Tuesday, August 26, 2008


My two sisters and Trinity (my great niece) and I decided to take a trip to Los Angeles so we could go to the American Girl Doll Shop. We were going to have lunch there too. What a treat!

Now if you have never been to one of these stores or even heard of American Girl Dolls before let me tell you a little bit about them.

The dolls represent different times in American History. Each one has a name, a story, clothes and accessories that go with the doll and the time she is from.

The dolls are so cute that adults love to go shopping there as much as the little girls. Everything is so detailed.

There are white dolls, black dolls, Asian dolls, Hispanic dolls and Indian dolls. Most little girls like to get the ones that look like they do.

The store is huge! It's two stories. Upstairs you will find most of the dolls. They each have a room with their name and the year they came from.

Then they have all the outfits and accessories to go with her. As well as, books, CDs and DVDs.

If your doll should "get hurt" and say break a leg, arm or even have her head fall off, then you can get her all fixed up at the Doll Hospital. When she is returned to you she is as good as new.

They even have little crutches, casts and wheel chairs.

You and your doll can go to the photo studio and have your picture taken and turned into a magazine cover.

Or you can go to the theater and see a live show with all the dolls coming to life and telling their stories.

You can also have lunch with your doll. This is where we went.

The colors are all black, white and pink. Very cute.

The napkin rings are pink pony tail holders with a bow on them. You get to keep these. Very cute idea.

There is also a box of questions you can ask everyone. This is a fun way to pass the time as you wait for your food.

There is something for everyone on the menu. You can click on the photo to enlarge it and read what they have.

They give you a little seat for your doll and her own plate and cup. This is one of Trinity's American Girl Dolls. She has a total of 5. They even have little American Girl dolls for your doll. Can you believe it.

To start off the meal you get little mini cinnamon rolls. The photo didn't come out so I could not show it to you but they were very tasty.

The next thing they bring out is a tray with veggies, fruit and chips along with dipping sauces.

I got this wonderful pasta salad. It was so good!

My sister, Maureen, got quiche.

Trinity got this darling little mini hot dog and hamburger with curly fries and fruit. My other sister, Patty, got a Tuna sandwich and salad. Their photos didn't turn out.

Even though you are stuffed by the time dessert comes, you can't help but enjoy your little heart shaped cake, star cookie and flower pot of mouse.

After we ate we went back to shopping. Look at all the cute things this little one has.

There is a room full of just books and DVDs and computer games.

You could even get a chance to win this great tree house.

They have any kind of sport you would want your little doll to play. The above is golfing.

There is a whole room that only has baby dolls. The American Girl Dolls are all "older" girls. But of course some younger little girls really want a baby doll.

There are many many to pick from. As well as all sorts of toys, clothes, carriers, baths and so on.

You can also bring your doll in to get her hair styled.

This is a fun store, a great way to learn about the history of our country and spend some quality time with your little girl.

However, I must warn you, it is very very costly. The dolls are almost $100 each and the outfits run around $25- $35 each. Some of the bigger accessories can run into the hundreds!

But, if you ever get a chance to go you should. Even if you just go to look around. You have never seen another doll store like American Girl Dolls.




Renee said...

Places like this really make me wish I had a girl!! I would love to go there and play dolls, my boys would kill me though if I tried to take them!!!

onlymehere said...

My girls would have loved this when they were younger. Brianna had a Samantha doll and loved her. She didn't play with her but kept her on her shelf with her decorator dolls. She still has the doll and she's 22 now!

Lindsay-ann said...

Thanks for educating me about American Girl Dolls. They are lovely and the shop is amazing. Jessica and I would love to go there. You wouldn't get us out! I have a large collection of Sindy Dolls and accessories from the 1970's and early 1980's. Some are my own but the rest I collected from boot sales and junk shops. I love the little cakes you had in the cafe.

Cottage Way of Life said...

Last time I was at The Grove, the American Girl store was just a few days away from opening so I didn't get to see it. From your report, it looks marvelous. My daughter loved her American Girl dolls. I wish the stores would have been open during the time she played with them (she's 25 now), it would have been fun to go there with her.


Bridget said...

What a special day. My daughter had occasion to send her Addy to the hospital and she came back in her hospital gown with her hair done nicely. It was very cute.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Joanne!

