Monday, March 9, 2009


Last night my two sisters, my brother in law and I all sat down and did a taste test of the 12 different flavors of Jones Soda's that that the company so generously sent to me.

I wanted this to be a fair taste test so I didn't want to do the taste test by myself. After all, that would only be one persons opinion and not really a taste test.

Between the four of us, we have a wide variety of things we like to eat and drink. Some like some flavors and some like others.

I handed out colored glasses so we could all keep track of our own drinks. With them, I gave everyone a piece of paper with numbers 1-12 written on them. Each number represented a different flavor of soda.

I then came up with a grading system from 1-10 to rate each flavor by. With one being "I couldn't stand it and will never drink it again" and ten was "The best soda I've ever had. This is my new favorite soda."

None of us have ever had any of the Jones Soda's before so this was going to be fun and interesting for all of us.

We each picked our top favorite flavor. This was interesting because some picked a flavor as their favorite as others put it down as the worst.

My sister Patty thought the Cream flavor was the best. My brother in law, Jeff, liked FuFu Berry. My sister, Maureen, picked Berry Lemonade and I liked Orange Cream the best.

We all agreed we thought kids would like the Strawberry Lime and Blue Bubblegum the best.

As far as the over all results went everyone loved the different colors each soda had. We loved that they came in glass bottles just like the days gone by. We thought photos were a wonderful idea on the labels.

As to the flavors, we felt that Jones Soda's was more geared towards children's taste buds then adults. With most having a sweet, fun flavor that reminds you of candy more then a soft drink. Each flavor had a fragrant that was strong and the rainbow of colors would be very attractive to children.

Several of the flavors seemed to be mild and almost watered down tasting. Some seemed a bit to fizzy. The MF Grape had so much carbonation that it actually exploded all over me and the table as I opened it. No one had picked it up or shook it before opening either.

The four of us all agreed that we would definitely buy Jones Soda's when we were going to entertain children.

We also might purchase some of the flavors again for adult birthdays, showers or other events but mainly so the color of the drinks would match the theme of the party.

However, none of us would purchase any of these flavors again for every day enjoyment.

The following is the list of flavors we tried and the score we came up with by taking the average of our four grades.

1. Root Beer ~ Average Score was 5 out of 10. With remarks of "light taste" and "I don't really like any Root Beer".

2. MF Grape ~ Average Score was 3.5 out of 10. With remarks of "Bottle exploded when opened, to much carbonation", "Watered Down" and "Smells like wine".

3. Orange Cream ~ Average Score was 5.75 out of ten. This was my favorite with a score of 8.

4. Crushed Melon ~ Average Score was 3 out of 10.

5. Cola ~ Average Score was 4.25 out of 10. With remarks of "Very light taste" and "Even though there is plenty of carbonation it has a flat cola taste".

6. Strawberry-Lime ~ Average Score was 6.25 out of ten. With remark of "Kids would love this flavor!"

7. Berry Lemonade ~ Average Score of 7 out of 10. This was Maureen's favorite one. With remarks of "This would be great on a hot summer day." We may be serving this soda at the baby shower with the bird/nest theme. The color would be perfect!

8. Green Apple ~ Average Score of 4.26 out of 10. With remark of "To Sweet" and "Reminds me of Jolly Rancher apple flavor".

9. Cream ~ Average Score 3.75 out of 10. Patty picked this as her favorite as she loves Cream Soda. The other 3 of us do not like ANY Cream Sodas. Therefore, the low score on this most likely would have been much higher if we were Cream Soda fans.

10. FuFu Berry ~ Average Score 7 out of 10. This was Jeff's favorite. With remarks "Liked it better then I thought I would" and "Refreshing".

11. Blue Bubblegum ~ Average Score was 6.75 out of 10. With remarks of "Smells just like Double Bubble Gum" and "This would be a huge hit with kids".

12. Lemon Lime ~ Average Score 4.75 out of 10. With remarks of "I don't like any lemon lime sodas" and "Taste like a medical test drink".

I would like to thank Jones Soda Company for giving us these drinks free of charge so we could provide you with this unbiased taste test. Photobucket


Marilyn said...

Thanks for the results of your test. Good way to do it. I would have thought the lemon lime would score best. But at least now I know which ones to stay away from. Can you give us the calorie amt for them?

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

The orange cream would probably be my favorite flavor too, Jonanne! Any diet flavoers available?

I had a good old fashioned chocolate egg cream soda this weekend at Katz's deli (where Harry met Sally!)! What a treat!

Tracey said...

Well wait till you try the mashed potato and's very interesting for a taste once in a while!

Cindy said...

I can't believe this! When I had lunch with my son yesterday we were looking at all the flavors of Jones Soda and my son was telling me how great they were. He likes the bubblegum flavor. I didn't end up trying any because I usually order diet coke.

I would love to come down to S. Cal, that would be so much fun to get a big N. Cali and S. Cali blogger get together!

Harbor Hon said...

Thanks for the taste test results. I must add I love the fact that you used colored glasses as the effect was spectacular. xxoo

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Thanks for the results of your taste test. I'm not a big soft drink person, so I would probably not buy them, based on your taste test. Love & blessings from NC!

Michelle said...

Oh how fun! My two favorites are Cream and Fu Fu Berry. :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

THAT was interesting. It sounds like you had a great time doing it too. And on top of was FREE!
GREAT idea, Joanne.

The Charm House said...

How Fun!!! I have been thinking about ordering some of the Jones Soda with a special picture on it for a shower that I am doing! I was so exctied when I found out that you could order the soda with your own photo's on them! They have a great marketing dept.
Thanks for the info.
:) Yvette

Allidink said...

Yeaah Jones soda's are interesting lol. Most people do prefer the Fufu Berry. Thanks for sharing the results of your taste test.

All the best,

Joyce's Journey said...

What fun Joanne! I think I would like the Cream and the Orange Cream, but have never had Jones soda. I love the bottles. Okay, what can you try next like this? It's a great idea!!

Anonymous said...

The great thing about this soda line is there are so many unique flavors - but, I agree, not something I have every day.