Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today I felt like getting out of the house but I really had no where to go. So, I thought I would head on over to the Orange Circle where all the antique stores are. I was searching for some fun vintage Valentine's Day decor.

I thought you may like to see what I found.

These are super heavy and nicely made vintage baking pans in the shape of hearts. While they were $48 I think that was a great price for these pans. However, I have a set of stacking heart shape pans. I left these behind.

There were a few vintage hankies that I thought were darling. However, I'm going to my friend's Valentine's Day party and I happen to know she is giving everyone a Valentine's Day vintage hankie.

So, I saved money on these.

A few more were found in the next booth. I almost caved in and got them. After all, if I bought them all I would then have a collection!

Then I remembered my plan for 2010 and staying on budget so I walked on.

A little vintage hand made heart pillow and an unused Valentine's were spotted in the back of this booth. I wasn't real thrilled with either so I wasn't even tempted.

Now this Vintage Valentine's made me swoon! But it was $22.00 which I hear isn't that bad for big old Valentine's cards. Yet, it was way over my budget amount. It got left for someone else with more money to spend.

This big heart was pretty and reminded me of the Christmas trees and wreaths we all love. It was not vintage but had the look. Still, not what I wanted.

Lots of mini heart pans. Again, I have several of these already. After all, I do bake and decorate cakes so I have tons of baking supplies. I don't need one more thing in that area.

I did like these cute heart pillows made out of old towels, quilts and so on. Sadly they were not in the red, black and white color theme I'm going with this year.

I did fall in love with this. Do you know what it is? It's a little wire mesh in the shape of a heart and it's a soap saver. I'm not sure how you use it but you put all the little bits of bar soap you have in it and use it up.

Now this was a good idea for those who are trying hard to use every last bit of soap. Saves money and is not wasteful.

Here it is up close. Since I had no clue how to use it and I wasn't shopping for items to hang up in the kitchen or bathroom I put it down and sadly walked away from it.

This little area caught my eye for sure. Not so much because of the Valentine's Day items but because of the milk glass!

The milk glass was priced way to high for me. So I took notice of the candy heart boxes, they were sweet but nothing real special.

I did like the Valentines but again, to much money.

The candy heart in the jars were darling. I have lots of jars at home so I could just use this idea and not spend a penny.

This was pretty but I don't know what it says. Do you?

These little lady bugs were darling and would be cute as a party favor. I have no idea why I didn't even look to see what the cost was on these. I guess it's because I already knew what I was giving for my favor at my Valentine's Day luncheon.

The little heart boxes would also make a cute favor. You could even put a little chocolate inside.

These pillows would be great on a couch or chair. But I feared my dogs would think they had a new toy and chew it up.

Not really sure what this was all about but she made me laugh.

Lots more Valentines but the ones I looked at were not in that great condition.

This little plate was cute but by the time I saw it I wasn't even in the mood to spend money any more. WHAT! I know!

These were the items I know I'm going to lay awake at night and dream about. Plates and bowls in the shape of a heart with an arrow through them.

Oh how I fell in love with these. But they were $65 and I could not justify that amount to use one day a year.
I've never seen anything like these before and I'm all about the different and unusual items.

This booth had a table set up in Valentine's style.

Old cookie cutters and I love the pan cake mold in the shape of a heart.

This little guy makes me smile every time I see him. I should have gotten him. I could have used him all year long. Oh well!

If you add a little tablecloth with hearts on it and use red and white items it's Valentine's Day! Proof you don't have to use actual Valentine's Day dishes and glasses.

I thought this was very sweet but once again, the price tag made it to where I had to leave it behind.

Same with this little darling girl. To me $32 was to much to pay for her when she wasn't it perfect condition.

While this post makes it seem like I came across a lot of stuff there really wasn't much out there. This was all I found in all the stores I went into. I guess they really didn't decorate much for Valentine's Day years ago.

So, I went home without one thing! But, I am still dreaming about those clear plates and bowls. I really really want them!

Hope you enjoyed going shopping with me as we went on the hunt for Vintage Valentine's Day decorations.


Tracey said...

Some fun things out there.. I'm heading the the antique mall here in town to see what I can find.. I think it's fun just to look around and remember times past... thanks for sharing all your wonderful pics of Valentines!

Rach said...

How fun! Lots of great options to choose from!

Crystal said...

This is funny I was just sitting here thinking, I wonder what the antique mall has. I haven't been there in months and right now it is only 10 degrees outside. Brrr
I really liked those dishes and bowls too. Isn't it funny how much some of the things cost?
Have a blessed weekedn.

Irene said...

"Your heart is always joined to mine".

Fabulously French said...

What a fabulous post! I love all the lovely Valentine inspired photos, love is definitely in the air :-)


Kim said...

You found some great stuff! But, good for you for sticking to budget.

Glenda said...

The heart say's "You heart is alway's next to mine"


The Tablescaper said...

Thanks for coming to visit. I'm loving your blog.

You're so fortunate to have an antique mall so close to you. Nothing like it near us.

I too would lay awake about those bowls - with the arrow too - I think I might have caved. I wonder if they're still there... Oh, forget it, I don't want to be a bad influence when you were soooo good.

- The Tablescaper

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Hi Joanne! I used to live in Buena Park, CA and my BFF and I would go to the Orange Circle all the time. When I read that's where you went to spend the day, it made me so home sick. This was a beautiful post and I love all the fun vintage valentine things you found. I may take off for the day and do the same thing. Thank you for sharing!
Patricia :o)

Unknown said...
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