Saturday, September 4, 2010


Today I went with my sister, Maureen, to watch a Civil War reenactment. It was beautiful day out and it was all free!

There were lots and lots of men and women dressed up in Civil War attire. Many of them had authentic clothes, hats and gear.

The had items you could purchase. Like this pretty dress. It was hand made by one of the women there. Just lovely.

They had a whole town set up through out the park. It was a great way to get a real feel of what it was like in Virginia on that fateful day of the war. The day, the South surrendered and the Union won the war.

They even had their laundry hung up to dry. Like I said, it was as if you stepped back in time and was really walking through the make shift town that was set up.

The guys reminded you that it was not just a camp out, it was during war time. These people were not living through a happy time in History.

A one man tent sits waiting for one of the men who left to go to the battle. I wonder if he would have returned to his tent or if he would have lost his life and this tent would have remained empty.

As we walked through the town, I was thinking about what it was like to live in that time.

I couldn't help but think the people who are doing the reenactment must really have fun doing this.

Some of the men gathered around to play music.

The lady in mourning was a reminder of all the men lost in this War. I had an odd feeling when I was around her. It was almost like she was a ghost from the past. Very eerie. She would walk and would be as if she was gliding just over the surface.

OK, I think I've been doing to much ghost hunting. Let's move on.

Actual items from the Civil War were on display.

I loved watching this guy. He was weaving straw.

This is what it would look like when he finished. Long ropes that were like a tight braid.

All those ropes of straw would then be sewed together to make straw hats. You could purchase the hats.

They were really cute.

I loved watching the kids. They seemed to not even notice they were dressed up and living in a different time period. They were just kids playing.

Families would enjoying the day together.

This little one was just darling!

This little boy was a crack up. He and his dad were running the "Undertakers" shop. He would get in to the coffin and act like he was dead. Then he made sure everyone got a Christian Flier that was a copy of the ones the real undertakers handed out back in the Civil War time.

Why ol' Honest Abe himself was there. Talking with the crowds and handing out his portrait on a little round copper disc called a penny. The kids loved it and some really thought it was the real Abe Lincoln.

Then we gathered for the battle.

Both the North and South were ready for war. The time was April 18, 1865 and we were in Virginia.

It was very real feeling. So sad to see how the men would just line up and start shooting at each other. While the guns weren't that great then, they still managed to hit and kill way to many men.

More Americans lost their life in this War then all the other wars combined.

It was very loud and smoky. I couldn't help but think what it was like for them back then. For years going through this. Wondering if they would ever make it home again.

The cannons were super loud. We happen to be right in front of them. At times they left you with ringing in your ears.

This was how they would look ahead and see how close the enemy was. Wow! We sure have come a long way.

We watched as the Union continued to move forward. Breaking through the lines one by one of the Confederacy. Leaving a long trail of wounded and dead men behind them.

The men were very brave. They didn't run and hide behind trees or try to cover up at all. They just stood together and shot. So sad.

Didn't they know they were more likely then not to have been hit by a bullet? Of course they knew, but they believed in what they were fighting for and stood their ground.

As hard as they fought, the South kept losing ground. They were forced back further and further.

Even though I knew the men on the field were just playing a part, I kept thinking about my own ancestors who really fought in this war.

The things they would have seen. Thankfully, none of my ancestors were killed in this war. They all managed to some how live.

Perhaps it's because they were on the side of the Union they were lucky enough to live to tell their stories.

Once the Confederacy surrendered, the men still standing, stood at attention and saluted their fallen. The war was over.



Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Right near my house in NC is the place where they fought the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. Every year in March, they have a reinactment there and it is so interesting to go and see the camp and watch the battle. These people who do this travel all over the country each weekend setting up camp and providing such great information for those who come to visit. My children used to love to go. My neighbor (a man) actually makes these Civil War costumes for people. Enjoyed your wonderful pictures and it looks like you all had a great day. Love & blessings from NC!

Unknown said...

This was so much fun, I can't wait to go again next year.


Kim B said...

Thats really neat. I would like to go see something like this. Thanks for sharing.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joanne!
I love to go to these re-enactments... they are such a fabulous learning tool for all of us.
Hope all is well with you & yours. It's been a busy summer and I'm hoping I can breathe now and do some blogging!
Have a happy safe Labor Day sweet friend! Hugs, Sherry

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

I LOVE attending these re-enactments! We go to the Blue and the Gray in November at Tierra Rejada in Moorpark. This year it is on Nov. 13 and 14.It is the largest one on the West Coast with over 800 re-enactors We will be there on Sunday and I really want to dress up (big surprise). You should come!