Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Today I went to Target and headed over to the Christmas clearance sections. There was a lot of stuff left over. You had to really dig around to find the best things as stuff had been tossed around and picked over.

I spent about an hour there going through the rows and rows of items. I thought that since I already knew what I wanted my Christmas themes to be next year I may as well stock up now.

I want to decorate my house in a Winter Wonderland theme. All whites and touches of silver. Shiny, icy, glittery and elegant.

Also, for my Girl Scout Troop, I want to do a Christmas Penguin theme.

I started to stock pile my basket with all sorts of pretty things. Everything at a great price.

Things from ornaments, dishes, wrapping paper and everything else I could think of.

But then it hit me. Why was I doing this? I have a storage full of Christmas items I have collected over the year. I'm sure I could pull together a lovely Winter Wonderland theme without spending a penny.

Plus, I'm not sure how many girls I'll have in my Girl Scout Troop next year. I could buy for the amount of girls I have now and then what do I do if more join?

So, everything went back. One by one, I put each item on the shelf until my basket was once again empty.

I think this is a first for me. Not even one Christmas Clearance item purchased.

How about you? Do you stock pile for the next year? Have you purchased any great Christmas clearance items this year? What was your best item you ever bought at a Christmas Clearance?


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