Sunday, March 20, 2011


Saturday night I met up with a group of paranormal investigators and we went to the Queen Mary. This was going to be a fun night because we were allowed to go where we wanted and stay as long as we wanted. No tour guide or Queen Mary "psychic" to take us around.

We met up at midnight. We did have a security guard walking around with us to unlock the doors we wanted but he sat outside and waited for us. He didn't tell us to go anywhere or stay away from any place. He was just the keeper of the keys.

We all wanted to go to the Isolation rooms where they kept the sick and dying when the ship was active.

So we walked down a long hall. Yes there is an orb there! In fact, there are two. If you look on the floor area you see a smaller lighter one.

This is interesting because we felt we had two spirits in there with us. Could these orbs be the two we felt?

Up on the wall was an old rescue stretcher. It was in this area that I got a very odd feeling. I felt like a younger man around 25-30 years old was trying to contact us.

I had a strong feeling he was trying to tell us how he died. I got a heavy feeling in my chest, like he had a hard time breathing. I got warm as if I had a fever. I felt like he died from suffocation. Like he had fluid build up in his lungs. Perhaps pneumonia.

Then, one of the girls in our group, who I had not met before and claimed she was a medium, came over. She had not been around when I told a few of the people near me what I had felt.

She said she had the same feelings. I asked her if she felt it was a young man and she said "No, he seems older to me". I asked her how old and she said "late 20's to early 30's". I had to laugh because to her that was older. She is only 18.

To me, that was a younger man because I'm 52.

Well, we got enough interest in this area that everyone wanted to do an EVP session. This is where we try to "talk" to the dead. Sometimes voices can be captured on recorders. Sometimes we use a KII devise which picks up on the electric magnetic fields and they say a spirit can make the lights flicker from green up to red by getting near it. Thereby being able to answer our questions.

We ended up having about a 10 minute conversation. We asked questions like "are you a man" the KII flickered to red. We asked "did you die on the ship". Again it flickered to answer yes. We asked if he worked on the ship. Nothing. We asked if he was in the Military when he was on the ship. The KII showed us that yes he was.

We also asked questions like "Are you a woman" right after we get a yes to the question "are you a man". We want to be sure that the KII is not just malfunctioning.

It was very interesting and exciting that we started to get something right away in our investigation.

After about 10 minutes we stopped getting any activity so we moved on.

We came across a list of some of the people who died on the ship. The picture is not great because I had to use my flash to get a good photo and there is a glare.

Not all the military men were listed on here.

We then went to the actual rooms where the sick and dying were kept. They had it set up in one room to be just like how it was. I'm not sure if these beds were the actual ones or not.

They had some display cases set up too. When I saw this it gave me chills.

You can read what it is better here.

There was a whole area about how they handled Death at Sea. How they buried some in the sea, some were cremated. Some carried home.

It was when we sat down in the actual rooms that I got a very very strong feeling of sadness. So strong that I felt like I was going to start to cry. I have never had that happen before.

We did another EVP session and I asked the questions. We didn't get any actually KII hits but at one point I asked "How long have you been here" one of the other guys who had his recorder taping heard "7 years". He played it back and we could all hear it.

I really got chills when I heard that.

Many in the group wanted to go down to the Engine and Boiler rooms. So we went behind the doors marked EMPLOYEES ONLY.

Down several flights of stairs and through some dark hallways.

We were 50 feet below water level.

Soon, the only thing we could see was darkness and our flashlight beamed in rooms of endless blackness.

We finally made our way to the Engine room. If you have seen the movie The Poseidon Adventure, you have seen this room before as that movie was filmed in here.

I have to admit, I felt and saw nothing in this area at all. Though they claim this is one of the most haunted areas on the ship.

We were by the famous water tight door 13 which they say is where two young men were killed. One tried to run through the closing door when a fire broke out but was to late to make it and it shut on him, cut him in half, killing him instantly.

Another young man was playing "Chicken" during a drill to see how close he could get to running through before the door shut. Sadly he was to slow and ended up getting killed by the door he thought he could beat.

After spending about 1/2 hour in this area, all of a sudden, the loud sounds of the machines filled the air. We didn't really think anything of it until we left the area and was talking to the security guard who told us that these machines no longer work and have not worked for years.

He looked at us like were making up the story of them being turned on. They did stay on for about 8 minutes and then turned off. However, by the time we spoke to the guard, they had already shut off.

