Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Spring is always such a pretty time of year with all the flowers blooming. I thought I would share a bit of what it is starting to look like at my place.

I planted the above several years ago. Being in CA means it never gets to cold to kill most plants. Most people have to plant these type of flowers every year but not us. They come back pretty every Spring and last almost all year long.

When my sister, Patty, was in the hospital several years ago she got a pretty Azalea plant. When it finally stopped producing flowers she planted in the front and now it just gets bigger and bigger every year.

It's now full of buds ready to pop open. This is going to be one beautiful plant this Spring. I just love the hot pink color.

We have several Hydrangeas around our house, both in the front and the back. But this is the only one that has this type of a flower.

I think the pink with white tips are just lovely. Don't you?

We have several hanging baskets full of different flowers. This one is hanging in the back garden.

These Carnations don't normally produce a lot of flowers. I think all the rain we had really woke them up.

I know a lot of people don't care for this type of flower but it was my Mom's favorite flower and whenever I see them I think of her.

This big flowering bush took on a life of it's own. It has little pink and yellow flowers that are so pretty.

We have one in another part of the garden but this one planted it's self. Most likely with the help of a bird.

Another hanging basket.

The white Impatiens are getting really big. We have these planted in an urn next to our garage.

The pretty pink Geraniums were first planted in our neighbors yard but ended up creeping over onto our side. We started to water them and now they are doing great here but have all died off over on our neighbors side.

The white roses are blooming. Lot's of buds waiting to open up. I'm hoping to have some pretty white rose bouquets inside pretty soon.

The Petunias are so petty with the light violet outside and the deep dark purple inside. I love the dark purple veins.

Well, that's about it for now but soon the whole place is going to be present flowers in every size and color. I can't wait.



Mrs Anne said...

absolutely gorgeous!
those hydrangeas are so lovely!

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Oh, how pretty! *sigh* I can't wait until my roses bloom--it will be awhile yet since the leaf buds are just only coming out. Thanks for sharing. ; )

Blondie's Journal said...

All of your flowers are SO gorgeous and how lucky you are that they come back every year!! I try to aim for 3/4 of my plants to be perennials and then add 1/4 annuals to fill in spots and make pots.

Do you have the name of the flowers in the photo near the end with the tiny pink and orange petals? It's so pretty!!


Rach said...

Very pretty! I love all the colors.

Shugee @ Blue Heron Cottage said...

Joanne, I love your blog! It's sweet and beautiful. Really charming. I can't wait to just sit and read more.

Also, the pink and yellow flower is called Lantana. I believe that one is call 'Carnival'. They come in full white, full yellow and lavender. The mixed colors are this one and a deep orange, yellow one. This one you have is my favorite. I also have one and can't wait until it blooms again. The flowers last a long time once they do start blooming.

Kathleen said... must be wonderful to have flowers all year round!