Friday, March 5, 2010


Just as it is in real life, when Winter comes the birds in my house go away. Then in Spring, they are back.

Lately, birds are starting to pop up all over my house.

Like this picture. I found it about a year and 1/2 ago at TJ Maxx and since I'm a bird lover, I couldn't pass it up.

This cute white bird was given to me as a gift. When I look at it I can't help but smile.

Looks like little baby birds are going to hatch here soon! I found this great bird cage at a thrift store and added the nest. I love it.

This sweet birds sits next to our tv. It almost ended up outside but I thought she was to cute to only see part time. So inside, she stays.

She is another TJ Maxx find.

A darling bird house welcomes all birds. This sits on top of our fireplace mantel.

I bought this a few years ago at Michaels.

Just like the bird house, this bird bath also sits on the fireplace mantel.

Sometimes it holds candy, but right now it's empty as candy is banned from our house.

It also came from Michaels.

This little bird house and bird is actually a little box that opens up. So sweet, isn't it?

Patty's friend gave it to her as a gift on her birthday last year.

I love this soup tureen with the little bird on top and the lattice work on the bottom. It's actually pretty small. Not big enough to hold the soup for the table. Though it's almost to big for one serving.

I don't really use it for soup. Though if I had more I would! Right now it is sitting on our dinning room table as part of the centerpiece.

I would love to find three more so I could use them for a luncheon or a tablescape. I doubt if I will ever find them though as I got it last year from TJ Maxx.

Here is a better look at the bird on top.

I have no doubt that more and more birds will be showing up at my house. After all, it is Spring now!

The real birds are showing up more and more too. I like to watch them taking a bath in the bird bath we have in the back yard.

We also have several humming birds that come eat out of the feeder back there.

Are you a bird lover too? Do you have birds around your house?

Oh, speaking of birds, I got several emails asking where I bought the little birds in the nest, place card holders I showed in my post the other day.

I found them on EBay. A favorite place for me to find most of my place card holders and napkin rings.



Maryrose said...

Cute birdies, I love birds. You are very ambitious to change them with the seasons. Thanks for letting me take a peek.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I love birds too and feed them outside on my deck. I also have bird items in the house too. My Bible study leader has 2 canaries that have laid 5 eggs and they are supposed to hatch on Monday. Won't that be exciting? Love & blessings from NC!

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, Joanne!! I have so many birds, I can't count. I think they are on every surface in my house! And they show up every now and then in photos. And...I have a very loud, mean parrot!

I love all your feathered friends and that mini soup tureen is gorgeous! Does it have a marking on the bottom? You may be able to Google the manufacturer.

Have a great weekend, my friend! :-)


Lori said...

Love your birds and that birdcage is soo sweet! I think it is about time my birds come out too...Spring is coming! Thanks for sharing!!

Donna said...

You have some beautiful bird things. Thanks for sharing.


Margie said...

I'm so happy to finally be waking up to the sounds of birds chirping outside! FINALLY~Margie

Rhondi said...

All your birds are great. I especially like the little tureen with the bird on top.

bj said...

Such sweet things you show us today. The birds are precious.
My favorite little birds are the hummers and we have VERY few of those out here in West Texas. We lived in Colorado for a short while years ago and I enjoyed them so much there.
Have a blessed Sunday.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Love your sweet birds! They do remind me of spring too. I just did a nest and bird post also.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I have a bird feeder I keep filling every day, Joanne. I do enjoy watching the birds! I see mainly little sparrows but every now and then a morning Dove or cardinal will visit. I never saw hummingbirds here, and I do love to watch them when I visit relative sin Arizona.

Your bird dishes and decorations are so pretty! The little tureen is so unique.

Thank for you comments today Joanne ..Ground Zero is a hard subject for me to blog about but I like to remember and honor those that gave so much that day!

Kathleen said...

You do find wonderful things, J! I rarely think to look on ebay!