Tuesday, August 18, 2009


My sister, Patty, is having a birthday this week. However, she decided she didn't want any more birthdays. She made me promise not to invite all her friends and have a surprise party for her.

But, she didn't say anything about family! Or an Un-Birthday party!

So, we all got together and decided to give her a surprise Un-Birthday Party.

With the help of Donna at Party Wishes , we were able to turn the yard into Alice's Wonderland.

Here is the birthday girl as she first opened the gate and saw the Wonderland waiting for her.

Everyone yelled out "Happy Un-Birthday!" She was really surprised.

The table was set with darling pink chargers that held black and white polka dot plates. Sweet flowers wrapped the napkins. A cute Cheshire cat mug was at each place setting. As well as a little cookie jar with a sign that said "Eat Me".

Big brightly colored cups and saucers as well the Cheshire Cat himself sat at one end of the table.

The Mad Hatter had stopped by and left a hat on everyone's chair to wear at the party.

Heavenly paper lanterns and floating butterflies adorned the EZ Up tent that shaded us from the afternoon sun.

Here is a close up of the place settings. Doesn't Donna do a great job! She provides everything you need for your party and then some.

There were even rose petals in the shape of hearts scattered on the table.

Just about every color of the rainbow could be found on this table. It was so bright and cheerful!

There was even a croquet game set up with larger then life size figures from Alice and Wonderland.

The pink flamingos were waiting to come out of the box to be used as mallets for the game.

They couldn't wait to hit the balls made out of hedgehogs.

Trinity is showing us all how to play.

I was pleased to see everyone wore their hats without putting up any fuss.

Even my nephew, John and his girlfriend, Rosie, got into it and wore the hats.

Sadly, my other nephew, Jason got called in to work. He had to cover for someone who called in sick. So he missed the fun.

When we first sat down we ate horderves. Lots of cheese, veggies with dip, chips and fruit.

Then it was time for lunch. We had cheese lasagna, anti pasta salad and garlic bread.

Yes, I did count the points and wrote down what I ate. Just because it's a party does not mean I can't stay on my diet. Of course, Maureen did also.

But then it came time for dessert...

We had a variety of cupcakes. There was white, chocolate, marble and red velvet cupcakes. All topped with cream cheese icing.

No, I didn't make them. Normally I would have made a cake. A Topsy turvy cake would have been perfect. However, since we were keeping this party a secrete I couldn't very well be baking a cake without Patty asking me who it was for.

So I ordered the cupcakes from Wonderland Bakery. I did add the cute pink flamingo picks though. Does that count?

Then it was time for Patty to open her presents. She had asked for a Wii game so I got her one. She also got Wii fit. I can't wait to give that a try! Plus, other wonderful gifts and cards.

Trinity sat down to play a game of Chess with the rabbit but then he started saying "I'm late! I'm late for a very important date" and ran off, forgetting his pocket watch.

But then, grandpa stepped in and finished playing the game.
By now, everyone was full and our bellies ached from laughing so much. It was time to call it a day.

We all had a great time at our first Un-Birthday Party. Plus, no one turned a year older. How great is that.

I must say once again, thank you Donna for letting us use all your fun items.

Last, but not least, I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATTY!!! I love you!



icandy... said...

Oh my gosh.... you really went all~out!!! This really turned out to be quite a "wonderland"!!!! :) I had soooo much fun browsing this post! How fun!!!!

Christina :)

Connie said...

How adorable is that, sweetpea!!! Ooooh, the colors alone are worth it. Just stunning and fun, I'm sure.

Tracey said...

I am stunned!! I love this party and the theme... I can't believe how every detail was taken care of. I am just stunned! I love it and want to come and join in the fun!! You are so creative Joanne,, you take care of every single thing with so much thought..you a fantastic person...Great job!!

Margie said...

What a Wonderful Un-Birthday Party! Great pics and memories:) ~ Margie

Furry Bottoms said...

Oh my gosh, that is the CUTEST party I have ever seen!!!! That is so AWESOME!!! I have never seen anything like this before and I LOVE IT!!! Everything was thought out to the tee-- including flamingo clubs for croquets! Just amazing... amazing...

Unknown said...

What a fabulous Party!! You do the best parties!
Hugs, Susan

Elizabeth and Gary said...

What "GREAT FUN". I loved your post. I want a un-birthday party too.
Have a wonderful day,

Frugalious Living said...

What a fantastic party!! It is gorgeous. Congrats on having such a beautiful day!!

Marcia :)

Alexa said...

Wow. You are the most amazing party planner. It looks amazing!

Volunteer abroad India said...

I was totally amazed by the stunning colors. A quite of Alice Wonderland indeed. I love it!

Traci said...

What a great idea! That party setting was amazing!!! Looks like so much fun! The cupcakes would of been my down fall!! They looked sooo yummy!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

WOW Joanne! Everything looks fabulous! I'm so glad that your sister enjoyed herself and didn't get mad!

The cupcake are SO CUTE! Did the wrappers come with them?

I'm so happy to help make your sister's un-birthday special.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What a fabulous party Joanne! I love the colors and the accessories. Donna id very talented

When are you coming to NYC? I hope you have a wonderful time and a very enjoyable cruise.

Will you return for the Blogher conference next year? I hope to meet you then

Hugs, Pat

Party Pops said...

This party is Too cute and so adorable!! I love it, looks like a fun time!

Mary and Bob said...

OMG!!!!!!!! This is sooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!

Blogger said...

I wish you were my mother! This is amazing.

OpenlyPrivate said...

I am hosting a tea party baby shower and I am wondering where you purchased the over sized tea cups and saucers?

mackyton said...

Super amazing bash! I just loved reading through these details. My son’s birthday is approaching soon and he is demanding Xmen themed party at an outdoor event space NYC. He is just 11 so it will be great if you could share any good party décor ideas!

Four J Events Club said...

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