Monday, August 2, 2010


I am now a partner of Orange County Ghost Tours and Events and this past weekend we took a group up to LA to do a tour of one of the most haunted places in CA. Linda Vista Hospital.

I have been here before but find it so interesting to go to. This is an abandoned hospital that had been closed down due to the fact there were to many unexplained deaths taking place here.

This is the driveway that pulled up to the ER.

Years of layers and layers of paint are peeling away. It is said that even though the building has been abandoned for years, many of the workers and patients still roam the hall ways and are often still seen and heard.

Many believers and non believers of Ghosts have reported seeing someone looking out the windows when no one has been inside.

The lights are reported to turn on and off even though the place is empty and locked up.

I can't help but wonder how many people pulled these doors open to get treatment inside, only to never walk out alive.

What really happened in this hospital most likely will never really been known. We can only go by what has been documented and reported. We will try to determine what is true and what are made up stories.

It is said that Howard Hughes was once at this hospital. However, my investigations have show this is not true.

He was involved in an accident not far from the hospital and an ambulance was dispatched out to him, bringing him to another near by hospital. Mr. Hughes wanted his regular surgeon to work on him so the ambulance went to Linda Vista and picked up the surgeon.

Mr. Hughes was never brought to Linda Vista though the rumor still remains.

Our group broke up into three smaller groups. I lead one group and we started out by going through the underground tunnel that connects the main hospital to the building across the parking lot. That building used to be the Mental Ward.

It is in these tunnels the bodies of those who died at the hospital was brought so they could be placed on ice until they were removed for burial.

This area is a very active spot for the paranormal. Voices have been heard and full body apparitions have been seen.

Photos of a little girl, who is said to run around down here, have been taken.

The night we were there it was actually very quiet. We didn't have any activity here.

This area is down in the basement and now has what appears to be jail cells. This room originally was used as an unauthorized morgue until State came in a fined the hospital for doing that. The hospital was forced to stop storing bodies here and it had to be turned into a storage area.

There is a creepy feeling when you are in here. It's hard to explain but it is almost a feeling of sadness and fear tied in together.

Also, while we did our investigation, all the lights were out and it is super dark. At times you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. All these photos were taken with a flash so it makes it look completely different then it does in person.

This is up inside the Mental Ward. The original wall paper and floor tiles still remain.

Two people in my group claim they heard sounds and saw shadows of someone walking into one of the rooms while we were in this area.

Several of us also heard what sounded like talking and footsteps coming from down this hallway.

We followed the sounds down the hall but was unable to see anything. We did some EVP work which is where you try to capture voices and sounds on an audio recording. I have not listened to my recordings yet so I don't know if I caught anything and I have not heard back from the other members to see if they did either.

This is the room two people saw what they described as a shadow figure walking into. So we did some more EVP work.

I have to admit I didn't hear or see anything here.

While we would walk into rooms like this knowing full good and well that it was done either by vandals or by a film crew, it still would startle us.

Picture walking in a super dark room with only a flash light and then that flash light captures this.

While we were in the Mental Ward our walkie talkies stopped working. No one could hear us when we called out, though we could hear them. They also started to make strange sounds that sounded like a mix of different voices on there and long ringing noises.

When we went back out we spoke to Security who were out in the parking lot the whole time. They said their walkie talkies also acted up the same time as ours. They too heard the strange sounds and very clearly heard "Help Me".

They were not hooked up to the same station as our walkie talkies so we knew we were not hearing each other.

It's very possible that a spirit was trying to use our radio to make contact.

Perhaps during one of our EVP sessions when we asked if there is anything anyone needed they were able to use the radio waves and some how put out Help Me onto the waves of the security people.

No one could figure out how or why this would have happened to two different sets of walkie talkies that weren't even running on the same station but yet not effect the other two that were on the same station.

In this area of the basement several people have heard, seen and felt paranormal activity.

We had no type of activity in here.

Inside the main part of the hospital you really get a strange feeling. One just because you are walking around in the pitch dark but then you come across items that were once used when the hospital was up and running.

You can't help but wonder what took place in these rooms and if anyone died while laying in a bed or hooked up to some sort of machine.

Were these people really treated as poorly as the reports say? Did the staff really neglect the patients and allow so many to die?

You shine your flash light and find meters that were once useful to the daily operation of this hospital and now are stopped in time.

The cafeteria still has most of the equipment there. In days gone by this room was very active.

People eating there for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Talking about the patients and wondering if they would get better or not.

Staff taking their breaks and sharing in the daily gossip.

How many cups of coffee was served from this machine? To many to count.

The exam rooms were a bit creepy as they often had exam tables still in them. I couldn't help but wonder what type of treatment were given in these rooms.

This was the lobby area of the main entrance. Here people would check in or inquire about patients.

I'm sure many people received word that their loved one didn't make it while standing in this room.

Anything to do with babies always gives me a strange feeling. Were any of them allowed to die because it was just inconvenient to keep them alive? Did they die from lack of proper care?

I hate to think that could be true but apparently the reports say it is.

This door make me question where it once was? Why would they have a cut out window with metal in there? Was this a door to a room where they didn't want to enter because the patient was crazy or could harm someone?

