Saturday, September 20, 2008


This past week I have been dog sitting. I'm watching the dog over at her house. It's hard being away from my own dogs but my sister is taking very good care of them and I do come home for a few hours every day to visit them.

Every afternoon I take Chloe (the Basset Hound) to the dog park in Seal Beach. She loves going there and we stay about 2 hours.

True to her breed she loves to sniff everything.

She loves to wonder all over the park and see what the other dogs are up to.

This is a really nice dog park. Very big and every kind of dog can be found here. The big dogs and little dogs all get along. It's so cute to watch them all play.

But Chloe's favorite thing to do is to go up to the humans and get lots of love and pets. Most of the time she rolls over and hopes for tummy rubs.

The dogs take turns being the greeting committee. Any new dog that comes in is greeted with a bark and sniff.

I've really come to love this dog. I'm going to miss her when my time is up. She is so sweet and lovable. I want to take her home but I don't think her owner would be to happy with that.

The only real bad thing that happened is this dog loves to find things and take them then chew them up. I tried to put everything up in high places. Some how she finds ways to get in places you would never think she could.

She has found ways to grab things without me seeing her. Sadly she got hold of my glasses and chewed them up before I noticed she even had them. Oh no! I'm blind without my glasses.

Good thing they have one of those one hour eye glass places by me. Guess where I'm going today?

No, I did not yell at the dog. First of all they say if you don't catch the dog in the act of doing something wrong it is useless to punish the dog because they don't understand why they are being punished. But the main reason I didn't do anything is because I don't believe it's the dogs fault. She has never been taught to not grab things and chew them up. The dog doesn't know what she did was bad.

Now my question you think the owner should pay for the glasses? I've had some people tell me she should because she never trained the dog and knows she can get things even if put up high. Also, before she left she did tell me the dog chews things and to keep my things up high. I said to her "Oh I hope she doesn't get anything while you are away." The lady then said "Just keep a list of everything she gets and I will pay you for them." I laughed and said "No, I was hoping she doesn't chew up any of YOUR things while you are away. " So, she was expecting the dog to get into somethings while she was gone and did offer to pay for anything she got.

But, I am thinking I was watching the dog and she was under my care so I should pay. Even though I did put my glasses up on the tallest dresser in the room and it is where she keeps her glasses at. I know this because there were two other pairs of glasses up there. How the dog got up there is beyond me. I swear this dog is magic and can get things she just should not be able to reach.

I would love to hear what you all think. Who should end up paying?



Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Joanne
Sorry to hear about your glasses! I think the owner should definately pay, after all she did say keep a list of anything and I will pay you.
Glad to hear you have enjoyed looking after Chloe anyway. She is cute.

Cottagecheap said...

I would just mention it...and see what she says. If you are house/pet take some implied professional risk. (much like I do when dogs are in my shop) and this is part of how you assess fees.

Mention the glasses. Get similiar frames to your current ones or PRICE those..and if you get 'more expensive' don't expect the owner to pay is a style thing. LIke if it was a sweater dont' buy a Kohls sweater to replace a Walmart one.

I am guessing she will be more than happy to least in part. She will want you to be able to come back again.

Also, reassure her that the dog didn't swallow any pieces or anything. Then, if you can, figure a way to warn her that Bassetts are prone to eating 'indedibles' and can get in some serious problems (surgery/death) and that she may consider a 'safe room' for when she can't be socialized and really working on ways to improve her chewing choices.

Glenda said...

Well make the list as she asked you to and then if she has questions about how it happen tell her and include the bill for the glasses.
She knows her dog and if she offered this then she must mean it.

It's not your fault for the dogs behavior.

Happy weekend to you. I am off to have a birthday lunch with my friend.



Hi Joanne,
I would also just mention it and she what she says and go from there. It's a hard situation :)
Hope you are having a good weekend. The Junk Market didn't go as well as I hoped..At least I gave it a shot.
Chole is cute...I know that our Jackson Brown it a huge chewer.
Warmly, Deb

Pearl said...

Hi Joanne... I'm in agreement for you to just mention the glasses when the owner asks you how things went... hopefully she will then offer to pay for your replacement glasses, or pay a portion. I sure do not envy the spot you're in right now!

Hope the weekend is going well...


Anne Fannie said...

Hello Joanne, sorry to hear about your glasses being chewed up. When our Rottweiler was a puppy he got mine off the nightstand and ate them. It was heart sickening!
I would definitely hit the owner up to pay for your glasses, she did say it. Especially since you did have it up high and the dog got it anyway! However, on the other hand, the dog was in your care not hers at the time, so I think you might maybe want to split the cost?
Love, Ann

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joanne!
Yes I think the owner should pay! If you are house sitting and pet sitting the owner should be responsible for damages done to your property when a dog has an expensive habit like that! The owner should have trained her dog better with that type of problem. You are the sweetest person Joanne and I know you probably don't want to have to tell her that but fair is fair. Glasses are too costly to just say Oh it's ok! No Way Girlfriend!!
Big hugs, Sherry

Joyce's Journey said...

Interesting point to ponder. If it were me, I would not accept payment for the glasses. If I were the dogs owner, I would definitely want to reimburse you for the glasses. Understanding that one wouldn't accept the money, I would then do something, decent gift certificate, or ??? in lieu of replacing the glasses. I would feel responsible as the owner, but as the "victim", I would feel that things happen and that's that. I wouldn't be happy though. Glasses are expensive. I'm sorry you are having to deal with this.