Friday, January 22, 2010

Would you like yours with nuts or without?

I wanted to thank all of you who checked in on me and wished me well while we had our storms here in CA. It's still raining on and off today but they say the worst parts are all over. In fact, the sun is shinning bright as I type this post.

Tomorrow I'm going to my brother's house and spending the night with him while his wife goes to celebrate her sister's birthday.

He said he has been been down and depressed and I asked him if there was anything I could do to help perk him up. He said "Yes, bring chocolate!". He is a MAJOR chocolate lover.

So, I thought I would bake for him.

Can you tell what I'm going to make by the above ingredients?

Here it is all mixed up. Can you tell yet? Let me give you a hint. Some people love nuts in their while others don't want the nuts at all.

In fact, my sister, Patty, asked me to leave her some to enjoy this weekend. My brother requested no nuts. Oh no! What is a girl to do?

Why make 1/2 a pan without nuts and then quickly add nuts to the 1/2. I just poured the no nut batter in the pan first and then added the nut mix later.

Of course, you couldn't do this if someone is allergic to nuts though. You would have to make the whole pan without nuts.

Boy the smell of the whole house filled up with a yummy chocolate smell as these baked up.

I thought I would serve you up some as soon as they are finished. I got out some of my pink depression glass plates and a sweet little lace napkin.

I just got the bird napkin rings from EBay not to long ago so I used them too.

Aren't the little birds darling?

So did you guess what you will be having for your afternoon snack?

That's right! Nice warm chocolate brownies right out of the pan. A cold glass of milk goes perfectly with brownies.

I took them out of the pan shortly after they came out of the oven. I should have let them cool a bit more so they wouldn't fall apart. Oh well. I bet they still taste just as good.

I gave this one to Patty. She said it was perfect. Not dry, nice and warm and full of chocolate flavor.

Since they did crumble a bit as I took them out of the pan I had to have a bite! WOW! Talk about an explosion of chocolate. I don't know if I'm just not used to eating things like this or what but this was super rich. One bite sent my taste buds into heaven.

But, since these are not Weight Watcher friendly, I only had that one bite. I must really be learning to eat the Weight Watcher way now because I was fine with only that one bite. Before, I would have eaten a whole brownie with no problem and maybe even had a 2nd one.

So here is the plate. There are plenty more in the pan so help yourself to as many as you like. Would you like yours with nuts or no nuts.
Oh, guess what? By the time I finished typing this post, the sun has gone away and it is pouring rain again.
That's ok though because the sound of the rain makes me happy. I love when it rains.



Crystal said...

Oh these brownies look absolutely scrumptious, it is making my mouthwater. I could use some chocolate, I fell on the ice yesterday and hurt my tailbone and lower back, OUCH!!! I am trying to sit/lay whichever works.
Thanks for making me smile. I pray your brother is feeling better. I know these brownies and your great company will make his day :)

Have a blessed weekend.

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

I made brownies for my kids this week. I guess the weather inspired it!

I'm glad you didn't float away! It's so nice to see blue sky and the sun today. Great weather for Sheridan to sell some Girl Scout cookies!

Have a great weekend!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

The brownies look sooo yummy! I think I will bake some today.
Glad to hear the rain has stopped.

Irma :)