Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It was my brother in laws birthday on Sunday. He got a coupon in the mail from Red Robins for a free meal. That got me thinking about what else was out there. What other resturants gave birthday freebies.

You know what I found out? There are TONS of free food when it's your birthday. Most places you have to sign up for ahead of time but many you don't. Just let them know it's your birthday when you go in and they will let you know what they offer.

Each State is going to be different but I did make a list for the places near me, which is Orange County CA. This is what I found...

Round Table Pizza ~ free personal pizza
Taco Bell ~ free combo meal ~ You do have to sign up ahead
TGI Fridays ~ Free dessert
Claim Jumper ~ Free dessert ~ No need to sign up first
Red Robin ~ Free meal ~ Sign up first
IHOP ~ Free meal
Krispy Kreme ~ Free 1 dozen donuts ~ Sign up first
Macaroni Grill ~ Free dessert
Maggiano's ~ Free $10 off $20 or more bill ~ Sign up first
PF Changes ~ Free slice of cake or cheesecake
On The Boarders ~ Free appetizer
Lazy Dog ~ Free appetizer or dessert ~ Sign up first
Outback Steakhouse ~ Free appetizer or dessert
Cold Stone ~ Free Ice Cream ~ Sign up first
Baskin Robins ~ Free ice cream ~ Sign up first
Home Town Buffet ~ Free meal ~ Sign up first
Marie Calendars ~ Free slice of pie and meal ~ Sign up first

I'm sure there are even more too. These are just what I found by a quick check. If I know if you must sign up or not I let you know. If it doesn't say please check before you go.

Have you ever gotten a free meal or dessert on your birthday? Do you know of more places that you get free food?

There are also other places that give you free things too. I know several places give you free video rentals, Disneyland lets you free and things like that. If you are interested and let me know I'll do a post about those places too.

So do a little research and you too can find all sorts of fun freebies for your birthday!



Angie said...

That cake is beautiful! I love the nest idea for the shower, too. Those cupcakes are gonna be precious...I know it will be just wonderful! You are so talented, Joanne!!!

Unknown said...

Don Jose sends you 2 for 1 coupons for Holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. Market Broiler gives you money off the meal and a free dessert.
Valentines got me off track but I'm back on today. I didn't lose but I didn't gain either.
Hugs, Susan
PS. I'm hoping this house is the one!

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the freebie B-day tips! I'm gonna have to keep that in mind! :)

That cake is beautiful! :)

Michele said...

Thanks Joanne for the great restaurants! I never thought of signing up at places for freebies!


J.G. said...

Swenson's used to give free ice cream sundaes on birthdays, and once my friends insisted so enthusiastically that "It's NOT her birthday" (which it wasn't) that our server brought me a free sundae. Typical college foolishness. Not that I'm complaining. What's not to like about free ice cream?

Edie Marie's Attic said...

I LOVE FREE!! Wes & I are going to the Macaroni Grill Saturday for a DATE!! Woohoo! (we have a giftcard) Woohoo Woohoo! So I will show them my drivers license and see if I can get a free birthday dessert for us to share. It will be my cheat day!!
Thanks Joanne!!
Hugs, sherry

Anonymous said...

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