Friday, September 9, 2011


Today I went to the Nixon Library.  They have a week long remembrance of 9/11 going on.
Outside, in the parking lot they had a 16 Ton piece of steel that was once part of the outer frame of one of the buildings at The World Trade Center. 
As I stood near this piece of steel I knew it was so much more then just another piece of steel.
This piece of steel helped to form the building that so many people went to work at ever day.  It was also a piece that once was part of the wall that held the windows. 
I couldn't help but wonder if this held one of the windows that someone jumped out of. 
This piece of steel represents that fateful day when a group of men with evil in their hearts decided to change the world. 
This piece of steal also represents the 2753 men and women who died that day. 
It represents the countless people who lost their loved ones.
It represents the 343 brave Firemen who died Heroes.
This big piece of steel represents how Americans came together.  How even though it was one of the worst days in American history, Americans became stronger. 
We have all learned of bad things that happened through history books, movies and TV.  Yet, we who were alive 9/11/01 became part of history. 
We saw how the world has changed.  How we now can no longer just hop on a plane to go on vacation like we used to.  How we must wait in long lines to have our purses checked just to go to Disneyland and other amusement parks.  How, laws have changed.  How more cameras have been installed to watch our every move in public.
Some say it's gone to far and has become an invasion of their privacy.  I say it's helping us to stay safe and catch those still out there that want to hurt us.
No, I did not just see this as a big piece of steel at all.
I wondered if anyone died under this piece of steel.  I prayed they didn't. 
This fire truck was also there.  It did not get crushed by the buildings because it came afterwards. 
I admit, at first I wondered why this truck was important enough to travel from New York to CA.  Then it hit me.
This truck was at Ground Zero helping to put out fires that were still burning even though the build had collapsed. 
It shows how the heat was so strong that parts of the truck was damaged.
It held heroes, men who came to save others.
Some believe that all the firemen were just "doing their jobs" that day.  Sure, that's true.  However, I don't think anyone would have thought anything less of these men if they chose to save their own lives and get out of the buildings when they knew it was ready to come down.
Yet, they didn't.  They kept going up higher and higher.  Stopping to help anyone and everyone they saw. 
There are many stories of people who came across these brave men and how they willing gave their life.  Not because it was their job to do so.  But, because these men are HEROES.  Men who put others before themselves. 
You can read about this important truck by clicking on the above photo.
We then went inside the building to hear a true life hero speak to us.
I was very happy to see so many people there on a weekday. 
This man is a Los Angeles Fireman.  He was one of the first to get out to New York to offer help.  He told stories of the destruction, pain and loss.  He also told stories of the brave men and women and dogs who spent countless hours searching, helping and doing what they could to find survivors and sadly bodies to return to their loved ones.
My heart broke when he could no longer hold back the tears.
Even though we watched it all unfold on TV we will never fully understand what those who were there lived through.  My heart aches for them as I'm sure those sights, sounds and smells will be forever etched into their minds.
My prayers are that 9/11/01 is the last time Americans are ever attacked.  My fears are, it's not.

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