Sunday, February 13, 2011


We have had such strange weather here in So. Cal this year. My flowers don't know what to do.

I have flowers and plants from all seasons in bloom right now.

Like these beautiful Azaleas. I love the deep pink color.

My Rosemary has been allowed to flower. I think they are pretty when they do.

We will get new rosemary when Spring comes. They say you shouldn't let your herbs flower if you are planning on eating them. I think it changes the flavor.

The Geraniums are in full bloom too. It's sort of strange though because these were a deep red last year and now they came out a deep dark pink.

Even my blackberry bush is mixed up and is producing blackberries. They are much smaller then they are in the summer time though. But still very tasty.

Our Orange tree has been giving us a lot of oranges this year and it's still growing more.

This little burst of sunshine is going strong too.

I think these little bundle of flowers are pretty but boy they take over the whole yard. They grow like a weed.

Normally at this time of year they die off and produce a berry that you can't eat. Then the flowers bloom in the Spring.

Not this year. They started to die back but then just started to bloom the flowers all over again.

The Agapanthus bloom in the hot summer days. I told you things are crazy around here. It's still winter and they are already opening up.

I wonder if the summer flowers will end up blooming again this year.

Our Fall flowers are still alive too.

Another summer bloomer that is confused as to what the season is.

I have no idea what these flowers are. But, they sure are pretty and dainty.

Our Impatiens have not died off yet either. Though sometimes they will last through out the summer by producing very few blooms. This year they have a lot of flowers still on them.

Even the roses on one of our plants is blooming. The others are still sleeping waiting for the right time to wake up.

This is another kind of Geranium. It's growing and growing. Just like wild fire.

So there you have it? Does anyone know what Season it really is? If so, can you please let Mother Nature know because around here, we are all confused.


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racheld said...

Oh, MY! You don't know how much I NEEDED this!!! Just to know that you are enjoying such blooms and color and the warmth it takes to grow them.

This snow is abating, and the yard is a patchwork of grungy white with leafy, grassy, trashy brown all interspersed.

Your bright pictures certainly BRIGHT me today, and I love that you have them there, so I can come back and look and look.