Friday, June 24, 2011


Being a Girl Scout leader has really been a lot of fun for me.  I have done so many new things and gone so many places I don't think I would have gone otherwise.

I love the girls in my troop and it's been so great to see them grow over the past year.

They all said they wanted to have a tea party and use fancy china and get dressed up.  I was thrilled to have a reason to host a tea.

I had no idea what the theme would be or what colors I should use. But, I just started to add things one by one and the girls loved the way it turned out.

They enjoyed eating on china plates that were almost 100 years old.

They loved having all the tiny finger food.  We had egg salad sandwiches, cream cheese with homemade strawberry jam sandwiches and ham and cheese sandwiches.  All cut in small small sizes with no crusts, of course.  Colorful cheese crackers were also enjoyed.

There were fresh strawberries, carrots and celery sticks with ranch dip. 

Mini eclairs, mini pink frosted cookies, German chocolate cake, white cake with white frosting and white chocolate covered pretzels satisfied even the biggest sweet tooth.

No one really wanted tea so we had pink lemonade served in china tea pots.

But the biggest hit was the warm, freshly baked mini cinnamon rolls.

There were flower cookies on a stick for each girl to take home and enjoy later.

I used my real silver and even my real silver tea pot napkin rings.  The girls said they felt like they were at a fancy restaurant.

Of course there were fresh flowers on the table and they were flanked by candles in crystal holders.

All the tea cups were from my collection.  I was impressed that the girls were so mature and grown up acting. 

We did discuss proper manners while we all enjoyed the food and drinks.

I loved seeing each girl dressed up in her fancy clothes and most even wore hats. 

They all had the best time and said they can't wait for our next tea party. 

I surprised them and gave them all bags full of goodies to take home.  They said they never expected to get a goodie bag.  They thought the tea party was a big enough present.  Of course, they were still thrilled to get a little something to take home though.

I learned that bringing out the fine china, real silver and cloth napkins and tablecloths is not scary when you have children around.  In fact, what it does is make them slow down and appreciate the table setting. 

The girls had a great time but to be honest, I think I enjoyed just as much, maybe even more.

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Bonita Jane said...

Beautiful! What fun for all.