Friday, November 14, 2008


I got several emails about my Victorian kitchen post and many of you have asked for more posts on Victorian times. So I thought I would post about what children in the Victorian era were taught and expected to behave like.

Let's see if you think children today are raised the same as they were back then.

It was important to Victorian parents to teach their children the rules of etiquette. To do the right thing at the right time. Children were treated as little men and women and were expected to obey the same etiquette rules as adults did. It was believed that a child would learn to be gentle, calm and patient and treat everyone with consideration and kindness.

This is what was taught to the children starting at a very early age.

1. Never talk back to older people, especially your father and mother.
2. Never whine or frown when spoken to by your elders.
3. Never argue with your elders for they know best.
4. Never do anything that is forbidden by your elders.
5. Do as you are told in a pleasant and willing way.
6. Never contradict anyone under any circumstances. It is very impolite.
7. Always great members of your family when entering a room.
8. Always bid good bye to members of your family when you leave the room.
9. Always rise to a standing position when a visitor enters.
19. Never address a visitor until he/she has started the conversation.

11. Never interrupt a conversation.
12. Never all your parents to bring you a chair and never allow them to get one for themselves. Wait on them instead of being waited on.
13. Talk in a low, even voice.
14. Never run up and down the stairs or across the room.
15. Always give way to younger children. It is your duty to look after them.
16. Never retire without saying good night.
17. Keep yourself clean and neat looking at all times.
18. Keep your hair combed, nails clean and shoes looking nice.
19. Keep your clothes pressed and brushed.

So what do you think? Are children today raised the same way as they were two hundred years ago?



Glenda said...

Well some of these I wish we still observed.

It's interested to say the least. I love watching old movies set in this time. They were oh so proper.

Thanks for letting us know where we may or may not have gone wrong.


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Joanne!

So many of those rules would be useful today for children to follow, but I don't think they are.

I did try to teach my children manners and I'm proud of them.

Have a good weekend!

HUgs, Pat

Jean Tuthill said...

Oh Joanne, don't get me started! I really believe that some of these "rules" should be strongly enforced today, but I just keep my mouth shut! haha.... Anyway, I love the pics you put up and the list. I especially liked the one to comb your hair and keep you fingernails clean. Have a great weekend!

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Joanne; Can you imagine trying to raise children like that today. How different the world would be. I like those rules. lol; I should have had those when my kids were young.
I had a great time reading them thanks.

Have a great weekend.


Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Hi Joanne,
Thanks for stopping by the Shabby Art Boutique and for listing my giveaway on your blog. I hope you will come back and visit soon.
Now I am off to read your older posts.

Melissa Lester said...

I think we could all benefit by instilling some of those old rules of etiquette into our children. In fact, I think all of us -- adults and children alike -- would benefit by practicing more civility.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm currently writing a paper for my English class about Victorian Era etiquette and I'd like to write a bit about children. I'd really like to know where you got this information from. Could you please post the source? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I am also doing am english assignmemt and I need as much information about Victorian ediquette as possible. If you can, please post the site so I can get information for my seventh grade honors assignment.

Kristina :)

Carla Gade said...

Oh, I enjoyed this post!