Sunday, March 21, 2010


No, I didn't just birth to a baby last night. But, I did take a class on how to make a baby for a cake topper and I made this baby. Does that count?

Now, I am fully aware that my baby is sort of funny looking. Maybe a face that only a mother could love. Nope! I don't love it either.

But, it sure was a fun class to take.

I used to take cake decorating classes all the time and then I stopped. I forgot how much I enjoyed them. Just sitting around making figures, flowers and even babies out of sugar.

I'm going to start taking more.

Today there were seven of us taking the class. We had a lot of laughs. Like when I dropped my baby and gave her a flat nose/face.

Yikes! I'm an unfit mommy. Well, take a look at how I dressed her. She is in blue! Now how in the world would anyone know she was a girl? Oh wait, the ribbon around the board says "It's a Girl". I guess that's a pretty good clue.

Our instructor is the best. Plus he makes us lunch and dessert too! He should be giving cooking classes because everything he makes is wonderful!

I won't be using this baby on any cake. First of all, I don't know anyone having a baby but even if I did I wouldn't use this one. My class projects are always just a sample. When I make one for real it would be much better (I hope). I would spend more time and if I dropped a face, well, I would make a new one.

No one would get a flat faced baby from me. No way!

Yes, this baby is all edible but I wouldn't eat it. Sugar paste doesn't taste good.

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Jane said...

I would never have noticed the blue clothing on the baby girl, or the flat nose, if you hadn't pointed them out. LOL. I think it looks pretty good!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Joanne, that cake topper is awesome! You did a great job. I think the baby is cute and I especially love the quilt. I tried my hand at cake decorating classes many years ago and enjoyed them a lot. Working with fondant was fun. Glad you had fun in your class. Hopefully you will be happier with your next baby, but I thought this one was really cute! Love & blessings from NC!

Rach said...

So cute and very detailed. I like it.

Creations By Cindy said...

I think it is adorable. And the fact that you made it!!! Love it and thanks for sharing that with us. Be blessed. Cindy

Linda@Coastal Charm said... did a beautiful job on her:)


Organic Gardening Plants said...

What are you talking about. That is a beautiful cake topper baby. That is a wonderful job you have done. I hope you keep up the great work!

Unknown said...

Sorry you got to me before I told you I added your party! Things have been crazy here! Loved your party!

Kim @
party inspiration

Kathleen said...

I think it is cute! I would like to take a class like, no pressure!
I used to make a bassinet cake for baby showers..a lot of work and cake carving. I don't think I have the patience any more, but I wish I had a picture!

Kelee Katillac said...

Hi Joanne!

I love your baby! It is perfect! So cute.

Thank-you for stopping by!


Glenda said...

You have a great talent. And you could do quite well at it. There's your when your short on cash, do a cake for someone money for sure. Whenever I watched Food Network cake challenges I always thought that takes a lot of talent and patience to achieve.

Just checking in and saying HELLO !