Saturday, January 16, 2010


I just heard about this new movie theater that opened up in Pasadena about a month ago and I was so excited. I've already decided this is where I want to go for my birthday! I'm a big movie fan and going to the movies is one of my favorite things.

But, this is not just any movie theater!

This is the newest thing in movie theaters. There are only four of these Gold Class Theaters in the country.

When you first walk in you notice it's not what you expect at a movie theater. There is a full bar and yes you can bring your drinks into the theater with you.

This is the lobby area where you can meet up with your friends and chat before the show starts.

Nice, isn't it?

It looks more like a resturant you say? Well, that's because you can also eat your dinner here. No more going out to eat first then rushing to get to the theater in time for your show. You are already there!

Check out these seats! Pretty comfy looking. I don't think there is a bad seat in the whole theater. They only have something like only 44 seats in there. It's more like going to a private showing in some rich person's house.

They even recline! I wonder how many people fall asleep in there? Also, the side arm opens up for you to put your purse and other belongings. No more having to put them on the floor or taking up a chair. It also keeps your things more safe. No one can snatch them while you are caught up in the movies.

There is even a call button on each chair. If you get cold, they will bring you a blanket. If you are thirsty they will bring you a drink. Even if you didn't get a chance to eat dinner before hand, they will bring you whatever you want to eat.

Of course they still have the normal popcorn and candy if you are a traditional type movie goer.

I think all movie theaters should be this way. It cost $22.00 to see a movie here. It's about twice the cost of a regular theater so I think I would only go for special occations or to treat someone extra special.

I only wish it was closer to me. It would take me about an hour to get there. Yet, I'm still thrilled there is one close enough for me to go to.

Think about it though... Wouldn't it be fun to have these guys bring your dinner to you and enjoy the food while watching the movie. Then when you finish your meal you can kick back and put your feet up while you watch the rest of the movie. Talk about feeling spoiled.

I can't wait for May. That's when it's my birthday. I'm just not sure if I can wait that long to go here though.


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Joanne
I have never heard of these movie theaters. They sound wonderful for a special occasion. I hope you get to go there for your birthday treat if not before.
Best Wishes

Donna said...

Oh, fun, Joanne! We love going to an old downtown theater in our area that also offers beer, wine, and a wide range of dinner items (pizzas, sandwiches, etc.). I'm a popcorn and soda gal though, but the girls get the dinner items many times. Our theater shows second run movies that have been out for at least a month so the tickets are actually way less expensive than the normal theaters. And although the seats don't recline or look nearly that comfy, every seat has it's own table either on the side or in front of you to put your food and drinks down on. I agree, it's a pretty cool idea! Bet you can't wait till May!!

Congrats on your continued weight loss! That spinach pannini looks fantastic! I love feta cheese and use it in salads all the time but never thought to put it on a sandwich! Love that idea!


Furry Bottoms said...

WOW, that does sound very very nice!!! Holy smokes...