There is a American Girl store like this in Manhattan on 5th Ave but I never went in. My daughter had a doll when she was little -- the victorian one with brown eyes and hair and I bought the eye glasses as accessories because my daughter just got eyeglasses for the first time at 8 yeasr old... she was thrilled to have a doll that looked like her! I think the dolls had just come out then, as it was 18 years ago! Your lunch looks yummy! Nice memories for your neice.
I'll send you and e-mail tonight --I've been so busy --I ahve more details about our trip. Thanks!

Hugs, Pat

Glenda said...

I first heard of these dolls of all places, Jon and Kate plus 8. They went to the New York store.

Now why could we have had these type of stores when we were growing up ?

You take us on such great adventures.


Connie said...

You always eat at the most delicious looking places, honey chick!

Barb said...

OMG, my granddaughters would just love that. I would too! What an amazing place.

Ms. Tee said...

I've heard people talking about this before, and saw it on an episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8. It's so amazing - what fun memories you all made. :)

Darlene said...

That is really cool!! I saw one of these stores on Jon & Kate +8 where they took their twins there for their birthday. Lexi had (still has) a Bitty baby when she was little.

She would have a BALL at an American Girl Doll store like that.

Michele said...

My Cassie has 4 of them (she's 19 now)! Every once in a while, she'll find them packed in a box and change their outfits. I kept telling her that doll had better clothes than I did!!


Kathy said...

What a delightful place Joanne, any girls dream and your lunch looked delicious, I just met up with Pat in Manhattan and she said she was meeting you soon, you will have a great time Pat is a lovely lady, have Fun, hugs, Kathy.


Hi Joanne,
They are building an American Girl store at the Mall of America in Mn.Guess I will be taking Kailee there. Thanks for the comment and prayers :)
Warmly, Deb

Attic Clutter said...

Hi Joanne..That is such a cute post.. Love the doll trip..and the food looks good too..
have a great week..hugs, Patty

Judy said...

I love dolls. It would have been fun to take my girls when they were young. Lunch looks yummy!!!

Kelli said...

A store opened up near us last year and we have been a couple of times. I love looking at all of the displays! It looks like you had a wonderful day!

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

What a fun day! Lunch looked very yummy!!

emily said...

I never knew there was actual stores you could go to! I recieved one for Christmas many years ago, and I still have my Samantha doll! Great pictures, I'm sure it was a fun day!!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Thanks so much for entering my 100th post giveaway!
Wow, the American girl store is awesome, thanks for posting about it and the great pics. I'll have to show my gd Sydney this today, she has an American doll:) My daughter had mentioned that she would like to go to the store but I think the nearest one to us is in New York City!

Melissa Lester said...

I can't wait to experience the American Girl store in Atlanta with my girls!

Joyce's Journey said...

Joanne - you did a great job of describing the American Girl dolls and store. We went to the NYC store when we were up there this past Christmas. We just loved the hair salon. The staff were also very pleasant. My daughter has a nice little collection of dolls and accessories that we accumulated over several years. They are beautiful dolls, very well made and, though costly, worth it. Rachel spent many, many hours playing with them, still has them displayed and they look as good as the day she got them. Great post again Joanne!!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joanne!
You forgot to pick me up for the American Doll tour!!
I just LOVE that! Our niece has Samantha and so many darling things for her. I want one myself and I'm supposed to be a grown up! That's too cute that you have lunch with your doll and a beauty parlor for your doll's hair, I bet some of them really need it!
Glad you had such a great time and don't forget to pick me up next time!!
Hugs, Sherry

Sometimes It's Good said...

Hi Joanne,

First I want to tell you how sorry I am that I didn't post pictures of my Pay It Forward. I just got Don's camera and I'm not sure how to do anything with it. He was always the photographer so now I've got to learn how to use it. He has a new fancier camera.

I love the American Girl Dolls. I want one for myself and I'd love to visit the store. It sounds like so much fun. I love toys, especially ones that are so special.

Pauline said...

Oh, how I wish I could visit America to see American Girl. I have an American Girl Doll of my own. She is a Just Like You doll and I bought from ebay here in England. I call her Katie and I love her dearly, but would so love a Kit Kettridge doll. Thank you so muchfor this video Joanne I really did enjoy it.


sarhhhh said...

those r awsome pics they dont have pics like tht on americangirl.com they only have pictures of the outside and i always wandered wut the inside looked like......wel thx 4 posting these