Saturday, April 7, 2012


I went to the movies yesterday and on the way back to my car I noticed these darling little Easter Caramel Apples. 

I thought about how easy they would be to make at home.  Just dip the apple in caramel, let it cool and then dip in white chocolate.  Before the chocolate cools, add the sprinkles on it and use candy for the eyes, nose and mouth and ears.

You would use a bigger apple for the body and then attach the head with more chocolate and your stick should go through both apples to make them really sturdy.

I love this idea too.  Using colored flavored pop corn formed into Easter eggs.  So cute!  I like that it's not made out of candy either.  Something different.

I think these little Easter baskets made out of caramel corn are adorable! 

Both of these popcorn ideas came from someone on my Facebook but I can't remember who it was.  If it's your, please let me know so I can give you credit.

How about cute little nest made out of  rice crispy treats and topped with candy eggs.

This idea came from Beehive Cottage.
I adore this cute idea.  Little bags full of cheese puffs, topped with some Easter grass and tied with a cute tag. 

They are so sweet looking in this basket.  This is a great idea I think I'm going to do for my Girl Scouts next year. 
This clever idea came from Mom Swim Bike Run blog.

The last idea, I wanted to share with you, are these sweet little bunnies made out of marshmallows that are coated in white chocolate then sprinkled with coconut.   Even the ears are made out of marshmallows. 

This idea came from the Better Homes and Garden web page.

These are all so simple and cheap to make.  Yet, anyone who received them from you would be thrilled. 

I hope whatever you do for Easter, it's a special and fun day for you.

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Diane Mars said...

What fun ideas! I am not doing much baking or cooking Easter Sunday.. in fact deviled eggs is about all I am making to bring to my sisters house tomorrow. Happy Easter~ Hugs, Diane