Monday, June 27, 2011


We have all been to many fundraisers in our life time.  So, when I went to this one today, I thought I knew what to expect.  Boy was I wrong!

This was not only a fundraiser with a great cause (buying pet oxygen mask for local fire departments), it was also a class in how to give first aid and CPR to your pets.

It only cost $10 and all the money went to purchase Pet Oxygen Masks for the fire departments.

I got there a little bit early and so I joined the people who were outside.  Many people brought their dogs with them.  It was fun watching them play together.

There were little pampered dogs that were being held.

But, mostly there were bigger dogs.  Some were kept on a leash and some were let loose to roam around and make new friends.

We all went over to the grass area as we were going to be treated to a short show put on by some World champion Frisbee dogs.

Some of the dogs really jumped high to make their catch.  It was hard trying to catch a photo of them because they were so fast.

We then headed back inside and learned about the oxygen mask for pets and how most Fire Departments do not have them. 

They are very important to have because a human mask does not work that well on pets.  So, sadly many pets die when in a fire.

There are three different sizes of pet masks.  They will fit all animals from small to large.

This is how they fit on dogs.

All of these bags are the pet oxygen mask kits that were donated during our gathering.

The EMS director from the Anaheim Fire Department was there to accept them.  Now all the trucks in Anaheim carry them on their trucks.

We then had our class on Pet First Aid and CPR.  We learned how to help our pets out should there be an emergency. 

We were shown what to do if our pets were choking.

How to do CPR on our pets.

What to do in case of Heat Stroke, snake bites, Heart stop, not breathing, bee stings and several other things that could happen to our pets.

We learned how to make our own Pet First Aid kit.

We also learned what to put in an emergency kit for our pets.  Just like we should have a kit, so should our pets.

One tip was to keep your emergency kits near an outside wall.  That way, should you have to knock down walls to get to them, it will just be one wall.

Also, keep your pets vet records in there in case something should happen to your vets off.

We sure did learn a lot of great information and I've very happy I went.  I had been waiting to learn First Aid/CPR for my pets and I feel so much better now knowing I would know what to do rather then just panic.

I also bought tickets to enter the raffle drawing.  They had three big baskets that valued between $100 and $200 each.

I was thrilled when my number was called for the 2nd basket.  Then when they called the number for the 3rd basket I couldn't believe it when they called another one of my tickets.

Rather then be greedy though, I told them to draw another number so someone else could win too.

The items that were in my basket that I won't use will be getting donated to one of our local Pet Shelters.

If you ever get a chance to take a class like this or join in a fundraiser to raise money for pet oxygen mask, I hope you will. 

Your pets will thank you for it.

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Irma's Rose Cottage said...

This is so awesome. I did'nt know they even offered these type of classes. I will need to find out if they do this in my area. Thanks for sharing.

Irma :)