Sunday, January 29, 2012


There are several apps that you can now download to your phones.  One happens to be Ghost Radar and since we were going to be going to Black Star Canyon, which is said to be one of the most haunted places in CA, I thought it would be fun to give it a try.

What it claims to do is locate ghosts.   It has a like a radar screen on it and when a ghost or energy force is located it shows up just like planes do on the radar at the airports.

It also has tons and tons of words that a ghost is somehow able to manipulate and speak to you. 

I went with two friends and turned on the Ghost Radar.  Now I'm not saying it works or that it doesn't.  I'll let you decide for yourself.

My friend had the phone and she would tell me when and where a blip would show up.  I would hurry and click a photo in that direction.

It wasn't long after we started into the canyon that our first "hit" came.  Click.  The first photo was taken.

You can see for yourself that a distant away from us, there is an orb in the photo.

I also clicked several pictures where there was nothing showing up on the Ghost Radar.  Strange thing is there weren't any orbs in any of those photos. 

Again, I'm not saying if the orbs are ghosts or not.  I'm just taking you along on our hike and showing you the photos so you can decide for yourself what happened.

As we walked we noticed how dark and creepy it was out.  We talked about how because of that, our imaginations could really make us think we see or hear something.

Then we notice walking towards us there were some people ahead.  We could see their flash lights and hear them talking as they got closer.

It turned out to be four teens.  They were heading back towards the cars and I said "hi" as they were getting ready to pass by.  They stopped and asked if we knew of any of the stories about Black Star Canyon and where any of the locations were that people claimed to have have seen any.

I told them I used to give tours here and so I did know the stories, locations and have even had a few strange things happen to myself and to those who had been with me.

I told them that where we were walking people claimed to have seen a lady in white.  It was then that one of the guys got really excited and said "Oh man!  I told you I saw something.  I told you!!!"  The other guys then started to get nervous and was jumping around and saying things like "That freaks me out!"  and "I believe you now".

Turned out one of the guys said he saw the lady in white and she was standing by a tree back where they came from.  As he looked harder he saw her walk behind the tree and then before she was fully behind the tree she disappeared.

I told them they were welcome to come with us and I would tell them more stories and legends and show them the hot spots.  They were thrilled to go.  It was one of the boys birthday and they had heard stories and had always wanted to go.

We reached the mine area.  It's been closed off for many, many, many years.  Yet, several people claim to hear voices and yelling coming from the location.  They also have seen many shadow people in this location.

The boys walked over to check it out and low and behold the Ghost Radar showed a blip.  So, I clicked a photo.  If you look at the photo above you can see an orb right above the blocked off mine entrance.

Three of the guys moved away and was waiting for the others.  The radar went off again.  This time my friend told me there were two ghosts right were the three guys were.  Funny, there are two orbs in that photo.

There is also what looks like another fainter looking orb up higher on the right side but I believe that is actually part of the trees/bushes.  Also, the two yellow lights are signs.  They are glowing because of my flash.  I wasn't sure what the red glowing thing was that is to the left of one of the guys but I think it most likely is the reflection of another sign or post.

We stopped in one spot where turned off the flash lights and just listened.  Everyone was quiet and we felt like we were being watched or followed.  We heard some sounds like something or someone was walking in the bushes/tree area. 

We just brushed it off as most likely some kind of animals.  I did search for some kind of animal tracks on the trail perhaps of a mountain lion, rabbit or opossum.  There wasn't any.

When you look at the photo you can see what appears to be lots and lots of orbs. 

Were these the lost souls of the Indians that were massacred by the fur traders in the early 1800's?  Did we hear the foot steps of miners that had died on the job? 

Or was it just the noise of animals and perhaps the orbs are just dust.  After all, it was breezy there.  The only thing that makes me question of it was dust (because after all dirt and wind will make dust kick up) is that the other photos didn't show up like these.

We reached another area that we heard noise out in the distant.  We also saw what appeared to be two glowing objects.  Were the the eyes of some kind of animal peeking out and watching us?  Or was it something else?  Again, it's up to you decide.

For some reason my camera was unable to take a photo when it was pointed in the direction of the two glowing objects.  I stood in the same spot and pointed the camera in another direction four times and each time, the camera took a photo.  But, when I turned back to this spot...nothing would show up.

At one point we came across yellow tape that said Caution.  It was tied to a tree but looked like it was torn down. 

One of the boys said he had a sinking feeling in his stomach as we were walking along this area.  Could it be where something bad had happened in the not so distant past?

The other side of the patch also had the tape.  Only it was on this side the Radar went off again.  On the upper right side you can see another orb. 

Now, I feel I must tell you that while we were there, it was so dark in spots that I couldn't really see what I was pointing the camera at.  It wasn't until I came home and downloaded the photos that I saw what the pictures caught.

We stood around and talked a bit.  We tried to put all the words that the Ghost Radar had spit out, together to see if we could figure out what was being said.

I don't remember all the words but there was material, roots, broken, end, Casey, Thomas and things like that.  We couldn't figure out anything. 

We had to turn around and head back to our cars because at 10:00pm the police come and give tickets. 

It was on our way back that we came across the scariest thing!

This giant spider was crossing the path.  YIKES!

As we were walking back, the radar went off a few more times.  Each time an orb or more was captured. 

You can see from the photos that these orbs are never in the same spots so I know it wasn't something on my camera.  If they were just dust, I believe there would be tons of dust from us walking, the wind blowing and all.  So I really don't think it's dust at all.  I doubt if they are bugs because I didn't notice any bugs and I highly doubt a bug would have followed us for three hours along the trail.  No, I don't have any reason for what would have made the orbs.

Plus, like I said, only the photos I took in the locations of where the Ghost Radar said there was something, had the orbs.

We had a fun time.  We were all tired from our hike too.  No one knows if we had any real paranormal experience that night.
But, just before the trail ended the my friend that was holding the phone with the ghost radar on it says she heard her name called from behind us.  She said it was clear and loud.  The only thing was... no one was behind us. 

What do you think?  Do you think the ghost radar works?  Do you think it's just a coincidence that the radar showed something was there and then those photos showed up with orbs?  Or do you think it was just the wind and darkness playing with our minds?

If you want to read more of the legends of Black Star Canyon you can read my old post from 2010 here.  You can also read my post about when I went to Black Star Canyon with another group here.


Stephanie said...

ooh! spooky! I don't know if I'd be brave enough to go.

Carla said...

I would love to see a ghost but they don't like me at all. When I went to London I took several tours where they regularly see ghosts. On one tour they mentioned afterwards that it was the first time in a long time they didn't see at least one ghost. Ftgures. I'm sure it was me.