Sunday, June 22, 2008


Even though CA is lined with beaches up and down the coast, each one is different.

Yesterday we went to Laguna Beach, which is known for being a great beach to snorkel at. The people go for art and shopping as well as playing in the water.

Today, we are going to HUNTINGTON BEACH.
Huntington Beach is North of Laguna Beach. You can see the heat brought lots of people out today. Notice they don't have as many umbrellas as Laguna Beach does. People go to get a tan here.

Surfers love Huntington Beach. I guess the waves are good there. They even have surfing competitions that are held there.

I went with my cousin to have dinner. We were going to eat at a restaurant at the end of the pier. As we got out there pretty far we notice a boat was headed towards a few guys who were way out there. The boat was going pretty fast. We weren't sure what was going on.

Then we noticed it was the lifeguards going out. Turns out the guys were way to far out in the water. They were told to swim back towards the shore.

Take a look at those lifeguards! When in the world did they start wearing Speedos? This is is the first time I've seen that! They have always worn red trucks and the girls wore a red one piece.

This darling pink bike was parked along the side of the pier. Isn't it cute! It was such a beachy picture I just had to click it.

As we got to the restaurant this bird was sitting there greeting everyone.

This is where we ate. Ruby's is a hamburger chain. They have really good food. At least I think so. It's right at the very end of the pier. Sort of a long walk down there.

This shot was taken on our way back to the shore. The hotel way out there is the Hilton. In case any of you want to come visit and have an ocean view room you now know where you stay. It's a beautiful hotel. But pretty costly.

They have these young guys willing to give you a ride up and down the pier if you are to tired or lazy to walk yourself. I've never taken one even though they look fun. But come on! We couldn't make this poor guy give us a ride, he has a broken arm and it was so hot he would have been suffering.

The ride is free. You just give them a tip.

Look, even this poor bird was hot.

They have sinks on the pier where you can wash your fish you catch. Yes, they allow fishing on the pier. This poor little guy was trying his best to get a drink of water. The faucet was dripping and he figured out a way. Smart bird, don't you think?

This is Main Street where there are lots of places to eat, shop or have a drink. You're pretty lucky if you get a parking space on this street.

We did get a great parking spot. Only a block down.

Well, hope you enjoyed seeing yet another one of our great beaches here in CA.




Joyce's Journey said...

Another day of great pictures Joanne! Looks like a really beautiful area. The beach in south Florida was sooo calm yesterday - not a wave to be found. I really enjoyed your photo's. Thanks for sharing!!

Linda said...

I'm from Costa Mesa so all of these places you've mentioned (Huntington/Laguna) have been my stomping grounds when I was younger! Thank you for making me feel at home (I've been away from OC for many years hoo!)

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Joanne,
Thanks for sharing the pictures and your trip. You have beautiful beaches. I live on the coast but here in Texas they are not pretty till you go more South. Hope you didn't get sunburned.
Have a good Day,

Sometimes It's Good said...

I'm hoping to make Huntington my home town. Thanks for showing these great pictures!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

How beautiful!
Hubby and I vacationed along the California coast last year and LOVED it!
Can't wait to go back.
Some of my favorites were Laguna beach, Santa Barbara, and Carpinteria.

Thanks for the tour!
Kimberly :)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

WOW Joanne! I read this posta nd the one below and I am amazed by the beautiful beaches you have nearby and all the little shops that surround them. Your niece Trinity (love her name!) is so cute --what a joy it must be to be able to spend time with her!

I posted about an annual Mermaid parade that took place in Coney Island, Brooklyn!

It's a great beach but not as elegant as Laguna or Huntington Beaches.

HUgs, Pat

Catherine said...

You take really great pictures! looks like you a a ton of fun! So beautiful.

I have an "award" for you! You have to visit my blog to see it when you have time.

Glenda said...

What a beautiful day you had. We have beaches here, but none like that. Big Sur is famous, but none like what you have down there.

We are having fires here and it's make the air smoky and overcast.


Deb said...

How cool that you get to go to a different beach a day. :-) I have a bro & sis in-law that live in Laguna Hills so I have been to Laguna Beach... beautiful!

I love your pics!


Cindy said...

Those must have been European lifeguards! I've never seen them wearing speedos either! Too funny!

Anonymous said...

It must be so cool to live near a beach. Your pics are GORGEOUS! Very inviting!

Anonymous said...

We like Ruby's too....we go to the one at the end of Oceanside pier..yummy! and isn't it fun to watch the fishermen? You make me want to drive down there again..