Sunday, September 21, 2008


Last year I learned of an important religious holiday they celebrate in Mexico. Perhaps many of you have already heard of this but in case some of you haven't I thought I would share it with you.

El Dia De los Muertos or All Souls Day takes place on November 2nd. I have also heard it called The Day of the Dead.

This is an occasion marked by festive celebrations to honor the dead. Cemeteries are cleaned and decorated, special food and candies are cooked.

Home altars are designed in homage to one's ancestors.

It is a day of joyous remembrance and not one of sadness.

There are special songs, poems, foods,and toys created for El Dia de los Muertos that reflect this outlook.

I think it's a wonderful holiday. It's a way to always remember those loved ones who have gone before us.

To some of us it may seem creepy or odd but when you think about it, it's really sweet and lovely.

All the photos in this post were taken when I was in San Diego Old Town with Pat and Cori.

I think this year I may celebrate this holiday and pay tribute to my own friends and family that have passed away.

How about you? Have you ever celebrated this holiday before? Did you even know about it before you read this post?



Cottage Way of Life said...

I love this holiday. If you haven't been to Olvera Street in a while (or never have been, for that matter), the end of October, beginning of November is a great time to make a visit.

They have Dia de los Muertos alters set up that are just fantastic. Also, one of the traditions of the holiday is to make sugar skulls. You need a skeleton head mold, but other than that, sugar skulls are easy to make and a fun thing to do for the holiday. Plus you can give them to your friends and they will like you even more than they do now. ;^) I got my mold in the gift shop at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach.


bj said...

Hi,, I've not heard of this one. I do thank you for giving us an insight to this wonderful holiday.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

This holiday is quite big in our family - having lived near the CA/Mexico border for years (some time ago now)

It is a great time with food and friends and memories. Thanks for sharing.

Catherine said...

This is a big holiday here in Arizona. The Mexican culture has much to offer.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joanne!
I have heard of this holiday before but never really understood it. My mom always told that Nov 1st was All Saints Day which was to honor those that had passed away. I always wondered why people celebrated Halloween but not All Saints Day! I think we may celebrate some way also!! I think it's a great idea!!
Stop by, I'm having my 100th post giveaway!!
Hugs, Sherry

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Joanne!

I learned a lot about El Dia De los Muertos when I visited San Antonio, TX in early November one year. All the decorations were so colorful and there were many beautiful tributes to loved ones in the churches. There were marigolds everywhere!

I recently read a nice article in AARP about a widow that honors her husband every year by celebrating this holiday. She said it helped ease her mourning.

Hugs, Pat


Hi Joanne,
Yes I heard about All Souls day on a TV show. It's interesting and learning about different cultures is a good thing.
Hope you had a good weekend.

Cottagecheap said...

Thanks for the comment on my 'secret'....I have asecret for you....if you have eaten at upscale restaurants you have probably had goats' cheese and fresh eggs. Really good chef's get as much 'straight from the farm' stuff as they can...makes their food tastier! :-D
Did you miss the pink plates of the post before...I was expecting you to be in LOVE with them.
Haven't forgotten your 'gift' is all packed just haven't sent it yet...bad girl!

Unknown said...

I work in a middle school and the Spanish students learn about El Dia de los Muertos and celebrate it each year by cleaning up a local cemetery. Fortunately, our town was once called the cemetery city of New England, because the other middle school and high school Spanish students also participate. I know it's a big holiday in South CA and many people collect Dia de los Muertos decorative items.
Thanks for bringing it to the attention of people who haven't heard of it. It's actually a Catholic Holy Day.

Pearl said...

Hi Joanne... Thanks for such an enlightning post about this unique holiday... I've heard of it, before, but not to the extent that you just shared... your bright 'n colorful photos are great, too!

Thank you for your visit and kind words... and, I'm glad you are enjoying my posts of Vintage Halloween art! Hope your week is off to a good start... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


Beth Ann said...

Isn't it neat? So different from what we do here...are all those dolls in your collection? I'm impressed if they are!
We have a big Hispanic population here in Ca. and it is well known. A lot of families take the kids out of school for the day and spend the day at the cemetery.

Beth Ann said...

OMGoodness- you've been busy catching up on me! LOL
I am horrified that those guys said that about you when you walked in on scary times 100~!
I am still freaked, and we are slowly learning to relax a little. I am paranoid about everything! I think we didn't sleep for almost a week, then we crashed! Emotionally and physically exhausted- to say the least! I'm sorry you had to go through that too! But boy am I glad you are okay!
thank you for the birthday wishes! I loved it! :)

Hugs right back at cha! :)

emily said...

I remember learning about All Souls Day in Spanish and celebrating it with our teacher. What beautiful pictures with all that color!

Heidi said...

Good Morning Joanne, Thank you for the lovely comments about my Halloween swap!....& thank you so much for being part of it!...have a super week!....Your friend, Heidi XO