Friday, August 14, 2009


Today we had a Fun In The Sun Party for Trinity and three of her good frineds.

I found this darling brightly colored flower center piece and she was the inspiration for the whole party.

Doesn't she make you smile? Look at her little red shoes. Her cute purse and sweet smile.

I also found these little ants that are ready to chow down at any party. One has his own picnic basket and one has a hot dog in hand ready to eat.

At $3.00 these little guys were just to cute to pass up.

I loved the big sun plates. But the beach ball cups were just way to cute.

They were also a big hit with the girls. They all asked if they could take them home.

I love to find fun and different shape cups to match the theme of the party. When I do, the cups are always given to the kids to enjoy at home. They can relive the fun at the party that way.

These little beach ball pillows were at each girls place. They too were for them to take home.

They are so soft and the girls just kept saying how they love them and were going to put them on their bed to sleep with tonight.

Here they are all showing the beach ball pillows to us.

After everything was sat out, the girls were left alone outside to enjoy their lunch and visit together. They all felt so grown up without being watched.

Of course we did peek out to see what they were doing. Oh look! They all took some of the fruit! Good girls!

See that little pink chair? It was holding the mustard and mayonnaise. It really is meant to hold candles. Hey, it's always good to use things for more then one thing.

Looks like they are all thirsty. Either that or they just like watching the lemon aid go up the crazy straw.

After they all finished lunch, it was time to get in their bathing suits for some water fun.

The slip and slide was a big hit! I remember playing on slip and slides when I was a little girl.

Only back then they were much wider and didn't have a little pillow at the end to soften the blow. We would often run and slide so fast we went right off the plastic.

Since these girls have never seen any type but these smaller versions they were happy with what they had.

Kids just love to play outside and get wet. It doesn't take much to make them happy.

They also played with a ball that has a water balloon inside. You set the timer on the ball and pass it around. If you are holding the ball when the timer runs out the water balloon pops and you get wet.

This time it went off as it was being passed to Trinity. The girls had fun doing this and wanted to do it over and over.

Then it was on to the trampoline. But not without first getting the hose in their with them. The water made the jumping even more fun.

After they got tired of running around playing, it was time for cake.

No I didn't make this cake. I picked it up at the grocery store. It went perfectly with our theme though.

The plates for the cake had little sand pails on them. Again, great for our theme of Fun In The Sun.

The girls had a sugar high going on! In fact they all took the pixie sticks and poured the sugar/candy right on the cake and ate it up. As if that cake didn't have enough sugar in it.

Oh well, you are only a kid once. Plus they did eat their fruit at lunch first.

After eating the cake, the girls went inside and changed back into their clothes to play.

Soon it was time for them to go home. They were all tired and ready to crash.

Each girl got a little goodie bag. It was a beach pail filled with water balloons, a hand held fan, sidewalk chalk, glow in the dark necklaces, a kazoo and a box of sour candy. All topped off with a cute little pink paper sun umbrella.

They all had fun and said it was a great way to spend a day together.

Trinity said when she gets older and has her own kids she is going to tell them about all the fun parties she got to have a kid and she will do her best to make sure her kids have the same fun parties.

Now that alone made it worth the effort.


Glenda said...

How fun was that.........

Trinity your a lucky girl to have an Auntie like Joanne.


Unknown said...

What a cute and fun party for Trinity!

icandy... said...

How sweet! Looks like a lot of fun!!!
Christina :)

mysteryhistorymom said...

How FUN! My girls would love a party like this! Thanks for the inspiration, Sweets! Lori

Lori said...

What a wonderful party. My daughter is 30 with two sons and even though her parties weren't always very grand, she has gone ahead and worked her buns off having adorable parties, she says just like I did. Yes, it means the world when they notice! And I bet your little princess will always remember and follow in your footsteps! Lori

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

OK Joanne, where did you get the centerpiece? I must know!

It was so great meeting you today! I hope you have a great time at the party!

Unknown said...

That was a great part tablescape! Love the centerpiece and the cake! Most importantly, it looks like the girls had a lot of fun! :)

emily said...

Your party looked like fun!! looked like a beautiful day too!

Flower said...

The flower centerpiece is the cutest ever!! What a lucky group of girls!! The cake looks toooo goood to eat!!

Katie said...

That looks like an awesome "play date". Not only do the girls get to see each other and have fun getting wet but their meal and favors were fabulous. You are the ultimate Auntie!

Sandi said...

Fun! This reminds me how much I miss summer.

Four J Events Club said...

Awesome Party Arrangement! You have shared great ideas.