Sunday, November 23, 2008


Yesterday I met up with some of the ladies from my Victorian Tea Society to decorate the Kellogg House. It is a a beautiful house that was built in the 1800's. They have tours go through there and a lot of the schools go there for field trips.

The children learn the way life was 200 years ago. They learn to make butter, see how the children dressed, the toys they had and how much harder life was then then it is now.

It's also the house where we have our Christmas tea.

I got to work on decorating the Christmas tree along with another lady. We had so much fun. Laughing and talking. The time flew by.

We didn't get the house finished as it was getting late. But, we got a lot done. Another group will come and finish on Monday.

They didn't have a lot of the decorations that we have. Back then a lot of garland, greens and wreaths were mostly used.

Of course they didn't have the fake items we have today. So the decorating we used is more just to give the feel of that time. Since we have the decorations up longer then would have been, using real greens just wouldn't work.

We used, pine cones, flowers and ribbons to weave in the greenery.

Some of the ladies donated items they had sewn. Since most of the women did sew back in the 1800's these items are true to the time period.

At my house I normally do all the decorating by myself. Doing it in a group was so fun.

After we finished we all ate dinner together. It was such a fun and festive night. I really enjoyed myself. Now I want to get my tree up and decorated.
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Unknown said...

It looks like you had a fabulous time. The Kellog house looks like a lovely place!

Lindsay-ann said...

What fun you had decorating that lovely old house. It looks so beautiful.
Thanks for sharing Joanne.


Thank you so much for your kind words.

May you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Peace and love,

Cottage Way of Life said...

What a delightful way to spend a day. It's always so much more fun to decorate with other people helping!


Pearl said...

How fun to be able to go along with you as the Kellogg House was decorated... So glad that you're enjoying being a member of the Tea Society! Thanks for sharing... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


Anonymous said...

Oh, Joanne, it looks like you're in with a great bunch of ladies... So glad you enjoyed decorating and the dinner afterwards! And I'm glad you liked my repurposed Christmas card/ornaments post. I can't wait to see the tree in your bedroom!!... Donna

Unknown said...

What a fun day; it would really get me in the spirit, too!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Just A Girl said...

Don't you just LOVE the round oval dining room? One of my favorite parts of the house. Good Job decorating!