Thursday, January 15, 2009


I got this pretty lady from a friend of mine for Christmas. She belonged to her uncle who had passed away and she wanted me to have her.

As soon as I saw her I fell in love with her. She was made by the Paragon company in England in the late 40's to early 50's. She is called the Flower Girl.

I named her Emily. She will be in my bedroom watching over me as I sleep. I will treasure her always. Not only because she pretty but because she comes with so much sentimental value.
It's funny how sometimes you have no idea, but, as you look around, you notice you have somehow started a collection. That's what happened here. I noticed I now have a small collection of pretty ladies.

This pretty pink lady belonged to my aunt and when she died I got her. She is from the Royal Doulton company, again from England. I think she was also made around the early 50's.

She is called Goody Two Shoes. Can you tell she is lifting up her pretty pink dress to show you her shoes?

I named her Claire and she sits on my desks and looks down on me as I type.

Then there is Blaire. She came from my dear aunt who passed away also. I remember loving her as a little girl and I am honored to have her now.

I'm not sure where she is from. She only has some numbers on the bottom of her.

She also has a hole in the bottom of her dress and my aunt used to hide money in there. I remember thinking she and I had a secret from my uncle when I would stay there. We would go get a few dollars out of her and then go to the store and get an ice cream together. She would always tell me not to tell my uncle.

As an adult I know my uncle knew about the money and he knew we had gone for ice cream. But, as a child my aunt always made me feel special. Like we had shared something that no one else knew about.

My Uncle died after my aunt. About 20 years later. When we went to clean out his place I came across Blaire and picked her up. The memories of my childhood came flooding back. As I tipped her up I noticed something was in her dress. Low and behold a $20 bill was there.

I smiled and knew my aunt was leaving me one last ice cream trip in her memory. So when we finished packing up for the day, my sister, Maureen, her husband, Jeff and I went to Tasty Freeze and got an ice cream.

This sweet little lady is not really mine. She belongs to my sister, Patty. My mom gave her to her for her birthday years ago.

She is a Lladro and sits in our living room.
Even though she is not really mine I still have the memories of when my mom gave her to my sister.

My mom never had much money and couldn't spend a lot on birthday gifts for us as we got older. But, she had seen this Lladro and knew she wanted to get it to give to Patty. So she saved and saved and finally had enough to get her.

She is very special to my sister and to me!

I love all the pretty ladies around our home. Even though I never bought one I would not get rid of any of them. They each have a story. They each are more valuable to me then any dollar amount.

I wonder if I will ever be blessed with any more pretty ladies coming to live with me. I don't know. But, if I do I'm sure they will come with a story and memories also.

I love this little collection. Even though I never realized I had it.



Glenda said...

I too love the ladies. I found some at Marshalls last year. I have one on my mantel.

Great treasures and great story with it. You should write that story down and put it in the hole of it.


Anonymous said...

I loved seeing your little ladies. Good memories for you.


Connie said...

Those are lovely, honey.
Love your new blog template........

Peggy said...

I just love the little green lady with the basket and your story makes it even sweeter.

Pearl said...

It was so nice to meet all of your Ladies, Joanne... I loved hearing about the sweet memories with each one... Truly a treasured collection... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


Donna said...

Joanne, I love the stories behind your lovely ladies! My mom's name was Claire - what a lovely name for that little lady! Have a wonderful weekend!!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

Anonymous said...

Oh Joanne your ladies are simply beautiful and the ice cream story is just so special, I have tears in my eyes. What a lovely post!
Have a wonderful day,
Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne, are you feeling a bit better yet? Sure these lovely ladies will cheer you up.
Thank you for sharing those stories with us. Good memories they are!

Ciao Helena