Sunday, March 28, 2010


The birds are making their nest and sitting on their eggs. Can you see mama bird up in the lights?

This darling little female dove decided to start her family in our backyard. I am so excited! I love seeing birds nest in our yards. Though I do worry about the them at the same time.

I'm always scared they will get eaten by a cat or something. Or that their eggs will fall out of the nest before the baby bird hatches.

This bird thought making her nest in the security lights was a good idea. Maybe she thought then she would be notified if anyone or anything walked by at night.

However, we did turn them off. We didn't want the lights to come on and scare her or worse, burn her or the babies.

It seems our back yard is a prime place for birds to nest as every year there are one or two birds that raise their families here.

The cutest, was when we had a hummingbird nest and little tiny babies.

My sister, Patty, was watering outside today and made me go water the hanging flowers that was pretty close to the doves nest. She thought if she went to close to mama bird that she would "peck her eyes out".

This might sound funny at first but, the other day, I was walking in our front door and a bird dove down and pecked my head. I think I got to close to a nest being built out there or something.

No it didn't hurt. Since I adore all animals I didn't mind at all. I figured, they were just protecting their home. Now I look around before walking towards the door.

Doves represent love. So I feel like we are being blessed with a little bit of extra love around our house.

For those of you who have emailed me, yes, I did go on the Paranormal investigation last night.

I took over 300 pictures so it's going to take awhile to go through them. Once I do, I'll post all about it. I can tell you it was so fun and it seemed like several of the "residence" at the abandoned hospital decided to come out and make contact with us. Some strange stuff happened. I'm not sure if you will even believe it when I tell you things.

I'll share everything soon.

Until then, be careful where you walk. You never know when you may get a little to close a very protective mama or daddy bird!


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I love doves. I have a pair of doves that eat out of my bird feeder. The house where I work has a nest with 5 bird eggs in it built in a wall planter next to the front door. It is a wren. The eggs are so adorable. I can't wait to see the babies when the eggs hatch. It will be interesting to hear about your ghost sightings. Love & blessings from NC!

Blondie's Journal said...

The dove is precious. Don't you love their sweet eyes?! We have had them nest in hanging flower pots over the years. Having a hummingbird nest would be incredible!!

It's said that when a bird makes a nest on your house, there is love inside...isn't that the sweetest?

Happy Sunday, Joanne!


Kathleen said...

I with Patty! I don't want to get attacked..
I love know how they have that cute little message inside the wrapper! :)
I know, that was for the birds!