Thursday, September 9, 2010


I love William Sonoma. It's a great store for every cook. It doesn't matter if you are a professional chef or a first time baker. They have just the right items you will need.

They have pots and pans. Every kitchen gadget you can think of. Spices and mixes galore. Beautiful dishes, lines, napkin rings, glasses and flatware to make any tablescape look like a magazine photo.

However, they also have classes. Great cooking classes that provide you with all the info you will need to make a dinner from start to finish. Plus, you get eat the meal, yum!

They also have free technique classes . Each week is a new topic and while you don't get to eat a full meal you do get to sample what is made for you.

It's like watching a live show from the Food Network. Only you don't have to be quiet. You can ask questions at any point.

Tonight I went with my sister, Maureen and our friend, Renee. Our chef was Joffrey Lopez. He was great! Not only a great cook, but also very funny and entertaining.

Our group wasn't that big so we all got to stand around the kitchen area and watch closely as he cooked up his magic.

On the days when it is crowded you can always watch from the mirror above. There really isn't a bad seat in the house.

Joffrey cooked up a wonderful Mushroom Risotto and a fantastic dessert Risotto. Yes, you read that right. It was a sweet Risotto with fruit and nuts in it. Who knew Risotto could be used for a dessert? Not me. But, boy was it ever good!

So was the Mushroom Risotto. I'm not a big fan of mushrooms so I was a little worried I wouldn't like it. I was wrong. I loved it!

We were shown step by step directions on how to make the Risotto.

I've always heard Risotto was so hard to make and not everyone could make it properly.

However, because of Joffrey, I think I will give it a try now. It didn't seem like it was that hard. It just takes time.

That being said, I know how some great cooks can make it look super easy. Until you try to make it yourself.

I'm not sure if there were magic tricks or slide of the hands going on, but I do know that Joffrey made it seem like even someone like me can make it. So, I'm going to give it a try.

Joffrey explained that even though he made a Mushroom Risotto, one could switch up the ingredients and make what ever kind of Risotto you wanted.

I think I'm going to try an Asparagus and Parmesan cheese one. The cheese is added at the end and it makes nice and creamy and adds so much flavor.

We all loved this class. So much so, we signed up for all of them for the rest of the year.

I only have one complaint though. The samples we got were way to small. Everyone wanted a full dish because they were so good.

We did get the recipes though. So, we will just have to all make our own and eat as much as we want then.

I highly recommend, if you have a Williams Sonoma near you, then check into what classes they offer. I'm sure they would be great too.

I can't wait until next weeks lesson.



Kim said...

You should give making risotto a try. It's not hard, it just takes awhile to get all of the liquid incorporated. Whatever the recipe says "20 mins..whatever", it probably takes double that.

Connie said...

That's funny/strange because I was planning on going there tomorrow to see the grand opening of the new Apple Store in Boise. I wanted to see Williams Sonoma while there and pick up things you just cannot find anywhere else. So today I see you posting about it, sugar! How appropriate a remind to me. You always do great posts!

whitem90 said...

It was so much fun!! I can't wait to go back. I will try risotto now too. I tried my strawberry stem puller and loved it. It worked really good with the strawberries I had.


Ruth Welter said...

Hello Joanne, I just stumbled across your blog today...just lovely. I never knew that William Sonoma had cooking classes each week, how wonderful. Thanks for telling everyone about this, I will have to check out the store in my area for details on these classes.


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Joanne
Glad you enjoyed the class. I hope you share how you get on with the Asparagus and Parmesan Risotto. I would prefer that as I am not a mushroom fan either! It's great you have that store nearby and can attend more classes there.