Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today was a very pretty day outside. Not as hot as it has been. Which is always a good thing to me. I'm not one who likes the heat. Most hot days you will find me inside with the air conditioner on.

But not today! My nephew, Jason and his daughter, Trinity, went for a nice long walk with me down by the beach. We went to Balboa.

Not long into our walk we came up to the Pier and noticed that Ruby's Diner was at the end. So we decided to walk down there and have lunch.

The beach wasn't that crowded.

The water was beautiful! Normally the water here is more gray then blue. So seeing it when it's a pretty aqua blue is a real treat.

As we walked we came across this machine where you can put a few coins in and then look around at things as they seem much closer. You know, those machines that are just like binoculars.

I don't know why, but, these remind me of when I was a kid. I loved to look through them. Sadly, I didn't have any change on me or I would have taken a peek today.

There were several people fishing off the pier today. I hate seeing that. I always feel so sorry for the fish as they gasp for their last breath after they are reeled in.

We have been having big waves here in So. California the past week or so. They weren't very large today but you sure could tell by the slope of the shore they had been pounding away.

The shore was pretty steep. The water would go out pretty far and people would walk to the edge of where the water and sand met. Then the waves would come in and soon those people were up to their necks in water.

They were all pretty safe though because the Life Guards were training a new set of Jr. Life Guards. So if anyone started to need help there was plenty near by.

After we ate lunch (I had a lite veggie burger and diet coke) we continued on with our walk

We went to the end of the sand area where there is a sidewalk right in front of the beach houses.

There were several people out walking, riding bikes, on skates and pushing strollers.

There was this one small stretch of beach that had cactus. That was odd to see. Cactus and beach just doesn't go together.

I loved seeing all the beach homes. I of course was dreaming about living in one and watching the sun set as I sat outside having a nice cold drink.

We walked as far as we could go until the sidewalk went away. Then we crossed the street and walked back.

It was so nice to spend time with Jason and Trinity and just talk and laugh together.

Before we got to our car we came upon the Fun Zone. It's always fun to go there so I asked if they wanted to stop by and play a few games. Both said yes so we did.

The Fun Zone is an area in Balboa where they have a few carnival rides, a place to play games, go whale watching or take a boat cruise. There are shops and places to eat and it's just a fun atmosphere.

We went to the area where you can play games and win tickets that you later cash in for small prizes.

Here is Trinity and Jason playing one of the games.

Here they are again, after Trinity cashed in her tickets. Her daddy also won her a stuffed animal in one of those machines with the claw.

We then headed back to our car and drove home.

I not only had fun but I also had a nice healthy lunch. I also got some much needed exercise in by all the walking. All good for my diet!

Day two and I'm doing good!



Donna @ Party Wishes said...

What a lovely visit. My mom grew up on Balboa. I really need to take the kids. Maybe when I come down in a few weeks :)

Did you get those papers I sent by email? Did you fill them out? I need to know where I am going :)

Tracey said...

Joanne, I love your pictures! My daughter has a Ruby's Diner doll her father god while he was out there!Funny how you should mention it. You sound like your having a great time and enjoying yourself. That is really the best way to be healthy..enjoyin life! I do know Bar Harbor.. it's beautiful. I spent many an anniversary up there. The shops are great, Cadillac Mountain is beautiful and the restaurants,,well there is no bad choice. It's really the best of Maine, mountains, seashore and everything in between. Enjoy...keep me posted on you trips and your weight loss... hugs to you today!!

Glenda said...

Makes me jealous. Wish the Ocean was closer to me. A couple of hours isn't my idea of fun.