Sunday, December 25, 2011


Well after all the planning, shopping, decorating, cooking, wrapping, singing, eating, laughing and's over. 

Christmas was wonderful this year!

This year we had the whole family over for breakfast.  The table scape this year was done in red poinsettias and white access pieces.

I really love having brunch rather then dinner.  It's great to wake up knowing that in a short while everyone will be over.  We will eat a yummy breakfast of homemade waffles, chili Rancheros egg dish, bacon and fresh fruit.

Having breakfast rather then dinner also means, the table doesn't have to be so fancy. 

This year I was able to use the white plates I got last year from the Dollar Tree.  I love these plates!

I also didn't have to use a salad or dessert that means less dishes.

For the centerpiece, I just put a poinsettia plant in my milk glass ice bucket.  I use it for plants and flowers more then I do an ice bucket. 

Next to the poinsettia, I have a darling Dept 56 reindeer that I got as a present several years ago.  Sadly, I broke the other one that went with it.

The napkin rings were made of jingle bells. 

Oh course, I always have my molded butter at every holiday meal.  I had Santa and trees for breakfast.

I took photos of the table before I put the place cards out.  We found these cute ones at the mall and everyone loved them. 

There was a mix of Santa place card holders.
Also, reindeer ones.  Aren't they cute?  I think they would be easy to make too!

After we all ate and were completely stuffed, we went into the living room and opened all the presents.  Santa sure was good to everyone this year!

Santa Paws even came and left the puppies presents.  After all they were very good this year.

Elton loved ripping into his gifts. 

Since Elton is not big on playing with toys very often, Santa Paws brought him several different treats.

Here is Elton hoping he gets to open his present and try a sample...of course he got to enjoy a few.

Zeke loves treats too.  He started to lick his lips as soon as he noticed he got some treats too!

Zeke loves to play fetch.  He would love if you would throw the ball all day for him.  So he really loved getting some new squeaky balls to run after.

After presents were open and those that had other commitments left, those of us that remained, went to the movies.  I was surprised at how crowded it was at the movies. 

We came home and had a turkey dinner and spent hours chatting about life and going down memory lane. 

Right now, everyone has gone home and I'm the only one still up.  Everyone here is sleeping soundly, I'm sure dreaming of the wonderful day they had.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too.  Now it's time to start thinking of those New Years resolutions!


Stephanie said...

We had the full dinner at my dad's as always. It's so neat to see other people's traditions! Merry Christmas!

Tricia said...

I agree -- Christmas breakfast is a fun meal to host! I am so impressed with your table -- especially the amazing molded butter pats. Too cute!

Joyce's Journey said...

Merry Christmas Joanne! You always set such a beautiful table. This one is just gorgeous!!! I love the milk glass centerpiece. Stunning! I also love your place cards and your molded butter. I'm so happy you had such a nice time. Anyone would've with the love you put into everything!! Happy New Year!!!