Sunday, February 1, 2009


I came across these darling vintage Valentine's reproductions. I thought they were so pretty. I just couldn't pass them up.

Things were just so much prettier back when times were simple. I love the honey comb heart.

Romance was more important back then.

Cupid seemed to be everywhere.

Love was in the air.

Today, the boys just honk and the girl runs out to the car. Men do not hold doors open for woman anymore. I've had many doors almost slam on my face. Dates are often paid for by both the men and woman. After all, why should the man pay?

Most young boys don't even know what a romantic date is like. They wouldn't have a clue how to even go about it.

I'm all for equal work for equal pay but I really think woman messed things up when they fought so hard for women's lib.

We lost the romance then.

So, I will just continue to love things from the past and day dream about stepping back in time.


Darlene said...

I just LOVE all of your vintage Valentine goodies! They are really CUTE!!

Glenda said...

Oh you romantic fool.

I love those hanging hearts, where did you find those treasures ?

Valentines Day isn't that far off now.


Sunday Girl said...

Very charming Joanne, love them.

Harbor Hon said...

Really nice post and very pretty vintage valentines. Yes, the romance has left some, but is still strong in the hearts of those who remember. Thanks for reminding us. xxoo

Jen @ said...

I love all of those Victorian valentine's decorations. So cute!

Have a happy day!


Jean Tuthill said...

Hi Joanne, I love the cute Valentines that you showed. I still look forward to receiving my Valentines from my loved ones. I know I am a "romantic", too.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

What lovely finds for V day!
Just charming.
There a maybe one or two romantics still out there, maybe!

Anonymous said...

So romantic.
Beautiful vintage valentine treasures.
Have a nice day!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

What wonderful finds! I'm trying to teach my boys how to act like gentlemen. They both attend cotillion and I attempt to give them pointers on how to treat a woman. I want to get "good" daughter-in-laws!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I have some of the red honeycomb hearts on my bulletin board in my classroom and also vintage cupids. I love your vintage finds too. Love & blessings in NC!

Pearl said...

How wonderful to see some of your Vintage Love... I'm fond of the honeycomb, too! I hope Romance never truly fades away... Hope your week is off to a great start...


kris hurst said...

Sweet Valentines!!! Yes I do sell my eiffel towers- If you would like one email me at and I'll send you pictures of some I've just completed- Kris

Barbara Jean said...

Wonderful Valentine's, and you have them displayed so cute!!

Entered you in my bird nest drawing, twice!
Thanks for posting on your blog.

Barbara Jean

Unknown said...

Oh, those vintage valentine goodies are super fab!I know that sounds corny, but they are! I LOVE 'em! :)

Cristina said...

:-)I love it!!!
Beautiful hearts and boxes!!!
Good Bye.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful collection! Thank you for sharing!