Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I remember when I was growing up, it wasn't that rare to have a group come to your front door and when you opened up be greeted with them singing a Christmas song or two.

We would often give them money, cookies or candy as a way to say thank you.  Though it was also ok to just say thank you and let them know how much you enjoyed their short but festive visit.

It's been years and years since we have had anyone come to our house to sing Christmas Carols for us.  I miss those days. 

So, I thought, I couldn't be the only one who enjoyed those days gone by.  I wanted to bring some of that joy to others as well.  I'm a girl scout troop leader and I asked my girls if they wanted to go Caroling this year. 

They were thrilled to.  We went last year and everyone had a blast.

They practiced for weeks and they all had song books that I printed out for them.  Rather then carry burning candles, I got them the battery operated candles.  They worked great as mini flash lights for them too.

The first house we went to, they were a bit nervous and excited.  After they sang the first song, they were fine.

Every house they went to really enjoyed having them stop by.  They would often ask them to wait so they could call the whole family to the door.  Some people joined in singing the songs with the girls. 

It was like the days when I grew up.  The people offered them candy, cookies, something to drink and a few offered cash.  When the girls said no thank you that they were just there to bring some Christmas cheer, most people were happy and thanked the girls over and over. 

One elderly lady said she really wanted to give them some candy to give the girls some Christmas cheer back.  So they accepted.

One house a lady said she wanted to give them money.  The girls kept telling her no thank you and I even told her thank you but no.  We were just out to bring smiles to people and that was all we wanted.

She refused to accept that and said she was a girl scout when she was younger and everyone would give them money.  She said then that if anyone came to her house after she grew up she wanted to do the same thing.  So by taking the money we would be making her dream and goals come to life. 

We all agreed we would accept her donation and put it in our troop account to be used for another fun community service project in the near future.

While we walked around the neighborhood we were able to also get in the Christmas spirit by seeing all the cute and pretty decorations. 

I was really happy that not only did the girls have a fun night but they were able to make some memories for families of having Christmas carolers come to their house.  Maybe now they too will want to keep the tradition alive and go out next year to spread some Christmas cheer to others.

How about you?  Did you ever go door to door caroling?  Do you remember having carolers come sing to you?  I would love to hear from you.


Dee said...

Our Church choir used to go caroling at the homes of the shut-ins. They seemed to really enjoy it. I wish we were still doing that.

C-ingspots said...

I was in girl scouts as a young girl and we used to go caroling at care centers for the elderly. I've never had any caroling group come to my home because I've always lived in the country. Last weekend, some church members got together for caroling. We had a generous friend bring a pair of his beautiful Shire Draft horses outfitted with jingle bells and his big hay wagon which some rode, and some just walked while we sang Christmas carols to neighborhood families. It was so much fun!! The sound of the horse's hooves clopping along with the sounds of the beautiful bells ringing aside our voices raised in song was so beautiful!