Was this one of the workers who died showing us how he did job while alive? I have no way of knowing but it is odd that after 30 years of not working they would all of a sudden turn on.

We walked even further down and our flashlights dimly lit the darkness of spaces deep in the bowels of the ship in rooms all but forgotten by most people.

These are the spaces sought after by paranormal groups around the world.

In these sort of spaces it is a bit creepy and you get the feeling you would have as you are watching a scary movie. Your senses are heightened. You wait for something to jump out of the darkness. You have to watch your step to make sure it is safe to move forward.

Yet, when I came across these little wet footprints I was happy.

No, these are not the prints of some ghost animal on board. They were made by a little raccoon that some how made his way on the ship. He was very cute.

I tried to get a photo of him but my camera wouldn't take a picture. It went off and the flash brightened the room, yet there was no picture. These sort of strange phenomenons happen often. Batteries drain quickly, cameras, recorders and other things stop working. Yet, when you leave the area, they seem to work again.

As I moved away from the area I was in, my camera started to work again. You can see how this part of the ship is not kept up at all.

We were in one of the boiler rooms. It was in here that a few men were killed by steam that shot out and killed them.

Again, another area that is said to be very haunted.

You can see some orbs in this photo. Yes, this area was dusty and dirty. However, none of the other photos had orbs. Are these orbs just dust? Could be. Maybe not. I can't really say for sure.

We did another EVP session in this little room which is also in the boiler room. There were no hits on the KII at all.

However, at three different times I heard heavy breathing and what almost sounded like a growl.

I didn't say a word. Then two other people said they heard it too. Then the third time I heard it at least five other members heard it too.

As we were walking to the swimming pool area I turned my light down a hallway and saw this.

Looking at it now I laugh because it is so clearly a dummy that is used as a prop. However, when strange things are going on around you and you are walking in complete darkness, coming across this is a bit startling for a moment.

As we were walking around from room to room I did think it was a lot like going into a haunted house. You expect something to pop out at you with every turn you make.

However, that is not what really happens. It's rare to see anything and when you do, it's not like at a haunted house where a monster jumps in front of you.

When something does happen, the first thing you do is wonder if anyone else saw or head the same thing. Then you try to explain it away. It's only when it can't be explained away that you start to wonder if you really just had some type of contact from a spirit.

This is the famous pool area where a little girl named Jackie has been heard by many people. A small orb is in this photo but I don't really think it's anything more then dust or a bit of moisture in the air.

I'm not as sure about this photo though. This orb seems to be pretty big and this photo was taken while we were calling out to Jackie to show herself.

I personally love being in this area of the ship. Not just because it is where Jackie has been seen and heard. But, because it is really a glimpse back into the art deco time. I can picture the people in 1st class in here swimming around and enjoying themselves.

One thing I noticed is the pool is very deep. There really isn't a shallow end. There is deep and deeper.

The slide is very short and at a step angle too.

This is a sign showing some of the treatments that could be purchased by the passengers to be pampered. You can click on the photo and it will get bigger so you can read it better.

The night we were there, nothing happened in the pool area. There wasn't anything more then some distinct knocks and high pitched sounds. Though they could have come from almost anywhere on the ship.

This area seems to be a room that picks up on sounds from all over the ship.

Little Jackie, who is a girl who they say drowned in the pool and still roams around looking for her mommy, never made a peep while we were there. In fact, in all the times I've been on the Queen Mary I've never seen or heard Jackie.

How many men and woman stepped on these scales and moaned when they saw the weight gain from all the good food on board the ship? Oh, it seems some things in life never change.

The women's dressing rooms are said to be where a vortex to the "other side" can be found. To be honest I have a hard time believing in a vortex.

For those of you who don't know what a vortex is, some believe there are certain areas where the spirits can pass through to our world in these areas that are a thin veil from our world and that of the hereafter.

While we were in the dressing area, we did an EVP session. I found it odd that right at the time this photo was taken, this guy said he felt like his clothes was being tugged on.

If you look on his arm you can see an orb. Could that be a spirit tugging on him?

I like to take photos when someone says they feel someone is near them. If an orb shows up at that time it's almost like proof something really was there at the time.

One of the girls said she felt like there was a spirit in the dressing room with us.

Now let me tell you, while we are in here all lights are off. You can't even see your hand in front of your face. The only reason you see anything in these photos is because of the flash of the camera.

On the way out, we passed the shower area. I clicked a quick photo. Can you see the orb? Perhaps that was the spirit the girl felt that was with us.

