Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well here we are at Wed. again. How is everyone doing on your program of A BETTER ME?

I have to admit that I did pretty good for the first few weeks and have lost 12 lbs. Then I got off track. Thankfully I have not gained any of it back. But, sadly I have not lost any more.

I know my eating isn't what is keeping me from losing weight. It's the fact that I don't exercise. I don't move much at all. I'll walk around from room to room as I go sit on the computer or go sit to watch TV. But, if I don't leave the house I really don't move much at all.

I am the best excuse maker as to why I don't exercise. I'm to tired, my body hurts or I don't have the time... then I saw this

Yes, it's funny and I did laugh but, then I couldn't get it out of my head. I know I need to exercise and I need to start now. No more excuses.

It seems through out the years people have always looked for the easiest and most lazy way to exercise.

Remember these machines? You would just stand there and the machine would shake you silly. I never could understand how that was going to make you lose weight.

To bad though because they made you laugh a lot. Plus, wouldn't it be great if you could just stand there, let the machine do all the work and look and feel super.

Oh this was a good one too. You could sit on it, lean up against it or just place your arm on it. The machine would roll around and again, without any effort, you were told you would lose weight and inches.

The truth was, these machine hurt!

I think the only thing anyone ever got from these machines were a bunch of bruises. Maybe that's why they are no longer around?

Now this little number required a bit more effort on your part. But not much. You would lay on the machine, either on your back, tummy or side. Then you would let the machine fold up and down.

I guess it's meant to be sort of like sit ups.

The truth is you just can't be lazy and get your exercise in. It's not going to work no matter how much you want it to. You must move, move, move.
I still think walking is the best way to lose weight. Go walking with a friend, a dog or even alone. You can go day or night. It's cheap and can be done anywhere.

I figure since I'm having trouble with getting on an exercise program, I'm most likely not the only one. Am I right?

So here is what I want to. I want to make a commitment to all of you that I will exercise at least 3 times this week. I don't know if I'll finally make it to the gym, do a work out tape or go for walks. But, whatever it is I will do it.

I also want to challenge you to do the same. We can start out slow. Make it for at least 1/2 hour and do it at least 3 times this week. You can even break up the time into 10 or 15 mins. a few times a day.

What do you say? Are you up to the challenge? Let me know if you are.

Come on! You can do this. We can do this together. Can I count on you to join me?


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I know you can get those three days in. It'd be hard to do the walking with our weather being so beautiful!!! Can you believe it? 80s today! Yahoo!
I can't do the walking but I will do "something" :0).
Have a fabulous day!

Unknown said...

I'm where you are...12 pounds down and that's it. I haven't been writing down the food or exercising so nothing is happening. I gotta get movin'!
Hugs, Susan

Donna said...

Joanne - I just LOVE your posts and sense of humor! Man, if we lived close to each other we could probably lose tons of weight just laughing all the time!! (Yes, I've heard that laughing actually does burn calories!) Okay, I'm up for your challenge! I walked yesterday and I'm going out right now - it's 60 DEGREES here in New England again! Wooo Hoooo!!! I'm down 14.8 lbs. so far and I definitely don't want any of it creeping back on! Thanks for all the time and effort you put into these Better Me posts - they are SO inspirational!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

Vickie said...

I think that last picture of exercise equipment is still around:)

I love challenges! I can do three days a week. Maybe this will get me motivated off my caboose.

Good luck to everyone!

Tracey said...

Well Joanne, I'm walking every day after work with my husband and at lunch. I have been watching my portions and exercising in the morning. I don't have a scale, but my pants seem to be a little bit roomier. I'm keeping up with tips and helps and very grateful to your blog to help me stay motivated. Thanks,,

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Joanne, I am having such a terrible time getting started. I am just sitting here too darned much and I know I shouldn't.
Things are still going on in the bedroom and pictures are still revealing the usual. Mel is still acting up..just not as strong as I think she is actually getting used to them. She acts like she is licking something in the air. Really gets to me at times..but other wise the only problem is blogspot. What a mess they have made. I spend much of the night until dawn writing on my story..and it vanished. Later this morning I found it and it says it was posted last Saturday at 10:30 am. It's so strange. Days ago. I had to do another post and that one came up where is supposed to be but the main one is still way down about three posts. There does not seem to be anyone to call to fix it. Do you know anything about how to contact them. :) Talk about the luck of the Irish.
Write when you can. :)

Connie said...

I DO NOT want to hear it, chick!! Not one word. Didn't you know e-x-e-r-c-i-s-e if a four letter word with extra letters in it?!?!?!

Debbie said...

Hi Joanne...another great blog! I love the photos of those old exercise machines! My husband and I have been on a diet for 11 months. It's a very S-l-o-w diet! He has lost 54 pounds and I am at 28 right now. I dangle around 26 to 28 a lot...up an down like a roller coaster. My husband can lose 5 in one week! It's just like that commercial on tv! What's missing is exercise and I know it. I need to start walking and so does he. We plan on doing that as soon as the snow and mud clear. Thanks for the boost and I love your blog...will check back again.:)

Glenda said...

I am with there girl with the not exercise. I don't get out often enough for me to loose any weight.

Hope you had a great day.


Michelle said...

Well at least you lost 12 lbs! I can't lose 3. :( And I hate exercising.

That story you just commented on my blog with is SO cute!! Made me smile. Wow, 3 a.m.? You're more of a night owl than me!

Allidink said...

I'm always really good at starting out an exercising routine but then I always fall to the wayside haha. Ugh why does losing weight have to be so hard!?

All the best,