Several people claim this gurney moves by itself. It has been pushed against the walls and down a hall.

Is there an orderly still hanging around? Perhaps a Dr. trying to get the patient to the operating room?

It didn't move while we were there. At least not that we saw.

It was down this hallway that we all heard the sounds of a woman moaning. We called out and said to make a louder noise so we could tell which room they were in. A few seconds later a louder moan was heard. This happened three different times.

We went down the hall to find where the moan was coming from but it stopped.

However, there is an orb in this picture. Could that be the spirit that was trying to get our attention?

We found a bottle full of medicine that was from 1984. It was Anectine Succinylcholine chloride. At the time we had no idea what it was used for.

I later looked it up and found out it was a skeletal muscle relaxant used in surgeries and emergency tracheal intubation. It is must be used very carefully as it is known to cause cardiac arrest in several patients.

Could this be one of the medications that was misused by the Drs?

Since we are not allowed to remove anything from inside the hospital we left it where we found it. Though I now wish I had removed it and gave it to security to dispose of properly. I did send an email and ask them to locate it and remove it.

Many film crews film at Linda Vista Hospital and a lot of the movies that are made there are Horror films.

They do not always clean up after a shoot.

Knowing this did not make it any less creepy when we came across several wall full of what appeared to be blood. Some with hand prints, some with words written and some with just blood splattered about.

Remember we are in the dark with only the dim light of a flash light as we come upon things.

I've never been a fan of dolls. They always gave me the creeps. So when we found this one laying in the hallway all I could think about was a Twilight Zone that had a doll come to life and said things such as "My name is Chatty Kathy and I don't like you" then "My name is Chatty Kathy and I'm going to kill you."

I brought this up while we were there. One of the other investigators recalled that same show and started to get really freaked out so we had to move on.

While standing down at this end of the hall we were doing more EVP work. It was then that three of us saw a shadow person walk from a room on the left side over into a room on the right side.

I have to admit this was something I was not expecting to see. We quickly went down to the other end where we saw the figure and tried to figure out what could have caused the shadow.

We were unable to come up with any reasonable explanation and all agreed what we saw was definitely paranormal.

After our investigation we were discussing what we saw and it turns out another team saw a shadow figure in this same hall only in a different area.

It has been reported that the ghost of a Dr. Edward had been seen several times making his rounds at night. Perhaps that is what we witnessed.

This chair has been reported to move on it's own. As if someone is sitting in it and pushing themselves across the floor or turning around in it.

We did some EVP work here and waited a fairly long time to see if we could catch any activity but nothing happened.

This hallway was where we all heard footsteps coming down it. Only no one was there. The footsteps sounded like an adult man walking down.

The really strange thing is the last time I was here I heard the same thing.

This area has also been the location of many reported sightings of ghostly figures, voices been heard and footsteps walking down the hall.

Whatever it is has never been able to be explained by any of the paranormal groups that have been there.

Our night was filled with mostly quiet time. However, we did have several unexplained things happen while we were there.

We all left Linda Vista Hospital the same as we arrived there, believing that this place is the home of many lost spirits who are trying to reach out to the world they once left behind.



Furry Bottoms said...

I love love love love it when you share these kind of photos and esperiences!!

Sounds like you had a quiet night, but you know what? In that picture of the lobby, I see a pair of eyes looking out at you on the door, near the left side of the door (in the picture). A little more than halfway up the door. I only saw it after I maximized the picture and zoomed in. I know I saw it in another of your pictures and I dismissed it as nothing, but when I saw these on this door, I'm trying to go back and find that other picture where I thought I saw the same thing. Can't find it!!

Margie said...

OK, this is super creepy!! I don't know how you can do this, so hats off to ya! I would run out of there crying like a little baby! HELP ME :) Looks like orbs in the picture with the yellow chair that people were seeing a shadow!! Stay Safe! ~ Margie

Michelle said...

Sounds like a fun time. After reading Aunt of 14's comment I of course had to look at the pic. I magnafied it to 200% and got a shock! I also saw a pair of eyes. I do not know if it is my imagination due to her posting, but I saw them! I think tonight I am going to look closer at some of those pics!

Herbgirl said...

This kind of stuff is so fascinating. What a way to spend an evening. Now i am going back to your pics and enlarge them to see what happens.
Hugs N Herbal Blessings, Mandy

Pellie / Penny said...

It has been a while since I last came visiting - but I made sure and read past post as well.
I really enjoy going along with you on your paranormal investigations. You do such a wonderful job of making us feel as if we are right there with you.
As a Nurse for many more years than I want to count -I know first hand the paranormal activity that fill most hospitals.- We just learn to go with the flow and work around them.

Kathleen said...

Hi, I am Chatty Kathy, LOL!

Indira Sánchez said...

O my Goddd! So scary! Like the experience! thanks!

take care!


Dani said...

I love to "blog surf"

I have to admit this has been one of my favortie posts!

I could never do that! I'd be scared out of my mind! It takes some brave people to do what y'all did!

Now I'm off to maximize the lobby picture.... gotta see those eyes!