Friday, June 7, 2013


I love walking around my garden and looking at all the pretty flowers in bloom.  I have to admit that I often see them in pots or planted in the ground and while they are pretty, I don't often stop to "really" take a look at them.

Today, I decided to take a closer look.  Once I did I noticed how they have so much detail that we normally don't even see.

Look at the color closely and in this flower you will see veins in a dark shade of pink then the flower is.  Check out that bright yellow in the center and how it almost looks like Mother Nature took a yellow highlighter pen to show us the area where the petals connect.

Do you know what this flower is?  Take a look at the jagged shape of it's petals.  Look at the center and how the middle is shorter then the outside.  It almost looks like little seeds are attached.

The flower drops it petals and turns into a yummy sweet berry.  These are black berries that are still forming.  Look at the detail in each little pod filled with juicy flavor. 

This little flower is actually made up of what looks like several tiny flowers.  Yet each one has beautiful coloring.  Check out that center.  It looks fake.  But, trust me it's real. 

These clusters of little flowers that form a larger bouquet look like silk plants when you get really close.  The tiny center look like a little ball of plastic that the flowers are attached to.

Things like this you don't normally notice when you walk by and just take note of the whole plant.

It's just breath taking when you really check out a flower close up.  Look at how this one is yellow then red and then yellow again with veins of red going through it.  Such detail!

As I stopped to really take a closer look at the flowers growing in my own garden, I was in awe of the beauty and art work in each flower.  I'm happy I actually took time to not only stop and smell my roses but I also took the time to stop and take a closer look.

I hope you will do the same, the next time you look at a flower, take a closer look.  I'm sure you too will be in awe of how much more beauty flowers have then we even notice on most days.

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