Saturday, November 29, 2008


Have you ever made a gingerbread house? I love them. As I was getting ready to post about this it dawned on me that this is another one of those Christmas memories that I have never made.

I hope this year I get a chance to make one. No matter how small. So that is two things on my list I need to try. Building a snowman and building a gingerbread house.

These pictures all came from the Internet. There are some super beautiful gingerbread houses out there.

Look at all the detail in this big gingerbread house. Wow!

I love this pink one. I may have to make my gingerbread house pink like this.

How pretty!

This one is huge! I think it was in the lobby at a hotel in Disney World.

This one must have take months to build!

I wonder how many times this one started to fall before they got it set up perfect! Beautiful isn't it!

Look at all those tiny windows. Oh my a sugar bow too!

This says Christmas all over it with those candy canes.

Oh, I don't think I've seen gingerbread made into stones before. I love the door on this one too.

This church is just breathtaking! How lovely.

Yes, I love gingerbread house. No matter how big or how small. There is just something about gingerbread houses that make me smile.

If you have ever built a gingerbread house I hope you post it on your blog. I know I'm not the only one that would like to see them.

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Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Joanne
Thanks for showing all those wonderful gingerbread houses. I have never made one either but I would love to have a go some day.
Best Wishes

Gone said...

Hi Joanne...

Yes...I made a couple of gingerbread was a requirement when I took Cake Decorating Classes back in the early 70's. We never did anything quite as elaborate...but mine were "different" than all the rest, cuz I put ROSES on mine!! Imagine that...way back then...I was in love with ROSES! LOL!!!

I haven't thought about that in years...thanks for bringing back the memories!!


Darlene said...

We have made some out of the kits they have. Those you are showing are definitely GRAND homes!!!

Unknown said...

Loved the tour! I too have never made a gingerbread house, it's on my do to list, one of these years!

Unknown said...

THanks for the fabulous photos of gingerbread houses! They are marvelous! I love making them. Maybe I should make one this year! You just may have inspired me! :)
One of my fondest memories was making a gingerbread "city" complete with a stream of blue colored icing gel and pond lined with candy rocks and delivering it to a home with my nieces and nephews in tow (who of course, helped with the construction). It is a Christmas memory I will always cherish! :)

Catherine said...

Those pictures are inspiring. I`ve thought about doing a Gingerbread House, but never tried. After seeing your pictures I`m going to give it a go.
Have a nice weekend Joanne.


w00ts up said...

Wow! These are fantastic! I could barely build the graham cracker one in grammar school. They all look yummy. Thanks for sharing!

Vickie said...

Wow, what fantastic gingerbread houses. Had to have taken days to put together!

My children make the easy kit houses with their grandma.

Lorilee said...

I, too, dream of making a gingerbread house. Actually, I want to replicate the country church where my parents were married! So far, I have only done one of those little kits! Maybe when I retire and have just a little more time!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

I want to LIVE in the pink one! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Joanne, Thanks for commenting on my blog post today! I decided to give the Marie Antoinette award to the first 7 people who commented on that post so there you are! Come and get it! I also added a post script about the grocery store story at the bottom of that same post. Believe me, it is nothing to be proud of, LOL!

Kaci said...

Wow those are amazing!

suzeeez said...

Hi Joanne ,
Boy those gingerbread houses are amazing and full of so much detail . I'm like you , I've always loved them and never built one . Some day I will but I'm sure it won't be as extravagant as these.
:o) Sue


Hi Joanne,
I have a tradition with Kailee and it's making a gingerbread house. Last year the house fell:( it was the first time that happened. This year I'm going to hot glue the pieces together before we decorate it. I'll do a post about it when we do it. She really enjoys this.
I put up my tree today and I have white lights, vintage ornaments and tinsel on a tree and I put it on, one piece at a time:) Another week with lots of stuff going on...
Take care.
Christmas Joy to you.

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Thanks JoAnne fo rthe Gingerbread House and christmas Tree tours! Good for getting me in the mood for the holidays! Have a wonderful week!


Alice said...

I've always "thought" of making a gingerbread house. Just last night on Food Network, a gingerbread house expert said it take her at least 20 hours to make a simple house. I'm thinking...maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

wierd they are obsessed with ginger bread wow though! r u selling any?