Friday, November 28, 2008


Well, Thanksgiving is over for another year. I've gotten up early to hit the stores for Black Friday. The Fall decorations are put away and now it's time to start getting the Christmas decorations out in full force.

I am going to start with my tree. But, I think I will wait until the weekend to put it up.

I love trees with lots of ornaments, dripping with beads and garland. Sparkling with little lights and having a vintage flair to the decorations.

I have so many ornaments I can't put them all on one tree. So I mix them up using different ones each year.

What about you? What types of ornaments do you have?

Do you have a real or fake tree? A green or white tree?

I love a real tree because it makes the whole house smell good. However, I put up a fake green tree. That way I can leave it up longer without the fear of it drying out and starting on fire. Plus, it's so much easier to put up. No dead needles to clean up.

Some people get creative with their trees. Look at this one made out of beer bottles. I guess that is one way to recycle.

I've noticed more and more colors are showing up for trees. I'm not a big fan of the colored trees. A green or white is the only one I really like.

Some people like big fat trees. I like more the tall thinner type. Not to skinny though.

I like the flocked trees too. Sort of gives it that fresh snow look to it. I've never had one though. Only green ones for me.

As a child, I remember having bubble lights on our tree. I love these kinds of lights. I think I'm putting them on my tree this year.

I also like to use little lights on my tree. Some years I use colored lights and some years I use only white lights. How about you?

I remember the big lights as a child. I don't really care for the big ones on the trees though. I do like the big lights for outside rather then the small ones.

I also like multi colored lights outside. We use a mixture of big lights and little lights outside.

So tell me, what do you like your tree to look like? Do you change it up every year? Do you keep the same look? Do you get a fresh tree or fake?

I'll be sure to post the photos of my tree as soon as I get it up.


Mistress Meeyee said...

We have a little fake tree.We have too many animals and babies around these days to have a big tree.We always have a fake tree.
My sister bit into one of those big lights when we were kids and she burned and cut her tongue all up.The little ones are much safer.

Glenda said...

Well I have this deisre to have a silver tree for some reason. I will be on the hunt to see if I can pick one up for cheap...


Takin' time to smell the flowers! said...

I love a real tree. A noble fir is nice, one that's not too skinny but just the perfect fullness. I have a fake tree that we've had to use as back up:)when our real tree dried up too quickly. We get the kids each a new decoration each year, something that represents them in some way. So as we decorate the tree together we have fun talking about Christmas pasts'. We've never had a flocked tree but I think they're beautiful, maybe we'll do one this year? I can't wait to see your tree this year. I'll share mine as well. Until then...God Bless.

Vickie said...

Oh, that glowing tree looked beautiful!!

We have a fake tree, just easier. We have a lot of ornaments as well. I try putting them all on the tree. But we also put a tree in the basement but on that tree we use the not as pretty ornaments.

We use colorful lights, my husband does not like the white strings. Oh well.

I said this before when I signed up for your giveaway, your blog is so pretty.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Happy belated turkey day! We have real and artificial trees, and we decorate them with our beloved grandma's more that we have collected! We love mixing and matching ornamnets - that really is a Christmas tree for us....cherished ornaments that we have collected over the years!

Loved all of your different trees you showed is funny that you had this on, we were just watching You Tube and saw a Mountain Dew's pretty amazing - just get on You Tube and type in Mountain Dew Christmas's a hoot!!

Sally said...

Beautiful trees, all of them, can't wait to see yours.
Happened along your blog thru google images. And what an amazing blog it is too. Well done. Love it. May I be one of your followers?
Sally, from down under. At

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne - great tree photos! That white one is dreamy! And I have to say, I love that little pink feather tree! Last year was our first year with a fake tree - it's a green, realistic looking one... And we have the same decorations every year with white lights. No theme though - just a lot of ornaments with memories attached to them... Can't wait to see your tree! I don't think we'll be putting ours up until next weekend... Donna

Decor To Adore said...

I love bubble lights!

Make sure you enter my vintage Christmas giveaway.

w00ts up said...

Is that first tree from Roger's Gardens. I browsed their gallery today on their site and oh my, simply amazing.