So, we didn't see any actual ghosts appear in front of us, we did seem to have a lot of activity taking place on the ship.

It was really a lot of fun having full run of the ship. I would love to go back and see other places I've not been to before. We all agreed we will be back here soon.

I hope you enjoyed being able to go along on our investigation. I'll let you know if any of the recorders picked up anything once all of them have been reviewed.

So tell me, do you believe in ghosts? If you have ever had anything happen to you I would love to hear your story.



Edie Marie's Attic said...

Wow! What an adventure Joanne! It had to be so exciting. I'm glad you got such a great opportunity to go aboard the Queen Mary. There's definitely a spirit world out there. Some of us are more sensitive to it.

Love hearing about your ghost hunting tales!! Great photos... I would think ALL the orbs are spirits!

Big hugs, Sherry

Michelle said...

Awesome. I would love to have gone. I wonder if I would chicken out though while on board?

Completely Coastal said...

This was so interesting. I believe in ghosts (and reincarnation). Energy never dies!! And everything is possibly! I wonder if I would have felt anything. When we bought our house..., I began to smell smoke... as if someone was standing next to me smoking a cigarette. Almost every evening I could smell it. My husband didn't. The previous owner who had passed on was a smoker. I don't smoke..., so if it was him I wanted him out -and one day it stopped!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

You are one brave girl! Glad you had fun! :)


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What a fascinating tour Joanne! I've always been intrigued by orbs. This past autumn my husband and I were sightseeing in Connecticut an we passed I an ancient Native American burial ground. I took a few photos off it. When I downloaded my photos it had many orbs on the burial ground photos! No other photo I took that day had orbs in them.

Furry Bottoms said...

I really love it when you go on these investigations. The're so interesting! I thought I saw five orbs in the first picture of Jackie's pool, but you said they were probably dust or something. Then I thought I saw a silhousette in that shower shot, but upon closer look I think it's just old water stains.

I believe in ghosts and spirits, just not necessarily the evil kind. And that vortex? I don't know about that, but I do think there's a veil, not one you can pass through, but a veil thin enough that you can see something on a different level.

Furry Bottoms said...

By the way, I grew up with the Queen Mary. And I have not seen those sick rooms before! I did see a bar room where furniture had been thrown about and smashed, and left as is. I did see a syngagoge that gave me the creeps.

Donna said...

Looks like you all had a GREAT time, Joanne! Some day I'm definitely going to go on a ghost walk or something along those lines!.... Donna

Tina Schiefer said...

Hi Joanne.

Warning: This is a long comment....but I haven't commented in a while, so...

Was thinking about you the other day and your "tours". Almost time to go tour the streets of Portland...haven't made it up there yet.

This tour was fabulous!

I think we have a "visitor" at our new/old shop...the girls' bathroom (my bathroom, as I'm the only girl in the office). The light comes on and the door opens by themselves... and I'm not the only one to witness it!!! ???

...and have you EVER heard or seen HAIR? I keep finding loosely balled up old, very fine/thin, gray/white hair in my office. I don't have that kind of hair!!!

Again, hmmmm? My office is not a pass-through space and I'm, 99% of the time, the only one occupying the space.

...and I have a miniature 1" blue metal VW on top of my monitor. One day it just jumped off and hit my desk. I did a test of putting it back and slamming and jarring my desk and IT DID NOT FALL!!!

Hmmmm...there were orbs in the before-remodel the conference room that both these rooms are off of...It used to be a Coca-Cola/7-UP bottling plant in the 50's.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Love that you are still enjoying your ghost adventures. As you know I have one almost daily. lol! I love the Queen Mary and am excited that you were able to explore and connect. We've had some activity here at home. One of them is a smoker. I can walk into my bedroom and smell smoke and I know it's not me because I do not smoke, nor are any windows open. The child has been quiet and about 2 weeks ago the purple lady wafted through...I smelled her perfume. I've had 3 incidents of open cupboards tho. I'm watching that to see if it's "activity" or a misaligned hinge. Old house (57 in June)old hinges. lol!
If you need to email me send it to

Angela said...

My first paranormal encounter with Jacqueline Tourin aka Jackie the small little ghost girl child was 1991 august 25th during the afternoon time onboard the RMS Queen Mary! I saw her in the first class swimming pool area And She talked to me why she loves being able to stay on the ship, Jackie died inside of the second class swimming pool that was located in the stern of the Queen Mary above the engineroom but It was turned into the royal theater in the late 1960s