After they took a shower and changed their clothes, it was time to go on a scavenger hunt. 
They worked in teams and tried to find everything on the list. Some items were easy to find and some were harder.

It turned out to be a close call on who won.  The team that returned back to the cabin first only lost because they were not able to bring back everything they should have.

But, no one was really a loser.  Everyone got a treat.

Speaking of treats, the girls took trail mix and water with them on their hunt.  Then they came back and chowed down on chips, candy and soda.

They decided it was time to open presents.  It was fun to see what everyone got Trinity.  They had fun laughing at some of the things and oohing and awing over other gifts.

I think it's so cute how the girls were just as excited to give Trinity her gifts as she was to get them.  Each girl had her picture taken with the birthday girl.
She got some lovely things and was grateful for everything she got.

It was then time to go rent bikes.  They had some crazy ones to pick from.

They all took turns trying out all the bikes.  Heck, I could not pass these up myself.  So, even I got on and had some fun.

It was fun watching them trying to race and listening to the them laughing.

This camp ground was a great place for kids.  They had so much to do.  They had a park that the girls wanted to play at for a little while after riding bikes.

I can't get over how well they all got along.  Not one disagreement the whole weekend.  They were all perfect!  Which made it nice for me and my sister.

After playing and getting tons of exercise all day, they were one hungry crew.  So we went back to the cabin and had a BBQ!  We ate outside.

It was super yummy.  Something about cooking and eating outside seems to make everything taste so much better.

It got dark outside so, we built a fire to warm up.  It sure does get cold out there!  I think they said it was going to be 29 degrees that night.

Rather then bringing a cake, we brought cupcakes that I had made at home.  They were not frosted though.  The girls frosted her own cupcake and decorated it.

Knowing it would be hard to fit 12 candles on Trinity's cupcake, Maureen brought super skinny, curly ones.  They were able to all fit on her cupcake with ease.

We sang Happy Birthday, the girls ate the cupcakes faster then I've ever seen girls eat cupcakes before.

I would have thought they were to full to eat anything else but I was wrong.  They had really worked up an appetite and claimed they still had room for S'Mores.

Even though we were by the fire, it was still very cold.  So, the girls wanted to go inside the cabin to warm up.  They wanted to watch a movie.

When I got inside they were in their pj's all bundled up and snuggling together on one couch enjoying the movie.

I told them to pull out the couch because it turned into a bed.  They were more then happy to have the extra room.  They were then all cozy and warm and watched the movie.

My sister and I went into one of the bedrooms and watched TV in there so the girls could have some alone time.

They ended up talking and giggling until the wee hours of the morning.  Finally, the cabin was quiet and everyone was asleep.

We all got up early, made a big pancake and bacon breakfast.  Then we packed up, cleaned up and hit the road.

 However, even though we left the cabin, the fun was not over.  We didn't have time for the girls to have fun with Silly String and poppers.

We decided rather then not do them, we would stop at a park for a little more fun before we went home.

By the time we were almost home and near the park, Maureen said she thought it would be fun to go to lunch at Farrell's Ice cream shop.

All together the girls yelled out "YA!".  Farrell's is a fun place to bring kids.  They have waiters and waitresses that run around, sing and dance and celebrate birthdays of whoever is having a special day.

We had lunch then of course ice cream sundaes.  YUM!

The last stop was to the park.  The girls all ran around Trinity and started to spray her saying "she was the birthday girl so they had to get her". 

Then it turned into a free for all with everyone spraying each other.

I couldn't help but crack up as I watched them running all around laughing so hard as they got each other.

It was a perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

The girls all said they had the best time and it was the best birthday party they had ever gone to.

That of course put a smile on my face because making sure they all had a good time was the whole goal.

If you missed out on the post showing the decorations, you can find it by clicking here.

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Stephanie said...

This is too cute! It looks like it was a terrific party!

Tracy said...

Looks like such fun and some good memories were made! I miss my daughter being that age...

Anonymous said...


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Unknown said...

I can see that you all have a blast! Anyway, renting a cabin to celebrate birthdays is a cool idea. Even if it's for just for one night, the intimate time spent with friends is one of the best moments in life. I am so happy for Trinity. This is definitely one of her birthday parties she will hold dear in her heart. Chassidy Bednarz