Sunday, April 3, 2011


At least here in CA, Spring is here.

Though we are having strange days here. One day it will be in the 90's then it drops down to the 60's. It's hot one day and rains the next.

I do what to start getting outside more and planting some of the pretty flowers I see at the stores.

Bring some of the pretty smells back to the garden.

Bright cheerful colors will be such a welcoming sight.

All these photos were taken at my favorite nursery, Rogers Gardens.

I have never seen such a deep beautiful yellow before.

Wouldn't it be super to have enough roses in your garden to make a wreath like this for a party or special occasion?

For some reason purple really caught my eye this year.

Some flowers were such a deep purple that sometimes look blue.

I adore purple hydrangea. Though mine are all pink or white.

I know there is something that can be put in the soil to turn pink hydrangeas to purple ones. Does anyone know what it is?

Look at the lovely shade of purple mixed in with a touch of pink, these flowers have.

Yet another fantastic purple flower to enjoy.

Don't you love this new kind of Petunia that is out. It's so different then any I've seen before.

Now if I could only muster up the energy to get out there and start digging around, I would be set.



Donna said...

It will be another month and a half before we can safely plant annuals in our area. I will live vicariously through your blog until then!... Donna

NeereAnDear said...

Coffee grounds work ... has something to do with alkaline (not sure if I spelled that right) ... I have used them to turn mine to blue before and it worked ....


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh dear..I lost my comment to you.
I was telling you how much I loved Rogers Gardens. Two of my favorite plants on my front porch are from there and I have had them for years. They were both gifts from two of my daughters some Easter long time ago. Still healthy and still going strong.

Thank you for your precious comment on my post. I get overwhelmed I think, especially since I have been ill.

I am very well now..but it can be stressful at times. WAY too much time sitting in this chair...

You have been a good friend and I appreciate you.